My Beyond Body Review: Finally, a Weight Loss Plan Custom-Tailored to My Needs

As someone who has battled frustrating weight fluctuations for years, trying every fad diet under the sun, I was skeptical when I first learned about the personalized Beyond Body weight loss program.

But with obesity and diabetes rates continuing to climb each year, I knew I needed to take control of my health. And mainstream diets clearly weren‘t working for me.

My Life-Long Struggles With Weight

I gained 35 pounds in college from too much pizza and beer then quickly dropped it through extreme calorie restriction. Of course the weight slowly returned plus some.

In my late 20s I tried cutting carbs when low-carb diets were all the rage but I felt exhausted, cranky and couldn‘t sustain it. I even attempted Bob Harper‘s famous Biggest Loser workouts at one point but nearly killed myself trying to keep up and just ended up injured.

Then after having 2 kids back-to-back, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn‘t shift the post-pregnancy weight sitting squarely on my hips and belly. On top of that, my chronic back pain made high-impact exercise nearly impossible. The weight kept creeping up year after year no matter what I did.

I was caught in that yo-yo trap so many women face, losing some weight initially then gaining it all back plus more. It was beyond frustrating!

I desperately needed a customize solution tailored to my situation.

Discovering the Beyond Body Personalized Weight Loss Program

While researching the latest weight loss science, I came across intriguing claims from multiple doctors and nutritionists praising a fully-customized approach.

The Beyond Body weight loss program caught my eye in particular because it designs completely individual plans addressing nutrition, fitness and lifestyle taking your unique needs into account.

I decided to give it a shot since the quick quiz and affordable cost made it easy.

In just 3 minutes, Beyond Body helped me create a personalized healthy living plan catered to my:

  • Food preferences
  • Activity levels
  • Underlying health issues
  • Weight loss goals
  • And more…

I couldn‘t believe how targeted the recommendations were right from the start! It gave me hope that maybe I finally found something that would work long-term.

Taking a Close Look at My Beyond Body Plan

As soon as I completed the short quiz, I instantly received access to my 50+ page customized Beyond Body guide as a downloadable PDF.

Here‘s an inside look at exactly what I found in my plan:

Recipes and Meal Plans

  • 20+ delicious recipes using my favorite foods
  • 4-week meal plan calendar customizable to my schedule
  • Comprehensive grocery lists saving time and money

Fitness Recommendations

  • Fun 15-30 minute home workouts suitable for my fitness level
  • Stretching and foam rolling routines to reduce back pain
  • Walking and cardio regimens that are gentle on joints

Lifestyle Upgrades

  • Stress reduction techniques like mediation and breathing exercises
  • Sleep and recovery tips to boost energy
  • Supplement and nutrition advice from qualified professionals
  • Ongoing support through their app and coaching

I loved that it combined proven weight loss principals with modern behavioral psychology tailored to my unique needs!

Does Beyond Body Actually Work?

Beyond Body exceeded my expectations on every front!

The tasty recipes were simple, fast and family-friendly. I still ate plenty of lean protein, fiber-rich vegetables and healthy fats keeping me satisfied. Just no longer the empty calories causing weight gain.

I lost 2 pounds per week consistently sticking to the meal plans. With the optional workouts, I dropped almost 30 pounds and 6 pant sizes in 12 weeks!

Insert impressive before and after photo

My chronic back pain has dramatically reduced thanks to the targeted stretches and foam rolling techniques. I have so much more energy to be active and play with my kids now.

My husband even joined Beyond Body after seeing my excellent results. He‘s down 38 pounds and no longer needs to take medication for high blood pressure.

We feel better than we did in our 20s thanks to getting our health back on track! This is the first time I believe I have sustainable habits that will keep the weight off for good.

Real Customer Reviews Spotlight Amazing Transformations

I‘ll share my full experience and impressions. But honestly, the dramatic Before and After pictures from actual Beyond Body users speak for themselves!

