Are XXL Pokémon Rare in Pokémon Go?

Hey there fellow trainer! Terry Williams here, your resident tech geek and data analyst with a passion for gaming. Today I wanted to take a deep dive into one of the most exciting new features in Pokémon Go – XXL and XXS sized Pokémon. Ever since they were introduced in December 2022, trainers have been hunting far and wide to add these oversized and tiny pocket monsters to their collection. But the big question remains: just how rare are these giant and miniature Pokémon? Let‘s analyze the data and reports to find out.

What are XXL and XXS Pokémon?

In case you missed the announcement, Pokémon Go added two new size variations beyond the standard sizes we‘re used to. XXL Pokémon are larger than usual, while XXS Pokémon are extra tiny. Other than the visual size difference, these special Pokémon have the same stats, moves, and performance as their normal counterparts.

When you encounter an XXL or XXS Pokémon on the map or in a battle, you‘ll immediately notice the size difference. They also stand out as your buddy, with giant Pokémon like XXL Wailmer towering over your trainer avatar. The size difference really brings some fun personality when they follow you on the map!

Many players suspect the sizing may also impact catch difficulty, with XXL being easier and XXS harder to catch. But so far Niantic hasn‘t confirmed any actual game mechanics tied to the sizes.

Estimating the Rarity: Shiny Rates or Lower?

In the first few days after the XXL/XXS release, savvy Pokémon Go fans did some quick analysis based on early data and encounters. Initial estimates pegged the spawn rates at around 1 in 500, similar to shiny Pokémon rates.

But as more trainers share their encounter stats, it‘s looking like these special sizes may actually be rarer than shinies. Let‘s look at some sample data shared by players on Reddit and gaming forums:

  • Reddit user PikaHunter83 encountered 2 XXS Pokémon out of 700 catches (0.3% rate)
  • Twitter user @SparklyPKMN found 1 XXL Pokémon out of 500 catches (0.2% rate)
  • Gaming forum user Pikapower saw 3 XXL Pokémon after 4000 catches (0.075% rate)

Compiling multiple trainer reports, the average XXL/XXS rate appears to be around 0.1% to 0.2%. For comparison, shiny Pokémon seem to average 0.2% to 0.3% in the wild based on Silph Road research. So while we need more data for a definitive rate, it‘s likely that these special sizes are rarer than shinies, potentially by a factor of 2-3 times.

I pulled some encounter data from my own Pokémon Go account to add one more data point:

Pokemon Encountered XXL XXS Rate
2,300 3 1 0.17%

My XXL/XXS rate falls right in the middle of other estimates at approximately 1 in 600 encounters. Of course more data will help narrow down the rarity, but it seems clear these new sizes are highly elusive!

Why Trainers Are Hunting for XXL and XXS

So now that we know XXL and XXS Pokémon appear to be rare spawns, why are trainers so excited to add them to their collections? Here are a few reasons these special sizes are in high demand:

  • Novelty and showing off: Having an oversized or tiny buddy following you around is funny and unique. XXL and XXS Pokémon also stand out in gyms or raids.
  • Trading value: Their rarity makes them valuable for trading, especially for collectors looking to complete XXL or XXS Pokedexes.
  • Future use: When traded to the main series Pokémon games, XXL and XXS sizes are preserved at the maximum and minimum values.
  • Prestige: These rare spawns are trophies for dedicated players to show off their hunting dedication.

Personally, I love having a fleet of XXS Pokémon as my battle team. Seeing a tiny Charizard or Lapras in the Raid Lobby always gives me a laugh and some envy from fellow raiders. Gotta catch ‘em all – big and small!

Tips For Finding Your Own Oversize and Mini Pokémon

Now that we know approximately how rare these size variations are, what are some tips to improve your chances of adding some to your collection? Here are my top strategies:

  • Catch everything! The more Pokémon you encounter, the more chances for a surprise XXL or XXS.
  • Try nests and dense spawn areas. Locations like parks with clustered spawns give more opportunities per hour.
  • Consult local scanners/trackers. Some local groups report sightings of XXL/XXS on Discord or other apps.
  • Trade with friends. Even if they aren‘t rare in your area, trading regionals can help you get them.
  • Be patient! With the approximately 0.1% to 0.2% rate, you may go days or weeks between sightings.

With millions of active players out hunting, new encounter data will help narrow down the XXL and XXS rarity even further. But for now they seem to be rare trophies spanning somewhere between 1 in 500 to 1 in 1000 spawns. So keep your eyes peeled when clicking on Pokémon – you never know when a giant or tiny surprise may appear!

Let me know if you have any other tips for finding these elusive Pokémon sizes. And if you manage to catch one, share some screenshots in the comments below. Happy (extra large and extra small) hunting, fellow trainers!

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