Best at Home Laser Hair Removal

We all have been through the struggle with hair removal and it seems like it is never ending. Self-care and a good body image does include a clean and well-kept body and this seems impossible with unnecessary hair popping up every 15 days, unless you are fond of lots of body hair, then it is totally okay. The problem is, what to do about body hair if it is making you extremely uncomfortable?

There are multiple options to consider starting from waxing, which gives great short-term results, and then there are long term options like laser hair removal at home or in-office. Before you jump to any conclusion regarding your options, there are a few important things to consider at a glance. Determine your skin type and ask yourself a few questions like “Is it right for me to opt for this type of procedure?”. Visit a skin professional and ask all the question which might be worrying you without feeling guilty. Trust me, you will thank yourself later for being that responsible. Before investing time and money in any procedure you need to realize how practical it is for you in the long-run. This includes your availability for the sittings and pain threshold for the cosmetic procedures.

Next, determine the total cost and per session cost. In case you have considered buying one best laser hair removal device at home you need to decide the total expenditure you can afford. Last but not the least, have realistic expectations as procedures take months and years to give off best results. No, it does not happen over night and is not supposed to. To make things easier we have reviewed 5 best home laser hair removal devices for you to take advantage of to skip tons of hours of market research.

Best at Home Lasers

At Home Laser Hair Removal Guide for Layman-Essential Factors to Consider

Hair Lasers -T​​​​he Sc​ience Behind

Most modern laser hair removal systems for face and body are directed to damage melanin pigment present in hair. This in turn partially damages the basal stem cells by a method called Selective Photo-Thermolysis. This smart selective mechanism is focused on exposing the selected cells to heat and hence the hair falls out after a couple of sittings or exposure to laser. Some hair responds faster to the heat damage produced by the selected wavelength and some take their time to die away. Hence, the need for multiple sessions to weaken the follicular system and regeneration of hair. There is no doubt that laser hair removal at home is a great option which works in the long run but you need to practice patience and regularity for best results with home laser hair removal.

What to Consider ​​​​When Investing in A Laser Hair Removal Machine at Home?

Here we have jotted down a list of factors you NEED to consider, especially if you are a first-time user and wondering what is the best at home laser hair removal system. For a laser /IPL to successfully work for you, you need to make sure you have all these ticks in place:

  • Laser Technology or IPL Technology
  • Your rank on Fitzpatrick Scale for skin and hair types, this is self-assessment
  • Features like adjustable power levels, covered area of laser spot, Display & LED
  • Other safety add-ons like protective wear for eyes, child lock security codes, cooling and soothing gels etc.
  • FDA Approval
  • Guarantee of the parts and life of the parts

Who Is a Can​​​​didate for Laser Hair Removal?

Lasers and IPL work on the principle of detecting and targeting the melanin pigment in hair and hence it gives best results for darker hair and lighter skin. This could be a possible bottle-neck for both, the dark-skinned people and light-haired people. People with dark skin are prone to burns while people with light hair will hardly respond to the treatment as the heat absorption will be negligible.

Once you have determined your natural hair color and skin color you will be able to select the best laser hair removal device for your specific need and hence better results. There are some skin conditions which can possibly intrude the working mechanism of lasers and IPL devices. These includes damaged, tanned, cut or broken skin. Sensitive skin with peeling and irritation is also a big no-no for lasers as it can cause unnecessary consequences. Skin areas effected by Eczema, Acne etc. are also a no-go zone for lasers. Lasers should also be avoided on dark birthmarks, tattoos, moles and other deeply pigmented marks.

What are B​​​​est Areas to Get Treated with Lasers? 

Most easily treated hair by IPL and at home laser hair removal device are those which are darker. Areas like arm-pits, bikini line, lower legs give off best results with the treatment. Which facial hair, hormonal imbalances and finer quality become a determining factor for successful results.

At Home Laser Sitti​​​​ngs- How Many to How Long? 

