Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tools

 Looking to find outstanding keywords for your new website but don't have a budget for paid tools yet? You can kickstart with tools like Soovle, Jaaxy, or others provided in this list.

Safari Digital SEO Sydney says over the years, keyword research has been evolving and there has been an increasing need to understand user intent through keywords. You cannot just start a new website and create your content using already existent terms.

You need to explore and learn what people search on the web. That's why SEO professionals use keyword research tools to help them identify phrases or words used by people to find information in search engines.

Having done a comprehensive examination, we picked the top 10 free keyword research tools. Each of them contains website links and popular features, and they are all excellent, like paid tools.

1. Soovle




Drag & drop, CSV file.

Soovle is an incredible tool, and one of the best free keyword research tools to find out there. It provides suggestion services from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, and many others. With Soovle you can sort trending keywords in alphabetical order.

This program is a perfect fit, especially if you wish to do keyword research for multiple channels. You'll like it because it is as simple as entering your keyword and reviewing the results. No waste of time with Soovle; it is efficient and quick.

Additional features include easy navigation from one search engine to another, availability of search suggestions, and reusing saved items in the future.

2. Jaaxy




QSR (Quoted Search Result)

With Jaaxy, you can retrieve thousands of related keywords ideas within seconds. It is a powerful and straightforward tool with unique services. Every keyword that Jaaxy generates comes with valuable data, including search volume, competition, and potential traffic.

If you're looking for a decent freemium tool, Jaaxy is not a bad one to try. Keyword researching will become a breeze, and you'll get the most advanced yet useful information to your business. To add on that, its accuracy is beyond compare yet an affordable tool to enjoy features like keywordlists, Alphabet Soup, and Brainstorm.

The only disadvantage with Jaaxy is that its free version is very limited because you only get 30 free searches.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console



Google Analytics + Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a great tool to help you keep track of website performance in organic search. It displays a lot of data concerning keywords that already rank your website. For instance, one can tell the keywords that have brought the most traffic to a blog over the past few months.

With this tool, you determine which pages of your website get the most clicks and the exact keywords that brought them through its performance report. Although Google Search Console is an underestimated keyword research tool, it's the only tool that will help you find opportunity keywords.

4. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer



Keyword Difficulty||Make smarter keyword decisions

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer is an excellent option if you run out of keyword ideas because it gives thousands of suggestions. Every month its database is updated with new data and has more than 7 billion keywords for different search engines, including Amazon, Bing, YouTube, Baidu, etc.

One thing that will make you want to try this free research tool is its “click” metric. Unlike other tools, Ahrefs shows the user the estimated number of clicks for keywords. So, you're assured of advanced metrics for deeper insights. Not to mention, you can do backlink analysis with this tool, allowing you to know how many more you need to rank on the first page of Google.

5. SECockpit




Free Chrome extension||more for evaluation

SECockpit is a solid keyword research tool to find valuable keywords in seconds. It can process keywords faster than other tools. While other tools take 1-2 minutes to generate one keyword, SECockpit processes 200 fully optimized keywords in a single minute. Isn't that amazing? You don't have to waste your treasured time.

The tool is ranked the best for its unique in-built features that allow the user to dig deep into search trends, traffic estimates, and competition. So, if you're an SEO expert and looking for advanced features, you might want to try SECockpit. It is not intuitive, but you'll love what it has at hand.

6. Questiondb




Questions are sorted by popularity

There people out there asking thousands and millions of questions about specific topics on various search engines. With the help of Questiondb, you can pull these from a database of 48 Million questions sourced from Reddit. While you can sort questions by topic, they are usually sored by popularity.

Questiondb is mostly useful when writing blog posts because it helps you know which questions to answer. With the help of this tool, you're unbeatable in the blogging world, for you'll be crafting content that answers these burning questions.





Keyword suggestions & Analyzes opponents is the best alternative to many keyword tools in the market for several reasons. Firstly, you'll love its free version because you can generate up to 750+ long-tail keywords for every search. Secondly, it is extremely reliable as it works almost 100% of the time. Most importantly, you don't need to create an account. You can get started with the research absolutely for free.

This program also stands out from the crowd because it allows users to search for keywords in languages other than English. This is very useful to users from diverse nationalities. Whether you are on free or paid versions, you can use a keyword tool for SEO, content creation, and many more marketing activities.

8. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer



“Organic CTR” and “Priority”

This tool helps in generating keywords with the most traffic. Moz Keyword Explorer has over 500 million traffic-driving keywords suggestions, 170 Google search engines, and 180 million new ranking keywords. It is considered as the industry-leading keyword research tool because it performs in-depth SERP and keyword analysis.

Moz Keyword Explorer is a smart tool with the ability to sort predictive keywords by metrics, making it unique. The only challenge with it is that you have to pay for all the SEO tools to access it. It is not a standalone tool like others.

9. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere



“People also search for”

Like the name suggests “Keywords Everywhere,” you can search volumes of keywords wherever you go. The tool enables you to access keyword metrics for any list and lets you download the list in CSV, Excel, or PDF formats. You can use it to display data of top websites, including eBay, Answer the public, and Amazon.

The most appealing feature about keyword everywhere is that it integrates an extension on the browser you are using, may it be chrome or Firefox. You'll undoubtedly love everything about it.

10. Ubersuggest




Breaks down results by the letter & Provides complete SEO report

Ubersuggest is free software that helps the user find over 100 long-tail keywords quickly. It is useful, especially if you want to build out your keywords since you can use Google's suggestions. You simply need to enter a keyword, choose your country, and the type of searches such as images and web.

With this tool, you can improve your content by developing what people are interested in. It also helps you to understand backlinks, which has a significant impact on your rankings. Moreover, you can use the tool to discover organic keywords from other sites.


These tools are useful in one way or the other, and it depends on how you want to perform your analysis. All in all, you have got the top free keyword research tools with incredible features, so it's your take to choose one that works for your needs.

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