15 Things To Know Before Buying Clothes From Walmart

When it comes to shopping for affordable basics, Walmart is a go-to destination for many. But there are some key factors to consider before loading up your cart with clothing at Walmart. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover quality, cost, selection, policies, and more – 15 must-know tips to shop clothes at Walmart effectively. Whether you‘re a bargain hunter or brand-conscious fashionista, read on for insider knowledge to help maximize your clothing purchases.

1. Walmart Offers an Astounding Range of Apparel Options

First and foremost, Walmart sells an impressively vast array of clothing and accessories. Browse the aisles or website and you‘ll find clothes for babies and toddlers, boys and girls, men and women. They stock everyday essentials like socks and underwear along with dresses, suits, swimwear – you name it.

Specifically, Walmart offers clothes shopping for:

  • Women
  • Girls & Baby Girls
  • Men
  • Boys & Baby Boys
  • Kids
  • Baby
  • Plus Size
  • Petites
  • Maternity
  • Juniors

Within each department, you’ll find more niche categories. The women‘s section alone has options like plus size, petite, swimwear, bras, shapewear, intimates, activewear, uniforms, sleepwear, formal dresses, and much more.

This extensive range means Walmart is a convenient one-stop shop for an entire household‘s apparel needs. The inventory includes both affordable basics like t-shirts and jeans along with specialized items like career wear or athletic gear.

2. Walmart‘s Website Makes Finding Styles Simple

Another perk of Walmart for clothes shopping is their website, Walmart.com. Browsing the clothing selection online provides a smooth, user-friendly experience.

You can easily filter and sort items in various ways, like:

  • Price range
  • Customer rating
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Color
  • Style
  • Shipping option
  • More

This makes it a cinch to drill down to very specific items, prices, or styles you’re looking for.

Helpful features like customer reviews and detailed size charts provide additional guidance on fit and quality direct from other buyers.

Overall, the site is designed with many refinements that simplify locating flattering, high-quality clothes and accessories. Especially compared to cluttered, disorganized department store websites, Walmart makes online clothes shopping pleasant.

3. Walmart Sells Both Big Brand Names and Private Labels

When browsing Walmart clothes, you‘ll see very recognizable national brands like Nike, Levi‘s, Champion, Hanes, Disney, and many more. Big name apparel labels are a significant portion of Walmart’s offerings.

However, Walmart also carries over 15 of its own private label clothing lines:

  • George – Walmart‘s flagship fashion line spanning women‘s, men‘s, and kids‘ clothing
  • Terra & Sky – Boho-inspired women‘s clothes
  • Wonder Nation – Girls‘ clothes with empowering messages
  • No Boundaries – Trendy juniors‘ and young men‘s clothes
  • Athletic Works – Activewear and athletic apparel
  • Avia – Athletic shoes and activewear
  • Secret Treasures – Intimates, sleepwear, loungewear
  • Time and Tru – Women‘s workwear and business casual
  • And more!

Private label clothes are typically extremely affordable, with basic tees starting under $5 and most items less than $20. However, the quality is not always comparable to major brands.

4. Quality and Price Vary – Some Products Are Better Than Others

When it comes to Walmart clothes, not every item is created equal in terms of quality and price. According to consumer reports, cheaper basics like graphic tees often pill or shrink after just a few washes. The materials are on the thinner, flimsier side in order to hit the low price points.

On the flip side, Walmart‘s more expensive, brand name products tend to stand up better over time. For example, jeans from brands like Levi‘s, clothing made of 100% cotton, or workout gear hold up well according to reviews.

So quality at Walmart can be hit or miss depending on the specific item. Focus on composition – 100% cotton items are typically longer-lasting than those with high polyester blends. Also, pay attention to brand, price, and customer reviews for indications of quality.

Clothing Type Price Range Quality Range
Graphic tees, tanks $3 – $10 Lower, pilling/shrinkage likely
Jeans, pants $10 – $25 Moderate to good
Activewear, workout clothes $10 – $30 Good, if reputable athletic brand
100% cotton shirts, blouses, sweaters $10 – $25 Good
Intimates, underwear $5 – $15 Lower to moderate
Brand name dresses, suits $40 – $100 Good to excellent

5. Walmart Strategically Expanded Fashion During the Pandemic

During widespread retail closures in 2020, Walmart capitalized on competitors‘ woes by aggressively expanding its clothing and fashion offerings.

With apparel sales tanking at department stores and mall brands due to lockdowns, Walmart swooped in to capture market share. According to analysts, Walmart increased its online clothing selection by 30-40% in 2020 across both Walmart.com and Jet.com.