Number of repetitions required for hair growth to slow and finally stop totally depends on the quality and quantity of hair. Highly pigmented hair responds best and show quick results. On the other hand, lighter and dispersed facial hair respond slower and are resistant if the pigment is too light. After all the peach fuzz is not that easy to treat. With multiple attempts however, there could be some luck at it. Therefore, it can be assumed that the best hair growth which home lasers target are the lower legs, bikini and underarm areas. After considering all these options you can select the best permanent laser hair removal at home according to your needs.

Some hair which respond well with at-home lasers never grow back at all while others show stunt growth with slower turn-over rate. to diminish the growth completely, two weekly or three weekly repetitions are required initially and the yearly touch-ups occasionally. You are allowed to shave in between treatments to keep the areas squeaky-clean while your home laser hair removal product works miracles.

Best Laser Hair Rem​​​​oval at Home- The Do’s and Don’ts?

Preparation protocols for both lasers and IPL devices are the same. Here is a list of some do’s and don’ts for your ease and simplicity. Following these preparatory instructions will help you achieve optimal results in short time.

  • Do not wax or pluck hair before home laser hair removal. Since lasers and ipl devices target the melanin pigment, there will be nothing to target if you are waxed and hence waste of time.  Of course, you can keep the area clean but the only way possible is through shaving. Ideally shave 2 days before you plan to treat the given area. If you have lone dense hair growth then it is possible that the entire hair will absorb the heat and transfer it to the surrounding skin causing pigmentation. Also, less heat will be transferred to the follicle and hence weak results overall.
  • Avoid tanning and sun exposure at least 2-3 weeks prior to the session. This will decrease the chances of hyperpigmentation from at home laser hair removal system.
  • Steer clear of shower till 24-48 hours as this is the peak time your skin would be sensitive due to treatment.
  • Swimming is also not recommended till 48hours to avoid any irritants from the treated pool water and chances of cross-contamination or acquired infections.
  • Do not use deodorants, perfumes, talc or any scented products to avoid irritation. This should be avoided for at least 3 days after treatment.
  • Post-treatment, apply soothing topical gels like cooling gel provided by the manufactures, Aloe Vera gel or Vaseline. Cold pack can also be applied. contact a skin expert if crusting or burns are observed to start local treatment on the area.
  • Never bleach hair before treatment with at-home laser hair removal device. The device will not pick the pigment and hence failure to target the hair.
  • There should be no lotions, creams or makeup your skin area which is to be treated. Only local anesthetic topical gels can be applied if your pain threshold is really low.
  • Anti-biotics can interfere how your skin and hair respond to treatment. Delay treatment if you are on any prescription anti-biotics, Retinols etc.
  • Wear all the protective instruments provided and follow manufacturer’s instructions closely. Every device is different and hence requires different protocols to avoid regretting later.
  • Wear non-irritating clothing and light materials which are breathable for skin
  • Stay away from areas which trap heat and have a humid or moist environment. Avoid gyming to avoid sweat and bacterial accumulation on the treated areas of skin.

Do not wax between treatments as well. Allow the weakened hair to fall off naturally for best results. Shaving is your best way out while the procedures last.

Last but not the least, wear a good sunscreen before starting treatment and after treatment whenever you need to step out.

Top 5 Best at Home Laser Removal Systems-Detailed Reviews

1 .

One of The Highest Rated Laser Hair Removal Device

>> Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert Ipl 5001 Hair Removal System

Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert Ipl 5001 Hair Removal System is a painless at home laser device which is safe, handy and gives long term results for full body treatment needs. This IPL system offers 300,000 pulses for a life-time use. Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert senses skin tones and has a self-adjusting SensoAdapt sensor to detect the pigmentation levels of skin 80 times per second. It works best for black, brown, dark brown, dark blonde hair colors.

People with light to medium dark skin tones are the best candidates for this device.

Device comes with an attached cord which ensures continuous power supply through your treatment session. you can also switch between gentle and normal mode as per your comfort while using this best permanent laser hair removal at home.

This device is not recommended for people with red hair, grey hair, white hair and blond hair types. The device is also unable to perform on dark skinned people and brownish black skin tones.

With Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert, you will be able to notice results in just 6 weeks. However, the total treatment span should be spaced based on a 11-weekly plan.

Why Should I Buy the Braun Gillette Venus-Silk Expert Device?

Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert is a totally safe and efficient device which is a must have if you can afford the cost. It has many benefits in the long-run especially if you want to save on expensive in-office laser and IPL procedures. the expenditure is totally worth the luxury and at-home comfort it offers you. The SensoAdapt feature and the bonus exfoliator are a cherry-on-top if you are looking forward to making your hair removal experience at home really worthwhile.Braun Laser Hair Removal for WomenBraun Gillette Venus Silk Expert Ipl 5001 Hair Removal System

Why I like it

  • 300,000 flashes for almost 15 years of smooth hair free.
  • Sensoadapt sensor for skin protection and greater sensitivity
  • Clinically tested for effective and safe use at home
  • Comes with an added facial exfoliating brush for a cleaner feel post-treatment
  • Can treat full-body without any limitations.
  • Covers larger areas like legs in just 8 minutes of treatment
  • Easy to use or first-time users
  • Fda-approved
  • Includes safety filters and safety features like built-in uv filter
  • The built is chic and attractive with a solid body

What needs attention

  • A costly total investment
  • You will have to struggle while treating uneven areas and upper lip area
  • Darker skin tones and lighter hair cannot be treated
  • Protective case for the device in absent

2 .

Top Pick for Permanent Full-Body Hair Removal

>> Sensation IPL Hair Removal Device

Sensation IPL Hair Removal Device is an at-home hair removal tool with professional grade features and specs for best results and has some amazing customer reviews. It uses Intense Pulsed Light technology to curb hair growth at root level targeting the follicle and the melanin pigment in hair. If you have been wondering what is the best at home laser hair removal system at-home then the Sensation IPL Hair Removal Device could be your great pick. Made in USA and also approved by FDA, it is your safe escape from hair any time you want. There are 5 light intensity settings, and which allow greater control and comfort for you. The in-built cooling system ensures steady maintenance of skin surface temperature around 32 ~ 40°F and keeps your skin protected from sensitization. The device is cartridge free and hence saves the hassle of cartridge replacement. The device has a power cord for uninterrupted power supply. You just need to shave the area, select your desired intensity and expose the skin area to be treated to the flash simply by pressing the given button. You can also use the automatic mode for a smooth care-free experience with flashes at regular intervals. The Sensation IPL Hair Removal Device is ideal for hair all over the body. In the first 4 weeks it is recommended to treat hair 1-2 times a week. For the following 5-8 weeks you can treat the desired areas once every 1-2 weeks. After 9 weeks treatment is required once a month and after 12 month you only need to a session once every 1-2 months depending on your hair growth and amount of clearance you need.

Why Should I Buy the Sensation IPL Device?

It is a great at-home option with all the features and specs of a competitive product. It has all the safety features to make the experience worthwhile and smooth without exaggerating skin health as it is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. You can enjoy 15 years of full body treatments with 400,000 flashes and hence for its price, it is a great product to consider for long-term use.

IPL Hair Removal System For WomenSensation IPL Hair Removal Devices

Why I like it

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Offers 5 energy levels for a more personalized experience
  • Offers 400,000 flashes for years of hairless experience
  • No cartridge
  • In-built UV filter for greater protection
  • Cooling function for smooth experience
  • Quartz bulb for quick pulse firing
  • FDA approved

What needs attention

  • Difficult to use at certain angles
  • Over-heating of the device is a hinderance for users as it must be switched off till you can resume working
  • As with and IPL device, dark skin tones and very light hair cannot be treated.

3 .

Incredible At-Home IPL System with Cold Compress

>> Benata IPL Hair Removal Device

Benata IPL Hair Removal Device is terrific product for a painless and comfortable at-home experience. It is more upgraded than most devices available in the market. It offers 500,000 flashes which is far greater than other competing devices out there. Wondering how to use ipl laser hair removal at home? Well Benata IPL Hair Removal Device is highly effective at treating hair growth and shows 96% hair growth reduction in just 3 treatments. The first phase of treatment involves targeting the melanin pigment in hair from 0-4 weeks. In the second phase from 5-8 weeks the treated hair falls off and finally in the third phase which in 8 weeks onwards the treatment focuses on impeding regrowth. The device performs best on dark hair color and lighter skin tones. The freezing point feature is an add-on to its smooth and safe functioning while the cooling effect provides pain-free experience.

