15 of the Best Puzzle Brands for Hours of Fun

Putting together jigsaw puzzles is so much more than just a rainy day activity to pass the time. The mental stimulation keeps your brain engaged, while the feeling of accomplishment from completing a challenging puzzle boosts mood. Plus, working on puzzles is a great way to bond with family and friends.

With the countless options on the market though, it can get overwhelming trying to determine the best puzzle brands for quality, artistry, and fun.

That‘s why I‘ve compiled this list of my top 15 favorite puzzle companies that will turn anyone into an enthusiast! I analyze the key factors that make these brands stand out, so you can find the perfect puzzles to fit your tastes and skills.

Top Puzzle Brand Benefits

Before diving into the list, let‘s look at some of the great benefits that come with doing jigsaw puzzles:

  • Boost creativity and visual-spatial skills
  • Exercise short-term memory
  • Improve problem-solving abilities
  • Reduce stress and release dopamine upon completion
  • Bond with other puzzlers while collaborating
  • Express artistic preference through image choice

Puzzles quite literally get your whole brain engaged, while delivering a rush of accomplishment once the last piece is placed. Plus according to recent surveys, over 54 million Americans put together puzzles annually – so you‘ll be joining a beloved pastime!

Now let‘s count down puzzle heaven with the top brands for quality, selection and fun!

1. Ravensburger

Around since 1884, Ravensburger reigns supreme as the undisputed leader in puzzles. They popularized jigsaw puzzles as we know them today. The German brand puts meticulous detail into the physical quality of each piece for a satisfying, snug fit while you assemble the image.

They offer an unbelievable range from cute 15-piece toddler puzzles up to a staggering 32,000 piece edition! With careful random-cut shapes and thicker paper stock, even their simplest puzzles provide a decent challenge. Gorgeous designs span Disney, artwork, landscapes and special inlaid metallic foil styles for dazzling effects.

For such premium quality and craftsmanship, their prices remain fair and accessible to most buyers. Expect to pay roughly $15 to $25 for a standard 1,000 piece puzzle. Given the top-notch experience that‘s a bargain!

If you want the best of the best – a Ravensburger puzzle never disappoints!

Key Features:

  • Leading puzzle brand since 1884
  • High quality materials and randomized pieces
  • Extremely wide difficulty range from kids to expert
  • Beautiful designs from artists, photographers and brands like Disney
  • Fair pricing for unbeatable quality

2. Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill swept in from Canada in 2005 to become a fast favorite puzzle company for their gorgeous, nostalgic scenes invoking comfort. They actually started as a board game brand before realizing their photography perfectly translated into jigsaw puzzles for all ages.

Each charming image gets carefully enhanced and impressed onto quality cardstock with extra thick pieces. You‘ll never struggle to separate two stubborn pieces that won‘t come apart! The crisp, colorful scenes range from 70 piece beginner puzzles up to a monstrous 2,000 pieces for hours of bliss.

Cobble Hill also deserves praise for their eco-conscious efforts, using 100% recycled paper and non-toxic soy inks. Their unique "Make Your Own Puzzle" option lets you turn family photos into customized puzzles too!

Expect prices around $10 to $30 – extremely fair given Cobble Hill‘s premium materials and lovely outcome.

Key Features:

  • Specializes in warm, family-friendly puzzle images
  • High quality thick pieces made from recycled materials
  • Custom puzzles from family photo options
  • Range for kids through advanced puzzlers
  • Conscious effort toward sustainability

3. New York Puzzle Company

Based in New York since 2013, this newcomer disrupted the scene by viewing puzzles as artworks unto themselves. They consciously craft images that look gorgeous enough to frame and display after completion.

The high quality cardstock provides a crisp base for designs bursting with color and visual interest to admire. The pieces deliver a nice snap-fit without frustrating gaps too. Choices range from 20 micro puzzles for a quick fix to ambitious 2,000 piece undertakings requiring dedication.

The brand also makes a 1% donation to environmental nonprofits from all sales – an admirable sustainability practice. Prices sit firmly in the fair category at $10 to $35.

For stylish modern designs paired with conscientious initiatives, New York Puzzle Company creates wonderful collectible puzzles. The beautiful outcomes motivate you to keep going until the last piece!

