Best Solar-Powered Security Cameras

Living is some remote area far from the nearest city? Living in far flung off grid places isn’t the best. That notwithstanding, here are some cool solar-powered security cameras to check out.

Living in far flung comes with plenty advantages and advantages in almost equal proportions.In terms of disadvantages, you miss out a lot on some stuff that make life more fun and enjoyable because you don’t have access to electricity.

It becomes even worse if you come to think of installing security cameras on your premise. Fortunately, some security cameras are powered by batteries.

In this piece though, we will deal with solar powered security cameras. And there are many of such types of cameras. They are commonly used in off grid regions or remote areas where access to grip power is very expensive or simply impossible.

So, what do you really need to take into consideration when it comes to selecting the best solar powered security cameras? We have detailed that and a couple other elements about these security cameras here below. In the following table, we have provided you some quick summary of some of the best solar powered security camera. This run down list also includes details about camera resolution, brand and field of view.

Top 10 Solar-Powered Security Cameras Resolution Field of View
Arlo Pro 2 1080p Full HD 130 degrees
Ring Spotlight Cam 1080p Full HD 140 degrees
Ring Stick Up Cam 1080p Full HD 130 degrees
Freecam 760p HD 130 degrees
Funxwe 1080p Full HD 140 degrees
KKMoon 720p HD 130 degrees
WhoaCow 720p HD 110 degrees
MAXSA 720p HD 110 degrees
Lynx 1080p Full HD 100 degrees
Draw Green 1080p Full HD 120 degrees

What is a Solar-Powered Security Camera?

Needless to say though, solar-powered security cameras run on sunlight. That’s the simplest it gets as far as definition goes. They have some sort of solar panels that help with generation of sufficient energy to drive these security equipment.

So, unless it has some battery that is charged by mini solar panels, these types of security cams may not be of use at night. However, it is good to know that most of them have inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion batteries which store charge.

About the advantages, I cannot emphasize them more. No burdensome power bills because you are using a natural energy source, sunlight. Secondly, they are simple and very easy to set up. Just a matter of setting it appropriately at an appropriate angle with sun rays then tightening it.

These are cameras that have a solar panel with them that will be the source of their electrical power. In other words, they do not have a wiring connection or cables to make them fully functional over time. With solar power, you can get the best that comes from the natural resources to charge and run the camera systems, without a single subscription charge or monthly fee.

A self-sufficient wireless solar security camera is typically sold in bundles, one for the camera and one for the solar panel, sometimes it could also go with rechargeable batteries. But there are some moments that the solar panel is directly attached to the camera. If you do not want to purchase them, you can try to make your own solar powered security camera.

You can even install a security camera wherever you want to, even if it usually rains or fogs. If it is a Wi-Fi-connected and enabled solar security camera, everything will still work, even if it is rainy, foggy or much sunnier.That is basically what a solar powered security camera is all about.

Do you need a Solar-Powered Security Camera?

Well, to be honest, you do. If you do not have one, I advise you to get one.  This is more so for those living in far flung areas. Accessing power in such areas can be quite expensive or difficult. Solar powered security cameras don’t need mains power to run. You will therefore be able guard your property without incurring extra costs from power bills.

Solar powered security cameras can also be used by those in urban settings to complement your normal mains powered security cameras. This implies that your home or premise is protected round the clock, be there power or during power outrage. That is an additional layer of protection.

It improves the security level of homes, which will make you feel safer whenever you leave home or sleep at night. When burglars will come to your home at night, they will all be captured well together with their activities in the solar camera. Not just that, you might be informed that they have arrived so you can immediately take action.

If you consider buying those normal security cameras a very expensive act, then having these solar powered cameras is the best solution for you. Imagine, removing the risk of paying something every single month because of the electrical consumption of it. Solar-powered security cameras really change the game.

So there are a million and one reasons why you need a solar powered security camera. They can be used by those in rural settings as well as those in urban settings. It just depend on how you want to use the cameras.Some of the benefits accruing from using a solar powered security camera include:

  • They are more durable

Compared to mainstream security cameras that are powered by mains power, solar powered varieties last much longer. You won’t be bogged with constant need for repairs time and again.

  • Easy to scale

These security cameras are flexible and scalable when compared to the usual security cameras. That is to say that it is very easy to add and integrate additional cameras to your collection. This makes your surveillance even more thorough and in-depth.