Examples of Walmart‘s expansion include extending their partnership with secondhand e-tailer ThredUp and launching new private label Free Assembly. With additional modern, stylish items like Free Assembly, Walmart hopes to capture younger, trend-focused shoppers.

So the recent boost in Walmart‘s apparel inventory means enhanced selection and variety for shoppers. You‘ll see even more brands, styles, and clothes types represented.

6. Most Consumers Still Prefer Buying Clothes Elsewhere

Despite the expansion, Walmart isn‘t top of mind for most shoppers when it comes to clothes. In consumer surveys, other big box retailers like Target or department stores are preferred.

For example, one 2021 poll by Coresight Research asked shoppers where they buy most of their clothes. 73% said Target, 25% said Amazon, and only 19% primarily shop clothes at Walmart.

Why isn‘t Walmart the dominant clothes shopping destination despite its scale and selection? Lower price points typically correspond with lower quality. Shoppers perceive brands sold at Target and traditional apparel retailers to be more stylish, long-lasting, and flattering.

However, some shoppers prioritize price over quality. For the bargain hunter, Walmart can be a clothes mecca. Keep your expectations in check, focus on composition and reviews, and you can score serious discounts.

7. The Clearance Section Offers the Biggest Deals

For shoppers hyper-focused on price, Walmart‘s clearance section should be your first stop. Both online and in stores, the clearance aisle is where you‘ll uncover the steepest discounts.

Apparel clearance items are marked down up to 75% off the original retail price. For example, a $40 dress could be on clearance for just $10.

The catch is that stock turns over very rapidly in the clearance section. The specific items available change day to day as inventory sells out. To maximize your chances at scoring the best deals, sort clearance items by "Newest Arrivals" online or shop often in-store.

Be aware that styles and sizes can be limited and inconsistent in clearance. However, clearance is the best place at Walmart for serious bargain hunters and discount divas to save big on clothes.

8. Walmart‘s ThredUp Resale Partnership Offers Vintage and Secondhand

In addition to clearance markdowns, Walmart partners with ThredUp for savvy shoppers who don‘t mind pre-owned items.

Directly on Walmart‘s website, customers can browse over 750,000 unique secondhand and vintage clothing pieces via ThredUp‘s marketplace.

ThredUp inspects and selects items based on strict quality criteria, so merchandise ranges from "like new" to "gently used" condition. According to ThredUp‘s estimates, their clothes are discounted up to 90% off estimated retail price compared to buying firsthand.

For the sustainability-minded, reselling unused clothes also aligns with Walmart‘s initiatives to reduce waste. Between clearance and ThredUp, Walmart offers discount clothes hunters an abundance of options to save.

9. Walmart Has Relaxed, Generous Return Policies on Clothes

Shopping for clothes online comes with a level of risk since sizing and fit can be hard to predict. Fortunately, Walmart maintains forgiving policies around returns and exchanges to give customers peace of mind.

For both in-store and online purchases, Walmart allows returns or exchanges on most clothing items within 90 days. To obtain a refund for an online order, simply print out a free prepaid return shipping label from your account. Returns to physical stores require your original receipt and ID.

According to Walmart policies, clothes must be in new condition with tags to qualify for returns or exchanges. Used underwear and swimwear cannot be returned for health reasons.

So if a style or size doesn‘t work out as anticipated, relax! Walmart‘s 90-day window provides ample time and options to swap out clothes.

10. Walmart Fashion on Instagram Offers Outfit Inspiration

Beyond shopping Walmart‘s own inventory, customers can also follow @walmartfashion on Instagram for style inspiration and trend tips.

The brand‘s robust Instagram presence showcases style influencers and real customers rocking on-trend Walmart outfits. They feature outfit combination ideas, suggest ways to pair clothes with accessories, and offer fashion advice for different seasons.

FOLLOW @walmartfashion for:

  • Outfit ideas and style inspiration
  • Tips on building wardrobes with Walmart fashion
  • Insights on clothing lines exclusive to Walmart
  • Models wearing Walmart apparel collections
  • User-generated content and style blogger features

Use the platform as a source of outfit ideas and for visualizing how to integrate Walmart finds into your own closet.

11. Free Shipping on Orders $35+ Makes Online Shopping More Affordable

While Walmart‘s everyday fashion prices are low compared to other retailers, shipping costs can quickly negate some of those savings – especially if you‘re only buying one or two inexpensive items online.