Key Features:

  • Gorgeous modern designs worthy of framing
  • Quality materials and precise fits between pieces
  • Good price range from mini puzzles to 2,000 pieces
  • 1% of sales donated to eco-causes
  • Ideal for artistic souls or design fans

4. Eurographics

Canada‘s Eurographics specifically targets adults with their extensive collection of artistic puzzles for relaxing me-time. The brand began in 1987 and still holds prestige as a must-have name for true connoisseurs.

For art lovers, their standout selection of Old Master paintings offers gorgeous Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh and more to reconstruct. Architecture fanatics will drool over landmarks like Neuschwanstein Castle or Antoni Gaudi‘s designs. The quality thick paper makes a huge difference toward an enjoyable experience.

Eurographics also launched a "Save the Planet" line made of 100% recycled materials, with funds going toward tree-planting initiatives. Their prices remain budget-friendly in the $14 to $30 range – a steal for such cultural art replicas.

With over 50 distinct collections to pick from, Eurographics has something delightful for every taste while preserving the planet too!

Key Features:

  • Massive cultural art and architecture collections
  • Quality materials for frustration-free assembly
  • "Save the Planet" eco line with recycled paper
  • Huge variety from 500 pieces up to 5,000 pieces
  • Ideal for design professionals or hobbyists

5. Buffalo Games

Operating since 1985, Buffalo Games holds the distinction as the #1 jigsaw puzzle company across North America. They built that status over 30+ years with innovations enhancing traditional puzzles with special effects.

Choose from holographic foil finishes, glitter details, intricate die-cuts, glow-in-dark pieces and more for exciting modern twists. Of course classics remain available too if you prefer uncomplicated builds. Expect bright colors and crisp definition on the imagery from their careful printing process.

Prices stay budget-friendly in the $5 to $20 range for most puzzles spanning 300 to 1,500 pieces. For die-hard puzzle junkies, they even offer subscriptions delivering fresh puzzles bi-monthly or monthly! The affordable quality and sheer variety cement Buffalo Games as a beloved brand to collect.

Key Features:

  • 35 years experience as North America‘s #1 puzzle company
  • Exciting modern touches like glitter, holographic and glow-in-dark pieces
  • Crisp colorful designs across many piece sizes
  • Great budget prices under $20
  • Subscriptions available for unlimited puzzle supplies

6. Galison

Established in 1979, Rhode Island‘s Galison Mudpuppy brand focuses almost exclusively on kids puzzles full of delight. Their products all get play-tested by over 150 children annually for developmental quality assurance. The results speak for themselves in clever puzzles that fascinate toddlers through tweens.

Mudpuppys sets genuinely educational goals as well, like teaching alphabet letters, numbers, US states, world flags and more through vivid imagery and icons. You‘ll find popular characters of course, but also word puzzles, intricate folding puzzles and micro puzzles with big lessons. The materials meet safety standards free of harmful chemicals too.

Prices stay modest in the $12 to $19 range for most products, though some special lines reach higher. Expect durable cardboard pieces colorfully printed to captivate kids for hours. Definitely check Mudpuppy out for the best kid-friendly puzzles guaranteed smiles!

Key Features:

  • Top puzzle brand for quality kids‘ sets
  • Play-tested evaluations by over 150 children
  • Colorful early education themes teaching words, math, geography
  • Range from toddlers through elementary school ages
  • Durable quality materials and construction

7. Pomegranate

Pomegranate squeezes passionate artists and cultural connoisseurs with their stunning artpiece recreations. Founded in 1977, they built a reputation throughTagxed gorgeous and sophisticated puzzles celebrating refined tastes. Expect paintings from Chagall, Klimt plus stunning photography and modern designs.

The extra thick, premium blue chip board provides exceptional stability so pieces stay sturdy. The brand prides themselves on utter precision aligning printed elements cleanly from one piece to the next with seamless transitions. The sheer quality enhances enjoyment piecing together such fine works of art without frustration.

Of course such craft requires higher prices ranging from $20 to $36 typically. With Pomegranate though, you pay for an elevated experience honoring the images through durable materials and execution. For art and photography fans with discerning taste, Pomegranate‘s creative sanctuary can‘t be beat!

