10 Best Cycling Apps for IPhone and Android in 2024

Search for a useful app for biking? There are lots out there! They can guarantee sports tracking, safety, and much more. Read a selection of the top 10 apps in this article.

Cycling is always exciting. Nothing is better than riding in the mountains, in the fresh air with nature surrounding you. Cycling in the city will help you to quickly get from point A to point B fast without traffic jams. This sport is very popular, and many set sports goals to progress with their knowledge and skills.

Cycling apps

Apps can be a great help to you. For example, they can tell you the weather in estimated areas to help you plan your route wisely. Also, there are lots of apps to track your sports achievements when you ride. They are smart enough to track your route and analyze it.

Also, some apps have maps inside them for safety when you are in unknown areas. Finally, some of them can report an accident. All of them serve different purposes, but all of them are amazing. Look at our selection of the 10 best apps for cycling and see it yourself.

1. Busby – For Road Safety


This is one of the best apps for road safety. It allows you to quickly monitor rides for incidents such as crashes. But it doesn’t limit this because Busby has discounts and rewards from leading sports brands.

First of all, Busby monitors all the sensors in the phone to detect bike riding. You don’t need to buy anything else to make an app work smoothly. If the app detects a potentially dangerous situation, it will ask if you are okay. If you don’t respond to the alert in 30 seconds, the app will send your location to your emergency contacts.

If you need mechanical or medical support when you use a busby, send a Busby Flare. They will reach Busby users and stores around you and tell you that you need support. After this, a chat window will appear and you will discuss possible issues with the other people. They can help you ASAP.

Moreover, Busby can alert you using RoadRadar. The app will notify the other drivers that you are nearby. After this, they will be aware of your presence, which will minimize human error.

Also, Busby motivates you for being safe. For every protected mile, the app will give you points which you can use to unlock app rewards or discounts. You can also enter monthly contests. Also, if you refer a family member or a friend, you can get 50 coins for each of them.

  • Available for: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free with a premium account

2. Trailforks – For Mountain Biking

Trailforks - for mountain biking

Trailforks' motto is: “Never get lost in the woods again!” It is a free database of trails, maps, and management systems for its users. Also, associations and builders can benefit from this app. The app can help you watch trail conditions and provides great interactive trail maps.

If you choose bike riding as your activity in the app, it will show you maps that are designed especially for you. The maps contain points of interest, topographic layers, heatmaps, trail popularity, and much more. For example, it can help you see trail conditions and routes, photos from different places, Strava segments, and videos.

With this app, you will always be able to navigate any trail network. With this app, it’s extremely hard to get lost, so it’s useful for those who are afraid of going to the mountains.

Over time, this app collected maps from over 100 countries, and it continues to grow. You can also benefit the community by tracking your rides. The app will then upload your experience to help the biking community.

  • Available for: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free with a premium account

3. ViewRanger - for Wear OS Users

ViewRanger - for Wear OS users

Good news! ViewRanger is now available for Wear OS users. Smartwatches on this platform can discover routes, navigate with GPS, and search offline maps anytime. Use ViewRanger to track outdoor activity, especially if you have Casio Pro Trek smartwatches.

In any case, ViewRanger works well on all devices. It has the largest outdoor map library ever available at Wear OS. You can save them to the watch - all kinds of them. Terrain maps, satellite maps, and imagery can help you anytime. There are also topographic maps to help you with finding routes.

This app is excellent because you can combine it with your smartwatch. No one likes to carry a phone with them when they ride. Usually, it is somewhere in the secure pocket, and you don’t want to fetch it from there without a reason. ViewRanger for Wear OS helps you to keep your hands free and enjoy great offline maps.

  • Available for: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free, premium $19.99 a year.

4. Strava - For Ride Tracking

Strava - for ride tracking

The app has lots of important and useful feature for bike owners:

  • Workout Diary: The workout diary allows you to track your progress after previous activities.
  • No Ads: Ads can be distracting and annoying. Apps that do not contain promotional materials are easier to use and have more aesthetics when highlighting content.
  • Progress Reports: The device analyzes your activity level and provides a report. You can view it through the app or website. Thus, you will see how active you are and will be able to adjust the daily routine.
  • Syncs to the Cloud: All your data is synchronized to the cloud. Even if the device is lost, you can retain all your data.
  • Strava Android Compatibility: Compatible with Android devices such as smartphones.
  • Measures Distance: The device determines the distance you travel.
  • Supports integration with social networks: Supports the work of social networks and provides information exchange with them.
  • Compatible With Heart Rate Monitors: The device is compatible with various heart rate monitoring devices.
  • Contains Access to the Web Portal: All data stored on the smartphone is uploaded to a web portal owned by the manufacturer. The information is available in the form of reports and graphs.
  • Supports Target Settings: You can set one or more specific goals for a given period. Measures how many calories you have burned Suitable for those who have decided to lose weight and follow a strict diet. Increases the level of motivation.
  • Supports Social Options: If your friends are using the same app, you can integrate them with your account. This will help track their progress, compete with them. Will raise the level of motivation.
  • Measured Pace: Measuring the pace of walking or running allows you to determine the amount of time it will take to cover one kilometer or mile.
  • Has a Route Tracker: With the route tracker, you can create your route on the map. This feature is useful if you plan to follow this route again or want to share it.
  • Has the Ability to Voice Feedback: During workouts, you hear a voice response, which encourages you during exercise and informs you about your progress.
  • There is a Program of Achievements: To increase motivation, the application has a system for obtaining points.
  • Tracks Elevation: Determines the elevation change, for example, when climbing stairs or up a hill. Supports routes To synchronize with the application, you can create new routes.
  • Available for: iOS, Android
  • Price: Strava has a free and paid version - the paid version, Strava Summit, gives you access to more features. Strava Summit costs $ 5.00 per month, or $ 59.99 a year.

