Best Water Ionizers

Want to make hard water tasty and drinkable? You need a water ionizer to help you eliminate some of the hardness causing ions. Here are some of the best water ionizers you need to check out.

Want to make hard water tasty and drinkable? You need a water ionizer to help you eliminate some of the hardness causing ions. Here are some of the best water ionizers you need to check out.

If your household water is salty and hard, it is highly likely that it is not drinkable. So, you are probably spending more on bottled drinking water. A water pitcher provides a convenient and affordable way to process your home drinking water.

So, investing in a water pitcher allows you to monitor the pH of the water you drink. Basically, it balances the acidity and alkalinity depending on your body’s needs. There are different brands and models of these water equipment. We know variety can pose a real challenge, especially when it comes to choosing an appropriate ionized water machine.

After in-depth research, our team of experts came up with the following picks just for you. Check out our list of the best 10 water ionizers.

Product name Filtration capacity pH level
Tyent USA UCE-11 under counter water ionizer 2000 liters 1.7 – 12.0
Aqua-Ionizer Pro Deluxe 9.0 4000 liters 3.0 – 11.5
Bawell Platinum alkaline ionizer 5000 liters 2.0 – 12.0
IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 Advanced water ionizer 9000 liters 4.5 – 11.0
Pure hydration alkaline antioxidant water ionizer 8000 liters 9.0 – 9.5
Air water life deluxe 7.0 water ionizer 4000 liters 4.5 – 11.0
IONTech IT-750 Under sink water ionizer 12000 liters 2.0 – 12.0
Chanson Miracle MAX countertop water ionizer 6000 liters 1.8 – 12.1
Life Ionizer MXL-5 Counter top water ionizer 9000 liters 3.0 – 9.8
HealthyWiser alkaline water ionizer 7000 liters 3.0 – 11.5

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What is a water ionizer?


A water ionizer is a home purification equipment that uses electrolysis technique to produce alkaline water. It is also called alkaline ionizer. The acidity or alkalinity of water is referred to as its pH value. An alkaline water machine helps balance the pH value of your drinking water. This ensures your drinking water is clean, safe, and good for your health. Water pitchers serve multiple roles. They filter the water, ionize it, and soften it. This makes the water clean, safe, tasty and good for your health. As to the exact health benefits of consuming alkaline water, there’s still a heated debate. Proponents insists that the benefits are simply immense.

Do you really need a water ionizer?

No matter your water source, water filter pitchers decontaminates the water making it safe for human consumption. You will be forgiven to think that water alkalizers are for those using well water. Municipal water contains substantial contaminants too. The need for a water ionizer cannot be over emphasized.

You want to keep your family protected from waterborne infections, there’s no better way than with a high quality alkaline water machine. If you’ve never tried using these equipment before, I strongly suggest that you give it a try. I guarantee that you will be amazed at how much it will make your water tasty and sweet. Besides, your family will stay healthy and strong.

Types of water ionizers

Alkaline water filters basically use the same technique of increasing the alkalinity of incoming water. Therefore, there are no distinct groups of water ionizers on that basis. Nonetheless, there are many different brands of alkaline water machines as you will soon find out right below.

So, before we start reviewing the different types of water ionizers, here is a table to give you a quick overview of the different brands.

Best Dual Filtration Water Ionizer

tyentusa water ionizers

Tyent USA UCE-11 ionized water machine is our overall best. It comes with advanced features making it ideal for high performance filtration. With a dual filtration technique, Tyent USA UCE-11 alkaline water machine removes 99.9% of all chemical and solid contaminants. It installs easily under your kitchen counter thus taking very little storage space and still remaining concealed.

It is designed with environmentally friendly materials. The construction is lead free, BPA free and FDA approved. It comes with a lifetime warranty for free repairs and replacement of any malfunctioning parts and components.

With a power rating of slightly lower than 10A and 11 huge platinum filter plates, this is by far one of the most energy efficient and effective water filter in the market. Tyent UCE-11 supports voice control and comes with an interactive touch screen. It has a lifetime capacity of up to 200 gallons and supports up to 10 cups of water at any one time. It has a pH range of 1.7 – 12.0. In addition, it supports 9 pH settings. On the downside, the replacement cartridges are relatively expensive. Some people may find this a little bit uneconomical.

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Why We Like It:

  • Comes with 11 huge platinum filters that supports Tyent UCE-11 dual filtration system.
  • Eliminates 99.9% of all the chemical and solid contaminants thus providing your family with quality drinking water.
  • Supports 9 pH settings; 4 alkaline, 4 acidic, and one neutral. The overall pH range is between 1.7 – 12.0.
  • Easy under the counter install process.