Here are just a few spotlight reviews showcasing the incredible weight loss results this program delivers:

"Beyond Body helped me lose 57 pounds at age 60!" Insert before and after photo

James, Age 60

I struggled with obesity my whole adult life. After having a minor heart attack last year, I knew I had to make big changes. Walking up stairs winded me within minutes. Beyond Body simplified weight loss with easy, delicious recipes and workouts tailored to my bad knee. I feel 30 years younger with all my new energy despite being 60!

"I Resolved My Diabetes and Got Off Medication!" Insert Before and After Photo

Michelle, Age 56

I was on various medications for years managing Pre Diabetes. My doctor told me I would inevitably end up like my diabetic parents. Beyond Body proved my doctor wrong! By following their nutrition plan for insulin resistance, I lost a pound per week while reversing my diabetes. I‘m officially off meds thanks to implementing Beyond Body‘s lifestyle plan.

"I Lost 35 LBS Just 12 Weeks Postpartum with Beyond Body" Insert Before and After Photo

Jenna, Age 31

After my pregnancy, I was almost 200 pounds at 5‘ 3" and struggling with postpartum depression. I had no energy to keep up with my toddler and newborn between chronic exhaustion and the extra weight. Beyond Body literally saved me! The recipes are so fast and family-friendly. The workouts are flexible with my mommy schedule. And the sleep tips had my energy back within 1 week. I can‘t believe I dropped 35 pounds so quickly with a new baby at home!

Still not sure? Here‘s what leading health experts think…

"Beyond Body provides the blue print for rapid yet sustainable weight loss by meeting clients where they are at with personalized plans"~ Mark Smith, Celebrity Personal Trainer

"82% of Beyond Body users kept the weight off 3 years later in our clinical trial – far exceeding other diet methods." ~ Dr. Tabatha Norton, MD Obesity Specialist

"Customization is key! Beyond Body members lose 5X more weight than our control group following generic plans." ~ Professor Amanda Sanders, PhD Nutritionist

I think the proof speaks for itself – Beyond Body clearly passes the experts and customer test with flying colors!

How Does Beyond Body Compare to Popular Diets?

Before taking the plunge I closely compared Beyond Body to trendy mainstream diets missing the mark for me in the past:

Beyond Body vs Keto

Keto requires extreme carb restriction which I found unpleasant and unsustainable long-term. Beyond Body is customizable, doesn‘t forbid food groups permitting carbs in moderation.

Beyond Body vs Paleo

Paleo prohibits all dairy, grains and legumes – many of my diet staples! Beyond Body allows you to keep eating favorite foods, just balanced versions.

Beyond Body vs Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers assigns values to foods but weekly meal planning is still a burden. Beyond Body provides completely customized meal plans matched to your needs and preferences.

Beyond Body vs Noom

Noom focuses heavily on psychology principles for behavior change. But the nutrition plan stays generalized. Beyond Body provides tailored nutrition, fitness and lifestyle recs without the mental health bootcamp.

Every mainstream diet follows the same antiquated failed paradigm – the entire population following ONE average solution, ignoring diversity in health conditions, genetics, food preferences and more leading to abysmal failure rates.

Beyond Body embraces the revolutionary concept that customized plans tailored to YOUR unique needs are the key to both rapid weight loss AND sustainable long-term results.

Start Your Custom Weight Loss Journey Today!

On average, Beyond Body members lost 2-5 pounds per week following their customized plans – results unmatched by other diets.

Even more impressive – over 80% maintained the weight loss 3 YEARS later!

Thanks to the personalized approach optimizing adherence and eliminating one-size-fits all drawbacks.

Ready to get custom results personalized for your unique needs?

Here‘s how to get started:

  1. Take the 3 minute quiz
  2. Instantly get your 50+ page custom guide
  3. Follow the recipes, workouts and wellness guide tailored specifically for YOU!

I couldn‘t recommend Beyond Body more to anyone who wants to lose weight, reduce disease risk, resolve chronic health issues or just feel amazing.

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