5. TrainingPeaks - For Tracking Training

TrainingPeaks - for tracking training

This app is very functional and helpful. You can use it for many purposes, not just for bike riding. Still, it is great for cycling, as it allows insights in many health areas of an athlete. It allows to set goals and get better every day.

  • TSS proprietary patented training efficiency system
  • Analysis of readings from bicycle power sensors
  • Toolkit for trainers to create classes for students right in the system
  • Drawing up an annual training plan based on one or more competitions
  • Analysis of sports form, fatigue, load balance, overtraining control
  • Monitoring the athlete's heart rate zones and timely tracking changes in the ANSP indicator
  • Keeping a food diary based on daily calorie consumption
  • Database of training routes and their search around you, planning joint training
  • Track mileage for each item of inventory you train with (sneakers, bicycles)
  • Available: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free, pro version is $89 per year.

6. MapMyRide – For All Your Fitness Endeavors

MapMyRide - for all your fitness endeavors

This app offers full service, online cycling route planning, mapping, sharing. The free service includes unlimited routes, workout tracking, calendar. Paid services include printing maps and checklists, workout plans, fitness reports, and more.

Search for rides/route maps that others have made public. There are thousands of routes in a reliable database. Workouts are shown on the calendar, including total miles and calories burned.

The app includes a food dashboard with food logs and calculators. Also includes Friends, Groups, and Stories and Photos features. If you want, you can list and search for events such as races and rides.

Applications include GPS tracking and logging and automatic synchronization with MapMyRide online service.

  • Available for: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free, monthly subscription from $ 29 to $ 99 per year.

7. Komoot – For Planning Routes

Komoot - for planning routes

The application gives a rather interesting function of choosing a route along which you will then go. This is a very cool feature, in fact, you just sit on the sofa and choose where and where you want to go, immediately see the distance and figure out whether you can overcome it or not, then get on the bike and leave.

The application not only shows on the map where you are driving but can also act as a navigator, although sometimes embarrassment happens with this. But, in general, the application implemented this opportunity very well and I personally really liked it. You can use the application not only for cycling – you can run, ride in the mountains, and so on.

There is nothing special here, the functions are quite standard. But there is an ability to plot a route and then follow it with navigation. If you travel long distances in unfamiliar terrain, it will be very useful. I advise everyone who rides a bike or runs to download it, it will be pleasant to look at the statistics.

  • Available for: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free, pro version – $ 59.99 per year.

8. ViewRanger – Allows Users to Add Routes

ViewRanger - allows users to add routes

With this useful app, you can perfectly tracks roads where Google cannot track them. This is due to the cards installed in the application. This allows you to train even in unfamiliar places, without fear of getting lost.

The application will help you track the number of steps and kilometers traveled, you can also make a route that you want to walk today. In the application, you can see the statistics of the steps and kilometers traveled, as well as see all the routes traveled.

If you want to keep track of your travels or just want to keep safe and not get lost, this app is a choice for you. You can access its free and paid version, so you always have a chance to try it before you decide that you need a more advanced account.

  • Available for: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free, pro version – $ 4.49 per month.

9. MyWindsock – For Time Triallists

MyWindsock - for time triallists

The app helps you evaluate the effect of wind when cycling or running. It shows the weather, tells the owner how his exercises will be going today. In the application, you can see statistics on how the exercises took place in the last week or the last month.

It can also warn what weather sports will be unsafe and it is better to sit at home. The app is perfect for those preparing to participate in a bike ride or marathon. It is a great way to get an idea of how the wind can affect cycling or run.

  • Available for: Android
  • Price: Free, pro version – $ 1.50 per month.

10. Rain Alarm - For Accurate Weather Forecasts

Rain Alarm - for accurate weather forecastS

This app warns you of an alarm when precipitation is approaching. With widgets and animated radar maps. This app and weather widget can warn you against rain or snow by signaling.

You can see what awaits you on the latest updated animated map. It is even more convenient to control the situation with precipitation using the widget included in the application without any signals.

Rain Alarm is your useful companion when you are outdoors while cycling, motorbike, or walking. The difference from "Rain Alarm Pro OSM" is the presence of a background Google Maps in this application and for other versions of OpenStreetMap.

Data from government weather forecasting services. Works in the USA (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam), Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands, Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands), Slovenia, Croatia.


  • No ads
  • Customizable options
  • Update interval, search radius
  • Automatic location, GPS and mobile networks
  • Animation
  • Widget themes
  • Customizable alerts
  • Distance, strength, area, sound, vibration, notifications


Build a route, show your maximum/average speed, climb, and win a medal for it.  These applications for cyclists can track everything!

Smartphones have long been faithful companions for many people. Thanks to specialized applications, an iPhone or Android device will help in solving a variety of tasks: from cooking to building houses.

Cycling is no exception. Cycling is gaining popularity all over the world. So, the army of bike fans is growing every year and by leaps and bounds. As a consequence, the number of different applications for cyclists is also growing rapidly.

All of them are available on both Android and iPhone. Almost all of them can be downloaded completely free of charge from Google Play or the App Store on the respective smartphone.

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