Why We Hate It:

  • The filter cartridges require frequent replacement. This can end up being very expensive for heavy users.

Best Eco-friendly Alkaline Water Filter

Aqua-Ionizer-Deluxe-9.0-Aqua-IonizerIf you want to keep your family healthy and strong, you really need to monitor the quality of water they drink. The design and overall working mechanism of this water ionizer makes it ideally suited for advanced level filtration. It is capable of filtering up to 4000 liters and is very energy efficient. It won’t inflate your power bills in anyway. Experience high level water detoxification, thanks to its 7 water settings. In fact, you will be able to regulate the alkalinity and even add antioxidants to your drinking water. What’s more, this water alkalizer is ecofriendly and therefore reduces the need for plastic bottled water. It is therefore ETL & RoHS certified. If your household water is hard and tasteless, you are most certainly have to spend more on bottled water. With Aqua-Ionizer Pro Deluxe 9.0 however, you no longer will have to buy plastic bottled water. You will be able to get clean, pure, and safe water for your entire family.

Why We Like It:

  • It helps restore the body’s electrolyte balance by replenishing all the vital minerals and electrolytes.
  • ETL & RoHS certified for environmental friendliness. It reduces the use of plastic bottled water.
  • Supports advanced filtration and therefore capable of purifying some 4000 liters of water
  • It comes with up to 7 adjustable water settings. You will therefore be able to regulate the different mineral ions and even add more antioxidants to your drinking water.
  • Guaranteed supply of alkaline water helps detoxify, hydrate, and even energize the entire family.

Why We Hate It:

  • It is bulky and therefore require significant storage space.

Best High Capacity Water Ionizer

Bawell-Platinum-AlkalineBawell Platinum alkaline ionizer is a high performance water ionizer you really need to try out. Like most products from Bawell, this water filter is relatively expensive. Considering the durability and efficiency in contaminant filtration, the price tag is as good as insignificant. Trust me on this. This dual filtration ionizer provides clan and ultra-purified alkaline water for drinking. For other household cleaning roles, it provides acidic water.

Every purchase of Bawell water alkalizer filter system comes with a lifetime warranty. This high end water filter supports a pH range of 2.0 – 12.0 ORP. The filters are durable and have a lifetime capacity of 5000 liters. Something to note is that this alkaline water machine is specifically best suited for countertop installation.  It easily connects to the faucet below the sink and operated at a minimum water pressure of 20lbs per square inch of water supply.

The two filters are durable and have a lifetime capacity of 1320 gallons before replacement. That translates to 2 years of excellent water ionization service.

Installation is simple and should take no more than 30 minutes. There’s even a 10 minute installation DVD to help you with the setup process.

Why We Like It:

  • 2 stage internal filtration system with an optional 3 stage external filtration system.
  • Comes with a 10 minute installation DVD for quick setup process.
  • 1320 gallon/ 2 year durable cartridge filters.
  • Provides a ready supply of pure alkaline water for drinking
  • Best for countertop installation and readily connects to your waterline or faucet.
  • Makes alkaline and acidic water in the range of 2.0 – 12.0 ORP.
  • Every purchase of Bawell Platinum alkaline ionizer comes with a lifetime warranty.

Why We Hate It:

  • The installation instruction provided in the 10 minute DVD are rather vague.

Best Soft Touch Control Water Ionizer

IntelGadgets-IONtechIntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 alkaline water machine uses a platinum-titanium electrolysis plate and ceramic ion membrane.It uses USA-made activated carbon fiber filters for superior water filtration. Unlike other alkaline water filters, IntelGadgets IONTech IT-757 supports an automatic 10 second electrolysis chamber cleaning following each alkaline water use. It also supports adjustable 7 pH settings.

What’s more, this alkaline water machine also comes with a 7 color LCD display and a Soft Button control panel. The display screen allows you to access and monitor all the parameters like water pH, Oxidation-Reduction potential, water flow rate, and filter life, etc. Every purchase of this ionized water machine comes with a 2 year limited warranty. The convenient fingertip control allows for better control of various filtration parameters.

Why We Like It:

  • Comes with a 2 year limited warranty
  • comes with a 7 color LCD display
  • Has 7 levels of water pH controls; 4 levels of alkaline, 2 levels of acidic water, and one level of pure water.
  • Automatic 10 second electrolysis chamber cleansing after alkaline water use.
  • Multifunctional LCD display with convenient fingertip control function.

Why We Hate It:

  • Changing between the different pH modes is at time complicated.