Eliminate this hurdle by taking advantage of Walmart‘s free shipping policy. On clothing and accessory orders over $35, you‘ll get complimentary shipping to your door at no extra charge. Under $35, expect to pay around $6 for basic ground shipping.

Between free in-store pickup and free shipping over the minimum, Walmart provides convenient, budget-friendly ways to get your hauls delivered. Optimize orders accordingly if possible to unlock free shipping.

12. Walmart‘s Apparel Price Range Spans from $5 Tees to $50 Brands

Exactly how cheap can you buy clothes at the mega retailer? Walmart‘s rock-bottom prices start around $5-10 for basic tees, tanks, shorts, hats, and underwear. Brand name items like Levi‘s jeans generally fall in the $20-$40 range. More premium specialty pieces like suits or evening dresses sell for $50 and up.

Here is a breakdown of common price ranges for Walmart clothing:

Clothing item Price range
Graphic tees, underwear, basics $5 – $15
Jeans, activewear, blouses, sweaters $10 – $25
Athleisure, brand name tops $15 – $30
Cocktail dresses, suits, coats $20 – $60
Designer collabs, bridal, high-end brands $50 – $100

While you can certainly find outliers on either end, most Walmart fashion remains under $50. Sticking to cheaper items nets the best deals relative to other retailers.

13. Sizing and Fit Can Vary – Carefully Consult Size Charts

One of the biggest complaints around buying clothes online is inconsistencies in sizing and fit. Unfortunately Walmart clothes are no exception, with many shoppers reporting frequent issues with items running large or small.

There are a few factors that lead to the common sizing problems:

  • Mix of brands each with own sizing scales
  • Quality control issues in factories producing cheaper private labels
  • Differences in style cuts like slim fit or relaxed fit
  • Material composition impacts fit – like stretchy vs. stiff

To mitigate the risk of items not fitting as anticipated, thoroughly consult Walmart‘s size charts available on every product page. Compare your measurements, read customer reviews for fit feedback, and size up or down accordingly. Trying on items that can be returned is also recommended to get your best fit dialed in.

While inconsistent sizing can be frustrating, taking precautions helps ensure clothes will flatter your shape when they arrive. Referencing size charts and reviews prevents unwelcome surprises at home.

14. Look for "Sold by Walmart.com" to Identify Official Listings

While browsing Walmart clothes online, you may notice some products say "Sold and shipped by 3rd party seller" under the Add to Cart button. When buying from a third party retailer on Walmart‘s Marketplace, different policies apply.

Ensure your items qualify for Walmart‘s standard perks like free shipping over $35 and 90-day returns by purchasing Walmart first-party listings. Filter results to "Sold by Walmart.com" or look for the verification badge.

About 40,000 third party sellers also list inventory on Walmart‘s Marketplace, so it‘s important to distinguish official apparel listings. Third party items may have higher prices, lower return windows, and longer shipping times.

Stick with Walmart directly-sold listings labeled "Sold by Walmart.com" when possible for the easiest, most affordable experience.

15. In-Store Selection Only Represents a Fraction of Options Online

When shopping Walmart in person, you‘ll only see a subset of their vast online catalog. Individual stores have limited space, so they can only carry the most popular items and sizes locally.

In comparison, Walmart.com grants access to the retailer‘s full apparel inventory encompassing over 500,000 fashion choices for women, men, kids and babies. You‘ll enjoy a lot more variety and availability shopping Walmart clothes online.

If you don‘t see a particular style, brand, or size in stock at your local brick-and-mortar Walmart, check online. Chances are, you‘ll be able to find what you’re looking for via Walmart’s ecommerce catalog. The combination of in-store and online creates ultimate flexibility.

The Bottom Line: Shop Walmart Clothes Strategically

At the end of the day, Walmart is a go-to discount department store, not a high-end fashion boutique. But when you shop clothes at Walmart smartly – focusing on composition, reading reviews, checking policies, and calibrating expectations – you can build an affordable, quality wardrobe.

Look to Walmart for staple basics like tees, jeans, socks, and underwear where you‘ll enjoy unbeatable prices under $10. Venture into higher ticket items cautiously, avoiding poor quality polyester blends prone to shrinking or pilling. Ultimately, the more research and selectivity you put in, the better your Walmart clothes haul will be.

Hopefully this comprehensive guide equipped you with keen insights on successfully buying affordable fashion at Walmart. Use these 15 tips to shop smart, avoid pitfalls, and uncover hidden gems for fabulous style on a budget.

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