Why Should I Buy Benata IPL Hair Removal Device?

Benata IPL device is the most upgraded device in the given cost with technology that rejuvenates and smoothens skin with each use. It has satisfied many customers with its high-end features and performance.Benata IPL Hair Removal Device

Why I like it

  • With 500,000 flashes you can easily enjoy up to 20 years of treatment
  • Offers painless treatment with the Cold Compress Technology
  • There is a option to choose from 5 different energy levels depending on you comfort and area being treated
  • There are 2 Flash settings, the manual and the gliding flash. For larger areas like arm and legs gliding flash is ideal and armpits and face can be easily treated using manual flash settings.
  • Working life is long hence a good one-time investment
  • Saves visits to the clinics and the huge treatment costs incurred by professionals
  • Ability to repair skin effected by acne
  • Contains a detailed user guide to fully understand and follow protocols

What needs attention

  • Not suitable for dark skin
  • One-time cost is a big investment
  • Design is not compact

4 .

Our Top Pick From The Most Efficient IPL Home Hair Removal Treatments With Eight Adjustable Light Intensity Settings

>> Pretihom Painless Permanent IPL Hair Removal System

The PretiHom IPL Device has been clinically proven to show 96.5% results at hair growth reduction. The results are commended by dermatologists and skin specialists due to higher efficacy of the device and great comfort offered. The sapphire light outlet maintains skin surface temperature at 0 ~ 4℃. The Large lamp window ensures faster treatment time with larger surface area coverage.  With 400,000 flashes, this device can go on to give you a hair free experience for 12 years. There is no in-built cartridge in the device and hence no need for replacements. There are total 8 light energy setting to provide a wide range of control and personalized experience according to your skin and hair pigment. The device packaging includes the PretiHom IPL Device, single AC adapter, protective eyewear, User guide and a shaver.

Why Should I Buy PretiHom IPL Device?

The device is highly efficient and provides a great self-care experience without spending thousands of dollars. The manufacturer offers 180 days moneyback guarantee and a 1-year warranty. In case of damage to the device and unsatisfactory performance you can always claim back your money with PretiHom IPL Device.

Why I like it

  • Large Window allows greater coverage
  • Contains protective eye wear
  • 400,000 flashes last 12 years
  • 180 days money-back guarantee
  • Cooling system is soothing and provides painless experience

What needs attention

  • There seems to be some ambiguity with the instructions. It is advised to understand instructions first and then use the device
  • Costly

5 .

The Perfect Professionally Designed Device For Easy At-Home Use

>> DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Beauty Device Ilight 3 Plus

DEESS PermanentHair Removal Device Series 3 Plus is a compact and user-friendly choice for you if you are considering over all permanent body hair removal. Gone are the days when you had to wax and bleach monthly and now you can easily get professional treatments at home all by your-self. DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus comes with a bigger lamp window for greater exposure and quicker results. Best results can be observed within 12 weeks of use. Beyond 12 weeks the use of this device will curb most hair growth on the treated areas. DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus is a compact device with dimensions of 9.8 x 8.1 x 3.8 inches and weighs only 2.25 pounds. Why Should I Buy DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus Device?DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device is a powerful device with a great design and safety features. It offers quick results in a span of short time and long-lasting effects after 12 months use. Skip going to expensive laser hair removal clinics with the use of this device and bring home a great friend to last years ahead.

DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Beauty Device Ilight 3 Plus

Why I like it

  • Design is attractive and compact
  • Smaller size allows greater handling
  • Less time consuming as compared to other traditional hair removal treatments
  • Cost effective
  • Faster flashes in shorter time
  • Not rechargeable and works with a cord for power supply
  • Comes with a 24-month warranty
  • Permanent hair removal in 90% of treated areas after 3 months use
  • FDA approved device

What needs attention

  • Requires patience and some treatments sessions to show results
  • One-time investment cost is bigger
  • Limitations with dark skin tones
  • Can’t treat white, grey and red hair

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