Best Alkaline Water Ionizer

Pure-Hydration-Coming-in-AprilDid you know that drinking alkaline hydrogen rich water has more health benefits compared to drinking ordinary water? I thought you should know. Not so many modern alkaline water filters are equipped with hydrogen fixation capacity. Pure Hydration antioxidant water alkalizer is among the few. It comes in an exotic design featuring infrared sensors for remote operations. You can switch it on and off with a simple wave of your hand.

Installation process is very simple and direct. It fits nicely under the counter and comes with an optional faucet. This all-new design features a couple of new features but the exact same superior water filtration as before.

With this alkaline water filter, you will be able to rid your family of common ailments. This is especially true because ionizer water helps balance electrolytes in the body within optimum ranges. This also boosts your immune system.

What’s more, Pure Hydration Alkaline antioxidant water ionizer not remove the contaminants. It also adds antioxidants to your water for extra health benefits.

Why We Like It:

  • Adds molecular hydrogen to your drinking water and this confers better health benefits.
  • Supports a pH range of 9.0 – 9.5, 4500RP, and 1500ppb molecular hydrogen.
  • Supports multistage ultra-filtration function.
  • Provides pure alkaline water infused with essential antioxidants
  • Simple installation process
  • LED reminders for cartridge filter change
  • Supports a flow rate of 2.1 LPM
  • Non-electrical all-natural alkaline water ionizer
  • Dual side entry for easy access
  • Touchless infrared on and off
  • Comes with a red LED 90 & 180 day filter change alert.

Why We Hate It:

  • Not identified.

Best Comprehensive Warranty

Aqua-Ionizer-Deluxe-Water-IonizerIf you are looking for a water ionization unit with a self-cleaning capability, then look no further. An automatic polarity reversal technique washes the plates keeping them clean after use. This auto cleaning operation occurs once 10.5 gallons. The pH range is 4.5 – 11 while the OPR Range is +600 to -750 mV. In addition, Air water life deluxe 7.0 comes with a 5 year warranty coverage for repairs and replacements. The display screen comes with characteristic backlights for better view quality.

It uses active carbon filters with a lifespan of up to 1 years and a lifetime filtrationcapacity of 1585 gallons. In addition to that, this alkaline water filter also features durable platinum coated titanium plates for efficient water ionization. You will also have a chance to choose from seven water options; 4 ionized alkaline, 1 non-ionized purified, and 2 ionized acidic presets. Depending on your needs, you will choose appropriately among the stated options.

Why We Like It:

  • Restores body’s electrolyte balance, hydrates, and aid in detoxification process.
  • Lifespan capacity of about 4000 liters of water. That averages about 1 year before the filters can be replaced.
  • Supports up to 7 healthy water settings
  • It supports pH range of 4.0 to 11.0
  • Its antioxidant potential is rated at -800 to +1000 ORP
  • Powered by an advanced electrolyte technology featuring 7 platinum coated titanium plates.
  • Built-in long life filters with a service life of up to 1 year and a total capacity of 1585 gallons.

Why We Hate It:

  • Not identified.

Best Activated Carbon Water Ionizers

IONTech-IT-750-Under-SinkIONtech IT-750 water alkalizer is sleek and compactly designed to fit under your sink. The package includes a sophisticated dual spout countertop faucet. Every purchase of this high end water ionizer comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

You will also enjoy easy control with some 6 water pH levels. These pH controls include 4 alkaline levels, 1 acidic level, and 1 pure filtered level. What’s more IONtech IT-750 alkaline water machine also has an automatic after-use cleaning feature.

For effective filtration, it uses US-built activated carbon filters. These have a lifetime capacity of 12000 liters after which they are replaced. It also has characteristic display lights which shine blue for alkaline and red for acid water. The design complies with all the necessary safety, quality and performance requirement. It is therefore CE, SGS, and ISO certified.

Why We Like It:

  • It uses large platinum-titanium electrolysis plates for its ionization operations.
  • Comes with 6 water pH levels: 4 alkaline, 1 acidic, and 1 pure filtered water level.
  • Uses US-made activated carbon water filters with a lifetime capacity of 12000 liters
  • This water ionizer is CE, SGS, and ISO certified for safety, quality, and excellent performance.
  • Soft-touch control panel matches well with any kitchen décor.
  • 10 second automatic cleansing function.

Why We Hate It:

  • Not identified.

Best Self-cleaning Ionized Water Machine

Miracle M.A.X. Counter Top Water IonizerEver imagined of a water ionizing equipment capable of making very strong alkaline or acidic water? Chanson Miracle Max countertop ionizer is one such equipment. In fact, the acidic water produced is so strong that it can even be used as a disinfectant both at home and in medical facilities. The supported pH and ORP potential ranges are 1.8 – 12.1 & -920 to +1200 respectively. The ionization process happens on its seven 364 square inch Nano-coated titanium plates. Now you know why it is capable of generating very strong acidic and alkaline water. It is also equipped with a RAD self-cleaning system that takes care of the plates.

