10 Best Apps for Business Owners

Every day, entrepreneurs have to deal with many tasks including: managing projects, paying taxes, making plans, signing and scanning documents, finding out clients information and much more.

However, a computer may not always be handy, which is why mobile business apps come to the rescue. We offer a list of most popular mobile apps available both for Android and iOS, which can make everyday life of an entrepreneur much simpler: automating routine processes, counting finances, and reminding about important matters. Here is a list of the ten best business apps to install on your phone.

Companies also are used to hiring their own developers in order to maintain the website and apps internally. They usually handle both the external appearance of the website and the internal one with a server-based part of it. For the convenience of work, programmers are often hired from afar, so you can hire developers in Ukraine to work for a company in another country. Thus, you save time and money by coordinating the work remotely.

1. Wave


This is one of the best and importantly free accounting software systems, allowing you to use a mobile app for invoicing and a mobile app for receipts without paying a subscription fee. The accounting app is great for small business owners just starting out.

2. TSheets

As a timekeeping application, TSheets is worth considering. The app can be used to manage time off requests, optimize payroll and billing, track time on any device and receive real-time reports. Employees can set up overtime alerts in Sheets to let managers and supervisors know before extra working hours begin. Within the service, alerts are provided by email and text message.

The cost management module in the app provides managers with information on past, present and prospective costs related to staff labor, including overtime and normal hours.

3. Invite

A time organizer where every team member can mark a convenient time for work. This is a useful software app for companies where the majority of employees work remotely so that they can constantly communicate with their co-workers and coordinate their activities.

4. Spendgo

With this app, marketing campaigns can be created in order to analyze demand and customer bases. It also enables you to communicate with customers via text message or email.

5. Trello


For those of you who have been in business for a long time, you surely already have heard of Trello. However, for anyone who hasn't used it yet, Trello is a handy and indispensable app for managing and scheduling all your work processes. The user-friendly display can be used to create and monitor tasks and thereby keep track of each employee's performance.

6. Basecamp

The app functions as a planner, dividing any task into six categories. With Basecamp, your project or team can access a chat room, message board, document and image bank, to-do list and calendar.

7. Chrome Remote Desktop

Another handy app for those who often work away from the office. Once you install a special Google Chrome browser extension and the Chrome Remote Desktop app itself, you get access to your computer remotely and can use it from your smartphone screen.

8. Slack

This is a group chat service, the main advantage of which is the ability to exchange files in any format. Different channels can also be set up here to bring together employees from the same department or people working on the same project.

9. Signeasy

The app lets you sign documents remotely, without having to print or scan anything. Once the signature is scanned and loaded into memory, all you have to do is put it on the document any time you need it. The same can be applied to stamps.

10. Cloze


Here, business contact information such as photos, correspondence, call histories, etc. is gathered in this app. It's a useful service for those who deal with a large number of employees and business partners and are unable to recall all of the details related to their contacts.

Each of the apps listed above can be useful for streamlining your company's day-to-day processes. Corporate mobile apps can save your company time and money as well as increase productivity, making them convenient and accessible tools that simplify your work.

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