  • 24/7 premise security surveillance

Most solar powered cameras have Li-ion batteries which store charge during the day. That battery charge powers the camera at night. Of course, this is not unique to these cameras though. The normal varieties also supports surveillance round the clock.

  • Environmental friendly

It is powered by renewable sunlight. At least you can count on the sun to rise every single day. You can therefore be sure your security cameras will be up and running. No noxious emissions or wastes associated with this cameras.

  • Easy to install

These wireless solar powered security cameras are fast and easy to install. No drill holes or complicated cable systems. It is also very easy to disassemble when you want to set it up in a different location.

  • They are super flexible too

You can set then up on your barns, warehouses, RVs, construction sites, sheds, or even vacation houses.

Types of Solar-Powered Security Cameras

There are no distinct types of solar-powered security cameras, only with different features in it. We will instead use the general categorization that classifies them into wired and wireless solar powered security cameras. This classification is so general it majors on the whether or not the camera has cords and cables.

Other classifications may be on the basic on the basis of night vision capacity. There ae a couple other classification schemes used to group security camera, but we won’t delve into the details today.

There are some that are really giving out a clear HD quality in their recordings. There are also some that only give out a fine resolution in the recording but then is a beast in terms of recording based on its field of view.

There are also somewhere you can talk two-way, from the tablet and to the camera. Well, if you will study them more, you will soon realize that you will see lots of unique features from every camera. So if you want some thrill, go and check them out.

Factors to Consider when buying a Solar-Powered Security Camera

You should carefully select the camera that you will buy, with that, check some of the factors whether they hit to your likings or not.

  • Battery capacity

This has everything to do with the amount of charge the camera battery hold. As I mentioned earlier, most solar powered security cameras come with rechargeable batteries. Batteries with large capacity are much better than the low capacity batteries in terms of length of time taken during night recording.

  • Ease of installation

You want an easy to install solar powered security camera. Fortunately, all the varieties in our list are typical Do It Yourself types.

  • Storage

Where would the videos record be saved? The ones with SD Card might be a good option because they will be saved locally with no fees. There are some that offer cloud-based storages so have a good look at those.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

If you wish to monitor your areas using the solar-powered cameras, then you should have a Wi-Fi Connection near those to ensure that you will experience seamless communication with the suspicious visitor.

  • Scalability

This relates to the ease of addition and integration of some other cameras to your collection. It should be easy and simple to add 2 or more cameras here and there without compromising the functionality of the entire system.

Best Solar-Powered Security Cameras Reviews – Pros & Cons

<Best overall>

Arlo Pro 2Arlo Pro 2 supports voice control with Alexa, though it is noteworthy that the 2 are sold separately. It is 100% wireless. At least you can count on this to have no annoying cords and cables, the perfect DIY installation security camera. It operates in a wide range of temperatures somewhere in the range of 32 – 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It supports 1080p Full HD videos and also has a night vision capability. The night vision mode turns n and off automatically during low and bright light respectively.

It comes with flexible powering options. One option involves plugging in to mains supply while the second option involves solar charging. The latter option makes use power generated from the solar panel that it comes with. This security camera comes with 850nm LEDs with a lighting range of up to 25 ft. An IR cut off filter enhances the night vision function.

For every purchase of this high grade solar powered security camera, you get a 7 day free cloud recording. Your get to view all your cloud stored videos for free for up to 7 days. These cameras are all-weather. Because they work in a temperature range of 32 – 122 degrees Fahrenheit, these cameras can also be used as indoor security cameras. As for compatibility, this camera is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Echo Show and Fire TV.

Some of its advanced features include the 1080p HD Resolution and PIR motion detection. This allows for crisp clear image detailing. Nothing ever goes unnoticed with Arlo Pro 2 security camera. A 3 second lookback feature allows you to record and review activities 3 seconds before they actually happen. This makes it easy to disrupt crime before they are actually executed.

An activity zoning feature highlights areas in the cameras field of view where there’s a lot of activity. It is important to keep an eye on such areas because the bad guys often want to take advantage of the commotion and activity.

An optional 24/7 CVR function allows for nonstop recording in the cloud. This function is only available upon upgrade and is only used with indoor cameras.