Controlling the flow rate and other related aspects is very simple and easy. For this reason, it is equipped with inbuilt flow control valve that works closely with the side control ceramic valve. What’s more, this ionizer comes with an intuitive display screen. From the display screen, you will be able keep track of pH readings, water flow speed, speaker volume, and filer life. The package contents include a 5 micron silver impregnated carbon block filter, Himalayan rock salt sample, Faucet adapter tubing, and a pH test kit.

Why We Like It:

  • High grade water ionization performance with its 5 micron silver impregnated carbon block filter.
  • Comes with an intuitive display screen for monitoring different performance parameters.
  • Supports RAD self-cleaning function.
  • Supported pH and ORP ranges; 1.8 – 12.1 and -920 to +1200 respectively.
  • Supports voice control function with adjustable speaker volume
  • Uses 7 large Nano-coated, electrolysis titanium plates
  • Every purchase comes with Chanson’s limited lifetime warranty.

Why We Hate It:

  • Slightly pricey

Best UV Sterilization Alkaline Water Machine

Life-Ionizer-MXL-5If you love the finer things in life, then you really need to check out the Life Ionizer MXL-5 water pitcher. It features a sleek and compact design perfectly suited for small spaces. Enjoy easy control from its supersensitive one-touch LCD screen. Its electrolysis chamber is made of 5 massive titanium cored – platinum coated XL matrix GRID plates. This water alkalizer is very energy efficient and used only 249W of power.

What’s more, this incredibly affordable ionizer also enriches your drinking water with essential antioxidants. These help rid the body of harmful free radicals.

I like the fact that the filter cartridges are positioned at the top of the equipment. This make replacements super easy. Its high efficiency micro-membranes together with its 2023 M Series XL ionizers makes it possible to get high water pH and ORP values.

Life Ionizer MXL-5 comes with a powerful ultraviolet XL sterilization system. This helps eliminate all forms of pathogens; bacteria, viruses, and other microbes.

Why We Like It:

  • It is energy efficient and supports a flow rate of 3 LPM. The power rating is adjustable to a max of 249W.
  • Uses 5 massive titanium cord – platinum coated plates for efficient electrolysis.
  • Guarantees a ready supply of antioxidant rich and high pH water for home use.
  • Supported pH range 3.0 – 9.8 with an oxidation reduction potential of up to -500 ORP.

Why We Hate It:

  • Not identified

Cheapest Water Ionizer

Alkaline-Water-Ionizer-MachineHealthyWiser alkaline water machine is equipped with up to 9 high quality platinum coated 9 cell electrodes and a 100% stainless steel Zabara hose for efficient water ionization and delivery. A two-step filtration process ensures you get pure, clean, and hydrogen-infused alkaline drinking water. For easy monitoring of the various operation parameters, this water ionizer has a large LCD display screen. An inbuilt voice control function allows you to regulate its operations with simple voice commands.

This is one very versatile alkaline water pitcher featuring very cool features. For instance, it comes with up to 400 programmable ORP and pH range of 3.0 – 11.50. In addition, it supports automatic cleaning function, and touch sensitive screen for simplified control.

The standard design makes it very compatible and ideally suited for under the counter or countertop installation.

Why We Like It:

  • Comes with a large touch sensitive LCD screen for simplified control and mon9toring of the various parameters.
  • Supports 400 programmable pH and ORP levels.
  • Ideally suited for either countertop or under the counter installation.
  • Comes with 100% stainless steel Zabara hose that easily connects to your kitchen faucet.
  • High grade electrolysis chamber featuring platinum coated 9 cell electrodes.
  • Supports dual filtration system for purer, cleaner, and antioxidant rich water.

Why We Hate It:

  • No product warranty

What to consider when buying an ideal water ionizer kit?


There are so many water ionizations kits in the market today. Therefore, it is important that one learns to choose the very best from the rest. So, what exactly are you going to look for in an ideal alkaline water machine? Well, here are some aspects you may want to consider the next time you go shopping:

  • Auto-cleaning capacity
  • The pH and ORP ranges
  • Number and size of electrolysis plates.
  • Lifetime filter capacity; time or water capacity in gallons before filter replacement.
  • Safety and quality certification


That’s it for the round-up of some of the best water ionizers. Be sure to check out the products from Amazon using the provided links for the best price deals. Now you can shop with confidence.


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