7 Best Apps You Must Download Before Entering the University

Passing entrance exams is a challenging and responsible task. Yet, you have completed it successfully. Congratulations! A new page of your life begins. However, it is only one piece of the upcoming trial.

You need to adapt quickly to the new lifestyle and learn how to manage your studying and free time. Naturally, you can always make a request like “Who can writing my paper to have some spare time.” However, this approach may not be very optimal during your college life.

You need a couple of handful applications that will help you to survive a few months in the university.

1. Navigation: Google Maps, MapQuest


Navigation is essential. If your university is in your hometown then consider yourself lucky. However, if you are moving to a new place, you will need a trusty navigation map. One of the most reliable solutions is Google Maps. They work everywhere and provide detailed information.

As for the alternatives, you may check out MapQuest and InRoute. These will help you develop an optimal road to necessary places and save you from getting lost.

2. Making Notes: EverNote

You will need to make a lot of notes during the first weeks at the university. Organizational nuances, necessary books, audience locations – all of this information needs to be stored properly.

You may use EverNote. This application combines a multimedia gallery and calendar in one shell. You may take necessary photos, plan your schedule, and write something down. Everything will be under control.

Another good alternative for taking notes is the Google Drive app. It may be too cumbersome for some devices, but the ability to reach your notes from any place and any platform is priceless.

3. Reading Documents: ReadEra

You will have to deal with a lot of digital books and materials. ReadEra is an application with a friendly user interface that can handle all of the digital formats. The app gives a full scanning of your device, automatically sorts all the documents, and keeps them organized. Besides, it has flexible settings to make it as comfortable as you want it.

4. Writing: Grammarly, Oxford Dictionary

You will need applications that will optimize your writing. The indisputable leader for this type of challenge is Grammarly. This application is insanely useful even in its free version. Grammarly will highlight all the mistakes and provide suggestions on correcting them.

Besides, Grammarly gives you an overall score of your text and helps to improve your writing skills. There would not be much time to dedicate to writing practice in the university, and Grammarly will help fill this gap.

In addition, you will need dictionaries to learn new terminology. No matter in what field you are applying to, there will be a lot of terms that you will have to master. You can always rely on the best dictionaries available:

These applications combine the functionality of higher versions and the portability of mobile apps.

5. Health: My Fitness Pal, Home Workout

The amount of stress is overwhelming in the university, especially at the beginning. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy sleep regime and diet. My Fitness Pal is an application that will help you watch over your health.

My Fitness Pal is a collection of home exercises, a sleeping schedule, and diet advice. If you want to have the necessary energy for overcoming the university’s challenges, My Fitness Pal is a great support in this matter.

Home Workout is another great application for home exercises. Giving a stretch between studying sessions is a great way to keep yourself energized and ready for work. If you are a gym enthusiast, the Nike Training Club will be your best choice.


6. Research: TED, Khan Academy

You will need a lot of research during the first months of studying. Naturally, the Wikipedia app will be handy. Wikipedia articles may be forbidden as credible academic sources. However, their content is useful. Besides, Wikipedia articles have links for academic sources, and these sources are the material you may need.

TED is another useful application for research. TED talks feature a wide variety of people, from commoners to professionals in particular fields. You may gain a brief overview of a particular subject in a structured and coherent manner. This application is a great way to jump-start your research project.

Finally, you may need some extra materials to prepare before tests and examinations. Khan Academy may become a great help in this matter. Khan Academy is an interactive collection of various learning materials for different subjects.

This application would not substitute a teacher but will help to refresh your knowledge on a particular subject. Besides, you may first check out additional disciplines before enrolling in facultative classes at your university.

7. Leisure Time: TubiTv, Disney+, Netflix

University time's not only lectures and homework. It is important to keep yourself entertained while you work toward your degree. TubiTV is a great application with dozens of movies. There are free and premium sections for the app. Movies are categorized by genres, years, and your favorite directors.

If you are looking for something more exclusive, you may try Netflix or Disney+. These applications provide a huge catalog of modern media. You can find films, series, and animated movies of different genres in these apps.

If you are on the same wavelength as your group mates, you may subscribe to the family program of Apple music. It allows sharing common musical accounts and having access to licensed music for a reasonable price.

Leisure Time

Final Words

The first year in university is equally challenging and exciting. You will have a lot of new emotions and a lot of information to handle. However, you will handle all the tasks with a bunch of handy apps..

The list contains general directions that should be covered and the most popular apps for them. However, if you feel that something is missing and you’d like to take extra steps in preparations – go for it.

There are tons of apps dedicated to specific tasks and situations. Imagine a busy university life and choose a perfect app that fits you personally.

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