Key Features:

  • Passionate art licensing reproducing cultural masterpieces
  • Thick premium blue chip board in pieces
  • Precision cutting for seamless assembly
  • Ideal for sophisticates and aesthetes
  • Expect to pay higher prices for quality provided

8. Ravensburger Disney

What better match than the world‘s best puzzle maker joining forces with the most magical entertainment brand? Ravensburger‘s dedicated Disney collection brings countless family-friendly adventures spanning generational favorites to modern blockbusters.

Pick your preferred Disney dimension whether it‘s cruising with Pirates of the Caribbean, blueprinting Cinderella‘s Castle, exploring fantasylands or piecing together poster collages saluting decades of magic. Ravensburger‘s quality carries over with premium blue chip paper in a perfect thickness. Grippy finishes ensure pieces slide apart easily too.

The range runs from basic 24 piece introductions for tiny tikes up to a ginormous 40,320 piece spectacular only the boldest daredevil fans attempt! Prices understandably slide higher given the licensed Disney imagery, but the quality remains unmatched for smiles all around building these wonders.

Key Features:

  • Top puzzle brand paired with iconic Disney magic
  • Generational variety from classic animated films to new
  • Ravensburger quality excellence with materials and finishing
  • Ideal for family bonding across ages
  • Range from toddlers through 40,000 piece monoliths

9. MasterPieces

Jumping into puzzles in 1995 after success as a pro athlete, founder David Rolls definitely created a winning MasterPieces brand. The company injects pop culture fun alongside typical scenic images for irresistible variety.

MasterPieces partners with major brands like Star Wars, Harry Potter, sports teams, Hershey candies and more for familiar concepts puzzlers adore reconstructing. Of course galleries of cute animals, dream destinations and natural wonders round out any missing niches. Quality cardstock and specialty finishes like glitter infusions provide durability and pizzazz.

MasterPieces tries to maintain reasonable sticker prices in the $10 to $30 range for most offerings so the recreational delight stays affordable for hobbyists. With tempting themes puzzles never grow dull thanks to MasterPieces inventive spirit!

Key Features:

  • Strong pop culture licenses from movies, sports etc
  • Also nature, travel and artistic secondary lines
  • Family-friendly themes fun for bonding
  • Fair prices from 300 pieces to 2,000 pieces
  • Extra touches like glitter grooves in some

10. Bits And Pieces

Dating back to 1993, Bits And Pieces carved their niche encouraging creativity and problem-solving through intricate puzzle designs requiring outside-the-box thinking. Choosing a set here means committing some brain sweat to complete the challenge, a welcome test.

Ranging from young kids into complex 1,500 piece kits for adult,展o one gets left behind. Expect vibrant photography, trivia additions and specialty touches like mystery A tracks with hidden surprises revealed through the course. Of course you‘ll find cute animal sets and seasonal delight like Christmas puzzles too.

The company considers the learning journey just as crucial as the finished product. Prices stay easy on the wallet at $9 through around $30 maximum for even colossal sets with enhanced features. Check Bits and Pieces out if you seek greater mental challenges from all generations!

Key Features:

  • More intricate puzzle elements challenging minds
  • Interactive learning tools and mystery extras
  • Photography, seasonal, trivia and cultural designs
  • Great for families doing together
  • Affordable sets from young kids into 1,500 pieces

How To Select The Best Puzzles

With so many remarkable brands out there, it can get overwhelming fast trying to select just the right puzzles for your needs. Here are quick tips for picking winners:

Difficulty: Be honest about your skill level. Don‘t grab a 5,000 piece monster if you‘re just testing interest. Gauge where you fall on the spectrum and enjoy working up from beginner to advanced.

Interests: Pick imagery and brands that align with your artistic taste, favorite characters or destinations. Recreate things already providing comfort through familiarity.

Quality: Cheaper doesn‘t always mean better in puzzling. Splurge occasionally for brands using premium materials that enhance the experience.

Features: Many modern puzzles incorporate extras like light-up pieces, mysterious hidden layers and more for fresh twists.

At the end of the day puzzles exist solely for enjoyment! The image should motivate you through the journey seeking that rush upon completion. With the exceptional brands here, fun times are guaranteed putting together either quick postcard fixer-uppers or epic mural-sized masterpieces.

Happy Puzzling!

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