Why We Like It:

  • Comes with an optional 24/7 CVR function for non-stop recording in the cloud.
  • Activity zoning feature highlights hotspots
  • 3 second lookback feature allows for tracking of events 3 seconds before they occur.
  • Wide angle PIR motion sensors capture even movement
  • All footages are saved in 1080p Full HD quality.
  • Smart Siren
  • Weather Resistant

Why We Hate It:

  • No warranty coverage
  • Slightly Pricey

<Best motion detection>

Ring Spotlight CamWorks with Alexa so that it could launch real-time video together with your voice. You can see, speak and hear from visitors coming from your phone, PC or tablet. It has a quick-release rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack is also very durable and can last 24 hours on a single charge. This outdoor security camera is also compatible with iOS, Mac, and Windows among other operating systems.

Your home will surely be monitored in 1080p full HD with infrared night vision and Live View. Something I particularly love about this is the fact that you will receive instant notifications whenever there’s some sort of security breech. And not only that. It also has a siren that will automatically set off to scare away the burglar.

A set of LED light strips enhance night vision function. This camera can therefore record HD quality videos. All Ring Spotlight cam have a lifetime theft protection feature which is basically a form of product warranty. Under that provision, manufacturer will replace all your stolen security cameras for free.

So, in brief, some of the defining features of this security camera is that it supports 1080p full HD video quality with the option of live view on demand video and audio options. It supports motion activated alerts which are sent to your handset instantaneously.

Something else is about the Two-way talk function which allows you to talk to and communicate directly with the intruder. Lastly, there is the aspect of remote activated siren function that is activated to scare away the intruders.

Why We Like It:

  • Has a siren that can be activated remotely to scare away the intruders.
  • Two way talk from your handset via an integrated mic and speaker function
  • Supports motion activated alerts
  • 1080p HD video quality with Live View on demand video and audio
  • Easy installation allows you to focus your motion zones on selected hotspots.
  • 30 day free trial of Ring Protect Plus
  • Lifetime theft protection

Why We Hate It:

  • The battery is not that fast
  • Needs echo spot for Alexa

<Best viewing angle>

Ring Stick up Cam and solar panel bundleThis one comes with infrared night vision and HD video features too. It will even allow you to watch your home clearly during bad weather. You are entitled to get two cams and a solar panel during purchase. This will stand out from the others because of its two-way talk speaker which is pretty cool.

The Ring Stick solar powered cam comes with 2 cameras and a pair of solar panels. This allows for all high profile security surveillance round the clock. And because it comes with a dedicated mobile app, this solar powered camera allows you to monitor your home from anywhere.

It has a weatherproof design that works excellently in a wide range of environmental settings. It works best with a 2.4GHz connectivity. This is what it utilizes to share the recorded videos footages in real time on your smartphone.

Like most contemporary solar powered security cameras, Ring Stick up Cam supports a two way talk function. This makes it easy to communicate with the intruders from the comfort of your phone.

Installation process is also super easy. It is supplies with all the necessary tools for installation; the ideal DIY security cam. It has a built in Li-ion battery that is rechargeable. This is charged bythe solar panels during the day for keep you safe and secure during the night.

A smart motion detection feature allows for fast and efficient detection of motion in any location of interest. It also includes an integrated infrared functionality that allows for crisp clear night vision. And because of the high sensitivity, this camera is also able to detect suspicious movements from as far as 30 minutes away.

Why We Like It:

  • Comes with all the necessary requirements for DIY installation.
  • Built in Li-ion battery stores charge during the day guarantees security during the night when the sun sets.
  • Smart motion detection feature
  • Infrared function supports night vision
  • Able to detect motion from a distance of 30 meters away.
  • Supports 1080p Full HD video quality making it easy to identify and single out suspicious visitors.

Why We Hate It:

  • High price tag
  • No product warranty

<Best inbuilt rechargeable battery>

Freecam solar panel security camera with rechargeable batteryThis solar powered security cam is very simple and easy to install. No need for complicated tools and appliances or even advice from a wiring expert. It is 100% wire free. No cords and cable that may warrant the need of a professional.

For safe and secure storage of all the recorded videos, this camera comes with a 16GB MicroSD memory. This is a low power security camera that utilizes very little power. And its Li-ion battery is powered by solar panels. Because it is a high performance battery, your camera only requires a max of 20 hours of sunlight per month.

