Top 5 Baits To Use When Catching Bass

There are a lot of elements that contribute to successful fishing, and it is important to get the right balance of weather conditions, timing, and using appropriate equipment. Depending on the type of environment you are fishing in, the bait that is used can play an important role.

These are some of the best baitcasting reels for bass that are known for assisting in the catching of bass.



Firstly, if you are looking to cover a wider area of water in one motion, crankbaits are the ideal choice. If you time it right, a crankbait can be the most effective bait when bass are feeding. It can be cast into deeper water over larger lengths, which allows you to use a crankbait in a variety of locations.

These can be ideal for other species of fish as well as bass. Use a crankbait to attract walleye, perch, and pike. Make sure you are angling the bait according to the depth that you are casting into.

This will determine the type of fish that will be attracted to it, and where the crankbait will sit in the water.


These are known as a catch-all bait that are effective for drawing in all kinds of bass species. You can use a jig against the bottom of a lake to catch crayfish, or through submerged brush.

Because of this, they are some of the most versatile baits which are ideal for fishing in a range of environments. It is recommended that you choose a high quality skirted jig when you want to catch bass.



Another great bait that can be successfully used to catch bass is a spinnerbait. These are perfect for bass species when they are protecting their fry following the spring spawn. This is because spinnerbaits are known for reflecting light, which attracts certain fish.

Spinnerbaits are ideal in windy conditions that will bounce the light reflections around more. In order to use, it is recommended that these baits are thrown parallel to walls or other hard structures. This makes them bounce off the surface. In turn, the movement attracts more numbers of bass species in the right conditions.


While they are widely known for catching lunkers, swimbaits are becoming more popular for catching bass species in lakes. This is due to their ability to catch much larger fish in general. It has been made using more substantial materials that are high in quality.

Because of this, swimbaits are recommended for catching fish weighing more than 10Ibs. While you don’t always know what kind of fish you want to catch, swimbaits make an ideal bait for catching largemouth bass during the spring.

Unlike spinnerbaits, there aren’t any limitations in terms of weather conditions to use a swimbait. This makes it a highly versatile bass bait on the whole.

Plastic Worms

Plastic Worms

Finally, plastic worms are ideal for encouraging bites and for catching bass. This is because worms are some of the species’ favorite foods, and they find it hard to resist these small worm-shaped baits.

The different sizes and colors are perfect for mimicking worms from different areas, and it is important to find plastic worm baits that are a similar shade to the surrounding leaves. Getting a closer match increases your chances of catching bass.

Green pumpkin-pepper is a great color to start with if you aren’t sure, because of the universal shade that is similar to many kinds of worms. It is also important to use an appropriate weight that works with the depth that you are fishing in.


There are a range of different types of bait to choose from, that it can be challenging to know where to begin. Make sure you take the time to research the kind of conditions that the different species of bass prefer, and the environment that they can be found in.

There is no point using high quality bait if you do not know where you are likely to actually catch some bass. Make sure that you are abiding by the law, and that you are getting appropriate permits when required.

It is also important that you are using the approved baits and lures when needed in order to keep your fishing ethically. Some areas are also stricter when it comes to recreational fishing compared to fishing for food. Make sure that you do your own research ahead of time in order to fish for bass with more peace of mind.

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