Gaming in South Carolina and Its Laws

South Carolina is one of the major states in the US that are not law friendly when it comes to legalized gambling, including online gambling.

This can be sorrowful for gambling residents in South Carolina. Although South Carolina might be tough on gambling, states like Utah never gave betting a chance.

A more significant percentage of South Carolina wants gambling to be legalized in the state if its earnings can be used for road maintenance. But legalizing gambling in South Carolina might be problematic since the state has several strict laws prohibiting gambling.

But some options are still legal for residents and tourists looking for incredible places in Carolina State. These legal options include sweepstakes casino sites. Keep reading this article to know more about the gambling laws in South Carolina,

Is Gambling Legal in South Carolina?

Is Gambling Legal in South Carolina

Gambling is not legal in South Carolina; it is the worst state to perform gambling events mistakenly. Currently, there are no land-based casinos, which limits residents to just a lottery. But there's a legal gambling hub called “The Big M”; it's a cruise ship that periodically allows residents or tourists to play a limited amount of games. The Big M is highly regulated and charged high fees by the government.

In recent years, there have been several attempts to legalize gambling in South Carolina. Still, these attempts failed due to the government's resistance. Although South Carolina may seem tough on gambling restrictions, there was a period in the 1990s when video poker was legalized, but in 1999 lawmakers crushed the legalization.

There would have been an opportunity for South Carolina to legalize betting in 2018, but they failed. The opportunity was presented when the US Supreme Court reversed PASPA. Yet, other states took advantage of that period. Other States saw legalizing betting as a new kind of tax that would run revenue to the government.

But residents of South Carolina have other options for placing bets. Although many kinds of gambling are not legal, Sports betting, like Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), hasn't been banned. Daily Fantasy Sports allows players to earn through a sports-based fantasy competition based on skills instead of chance. The notion that this game is not by chance but of talent has been the main reason DFS hasn't been banned in several states in the US, including South Carolina.

Though there are no land-based casinos or poker tables, residents can bet on high-quality offshore and SC poker sites. This is because no law has subjected these offshore sites, which are accessible to residents.

South Carolina Online Poker Sites

As we stated earlier, South Carolina has no local online poker sites available, but other online poker options are available to its residents, such as Sweepstakes, offshore poker sites or social casino sites.

These online South Carolina casinos each have poker sites residents can play. Sweepstakes and social casino sites perform their transactions using a dual currency system, which enables them to keep the chips you purchased from those that payout. There are various online slots on these poker sites, and it has a limit to the table games you can select. Examples of poker sites that are available for South Carolina residents and tourists:

  • Chumba Casino
  • Luckyland Slots
  • Funzpoints

Another legal option available to South Carolina is Global Poker, like Funzpoints and Luckyland. The only difference between Global poker and the other legal poker sites is that it is more focused on poker. Yet it has some friendly slot games you can choose from.

Tips for Choosing the Right Poker Sites

Tips for Choosing the Right Poker Sites

Each legal online poker in South Carolina offers a little distinct experience. So, if you are trying to choose the right poker site between the few online poker sites South Carolina has, here are a few tips we have outlined for you:

  • Do your research for the poker sites with the best first-timer bonuses. You will be given free money for what you initially wanted to do, gamble.
  • Ensure the sites you find have lots of player traffic. One thing to watch for in a poker room is the traffic the room gets.
  • Watch out for an easy and friendly user interface. This can boost your user experience and reduce the stress of looking for the game room.
  • Watch videos about the sites and reviews to know the sites' ratings and performance.
  • Make sure the poker sites use the same banking option available to you. Also, ensure to have more than one banking option for rare occasions.
  • When searching for poker sites, look for friendly and efficient customer service sites.
  • VIP status in poker rooms offers its members increased earnings. So, you can check if you qualify for VIP status. And then, compare the VIP benefits of all the sites to see what suits your needs.
  • Make use of poker training tools. This will help boost your game chances. Most poker sites will offer you training videos to choose the best.


South Carolina has not been having a smooth path regarding gambling. Hopefully, as more states ease the gambling restrictions, South Carolina will do the same and provide its residents and tourists with more gaming opportunities.

Currently, residents and visitors of the state will have to make do with what has been legalized: the regulated cruise casino, online poker sites, and offshore betting platforms. So, we hope you have learned a bit about gambling in South Carolina. Make sure to only place safe and secure bets.

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