It is important to note that during the day, this cam draws its power directly from the solar panel. At night, it utilizes the stored charge in the rechargeable battery.

One of the best standalone solar powered wireless security cameras in the business. It has great features in it, few of those are the infrared night vision and the motion detector. There is a full refund or free replacement just in case you will receive a model that is defective.

Like most contemporary security cams, this one also come supports motion detection. This is facilitated by the smart PIR motion detection & activation feature. It also comes with a wide angle field of view and a range of up to 5 meters.

For any system malfunctions, be sure to use the Freecam Solar Panel one year product warranty for replacements and free repairs.

Why We Like It:

  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • Smart PIR motion detection feature
  • 5 meters infrared range for clear night vision.
  • Ultralow power consumption and longtime standby.
  • Supports 2 charge modes; mains and solar charging
  • 16GB MicroSD memory for safe storage of all the recorded videos

Why We Hate It:

  •  Slightly expensive
  • Does not work without internet connectivity

<Best 1080p Full HD image quality>

Funxwe 1080p Full HD solar powered security cameraA powerful one that comes with efficient solar panels and a starlight motion sensor that will provide more brightness at night. It could be connected to your display devices directly or with a wireless router. There is even a free app with this that will allow you to have efficient remote access to the camera.

Why We Like It:

  • Large inbuilt data storage unit
  • Starlight sensor

Why We Hate It:

  • No audio input
  • Sometimes freezing

<Best long range night vision>

KKMoon HW0029 HD 720p outdoor security cameraIt comes with a P2P Cloud function so there is no need for port mapping. There is also an e-mail alert function when motion is detected from its motion detector. The camera will send alarm notifications to your email, which also comes with snapshots on the spot.

Why We Like It:

  • The battery can work for two days
  • The battery can work in high temperature

Why We Hate It:

  • No video compression format
  • No audio in and out

<Best Image stabilization feature>

WhoaCow solar powered surveillance cameraBecause of its sunlight power, it is absolutely wireless. It charges its batteries with solar energy. There are even a night vision and PIR motion detection system inside the camera. Its built-in infrared lights can reach up to 16 feet far, which will really be a good surveillance 24/7 in your area.

Why We Like It:

  • 30 days free return
  • Wide view angle

Why We Hate It:

  • One-way Audio
  • Not designed for 24/7 recording

<Best weatherproof camera>

MAXSA solar powered wireless outdoor security cameraIts camera light can absolutely keep track of what is going on at the moment, day or night. The motion activated camera will record every single activity that happens, it will record over an hour and a half of video when it is fully charged. Can capture everything that happens within a 100-degree range during the day.

Why We Like It:

  • Track 15ft away at night
  • 878 lumens of brightness

Why We Hate It:

  • Plastic body
  • The battery is not that long enough

<Best build quality>

Lynx solar weatherproof surveillance camera.Fully solar-powered, you just need a 1 sunny day to power the camera up to 7 days in case there is no power for that duration. It even has a facial recognition that will let you choose who your camera will recognize, comes with that is the check-in notification with those familiar faces.

Why We Like It:

  • Free could storage
  • Facial recognition

Why We Hate It:

  • Not that adjustable
  • No motion detection masking

<Best budget>

DrawGreen solar powered security cameraIt could act as a security light and it also has a built-in PIR motion detection sensor. It could detect movement up to 20-26ft away. Buying it comes with a 2-year warranty, it is cheap and it could provide a good bright light anywhere.

Why We Like It:

  • Water Resistant
  • Affordable

Why We Hate It:

  • Not a wireless camera
  • Used only as a security light

How to Pick the Right Solar-Powered Security Camera for You

Most of the details needed to be known are carefully explained in this article. To pick the right one for you, you should consider yourself. Consider the cost of how much you will be spending when buying those, do you really need it? Well, that depends on your justification and judgment.

Also, you need to think well where you should place it. Think well if the place that you will install a camera is really a place that needs to have a camera installed. It could be, that in the end, you just seemed to have purchased a security camera for nothing. That’s why you need to carefully study it.

That’s it. Think of the cost and of the future. Those are the keys to pick the right solar-powered security camera for you.

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