Common Window Problems: The Solutions in 2021

Learn about common problems that might have happened to your windows and their possible solution.

Windows are constantly exposed to a lot of wear and tear, in particular, the kind resulting from the elements. Unfortunately, if the installation is faulty or if the materials are flimsy, you’ll need to replace your windows more frequently.

As they will fail eventually. In this article, we will delve deeper into the root problems of window failure. So read along to learn more about common problems that might have happened to your windows and their possible solution.

Common Problems

Common Causes of Window Failure

  • Air Leaking

Air Leaking

Older window designs are no longer functional due to one main reason, and that is air infiltration. In the winter season, a lack of proper sealing will cause cold air to leak inside, which compromises the quality of your window system. Nowadays, relying on the contact of wood against wood or metal as a sealant is obsolete.

Windows are manufactured based on modern CFM ratings. This is a standard that tests and determines the amount of air infiltration. While a value of zero (i.e. absolute resistant to air infiltration) is not entirely possible, double and triple strip systems come very close. If your windows are fairly new, yet air leaking is still an issue that could be due to faulty installation.

You can double-check through an easy eye test. In case you can see daylight through the weather stripping, then that gapping requires fixing. Conversely, if the air is leaking in from around the window, this could be a sign of poor insulation. A drafty window could also be due to an old and decaying frame.

  • Poor Choice of Glass

Poor Choice of Glass

More often than not, the type of glass used in windows will determine the quality of insulation and noise reduction. This means that multiple layers of glass panes with proper sealants are more energy efficient than others. With that said, failure can occur when the installation process is done poorly.

For instance, when the seal that keeps the outside air from leaking in is broken. So this entails that the ‘air’ layer between glass panes carries and condenses moisture. Stress cracks are another reason why your windows might fail. These generally appear within a couple of years, especially in areas with colder climates. So always check whether your warranty covers that part as well!

  • Deterioration


Wood, in particular, is a material prone to deterioration and rotting. While some wooden windows could last for 90 or even 100 years, others show signs of distress within 20 years. Exposure to moisture and humidity is the number one culprit in wood decay. The dampness allows for fungus to grow and consume wood until it is no longer strong, nor reliable.

This increases even further when your home has poor ventilation, to begin with. Although you can somewhat fix and restore your wooden frame, you will only be addressing the symptoms. To avoid this issue altogether, you need to go to the root of the problem. So switching your window frame for a water-resistant one is ideal.

  • Insect Infestation

Insect Infestation

Insects are another known enemy to proper fenestration systems. In addition to mold and fungus, insects can also eat through your window frame, resulting in gaps. This is especially prevalent in areas with warmer climates.

The best way to avoid infestation is to thoroughly check the openings and inspect before installing your windows. If it’s too late, then you might need to tear the whole frame apart to fumigate the interior. Otherwise, your windows will always have poor insulation and ventilation.

Possible Solutions to Window Failure

  • Insulated Glass to remedy condensation and air infiltration


Condensation and water damage doesn’t come from just the rain. This could be the result of plants, fish tanks, washers, showers, as well as cooking appliances. So if you want to eliminate the decay that high humidity and moisture can cause, you need insulated glass.

This type of glass is known for its thermal properties. Though it’s also a great solution to maintain humidity at a comfortable level. In addition to that, it keeps cold air from leaking in during winter and out during summer. This is ideal for temperature control to improve indoor air quality.

  • Tempered Glass and Laminated Glass for safety and durability

Tempered Glass

Laminated glass relies on several layers of sealed glass with interlayers of air. Though for added insulation, the interlayer could consist of a denser gas like argon. The multiple layers make the windows hard to break and highly unlikely to fall and crash due to impact.

Similarly, tempered glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than the standard one. Tempered and laminated glass are two of the sturdiest and most reliable types of glass in the market. Not only do they provide your home with the safety and security it needs, but also they’re incredibly durable.

  • Aluminum or steel frame to eliminate insect infestation, rotting, and degradation

Aluminum or steel frame

These materials are water-resistant so they will not allow mold and fungus to grow. In addition to that, insects won’t be able to infest your window frame if it’s moisture repelling. Unlike wood, aluminum and steel won’t decay due to acid rain, UV emissions, or excess humidity.

So choosing aluminum or steel over wood can be greatly beneficial. Especially when you want to prevent window failure.

Where to buy top quality Custom Cut Insulated Glass?

Quality Custom

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You can count on our products to exceed your expectations when you want to replace or upgrade your windows. This is the ultimate solution to provide you with great insulation, as well as energy efficiency. Save money now and eliminate window failures for good!

Tips to keep your window clean and maintained

The first step towards cleaning your windows starts with a good cleaning agent. Soap and water simply won’t do. Even more so when you’re looking to remove hard water stains from the rain or dirt and grime.

You need a good glass cleaner to keep your windows polished and sparkling new. Fortunately, we have just the perfect cleaner solution to end your window cleaning chore turmoil. So grab yours now and keep your windows as clear and bright as new!

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