Are Amber Lancaster and AJ Allodi Still Married? A Deep Dive into Their Relationship Journey

Amber Lancaster, renowned for her modeling work on The Price is Right, and soccer star AJ Allodi tied the knot in an intimate seaside ceremony back in 2015. In the seven years since, they‘ve expanded their family and overcome bi-coastal challenges to remain happily married.

As an expert on relationships and romance, I‘ve done some deep research into this celebrity couple. Here‘s a comprehensive look at Amber and AJ‘s enduring love story.

How Their Story Began

Meeting Through Mutual Friends

In 2014, Amber Lancaster had been modeling and acting for over 15 years when she was introduced to up-and-coming soccer player AJ Allodi through mutual friends. Lancaster, born in 1980, was pursuing entertainment work in L.A. while Allodi, born in 1991, was traveling for his burgeoning soccer career.

Despite their age gap and long distance, they hit it off immediately. The two bonded over their driven personalities and close family ties, and soon began dating long-distance.

Long Distance Courtship

After a year of flying back and forth, AJ proposed to Amber in 2015. Though navigating a bicoastal relationship was difficult, they made it work through daily communication and unwavering trust. Their shared values and support for each other‘s demanding careers solidified their bond.

A Fairytale Seaside Wedding

Intimate Ceremony in San Diego

On August 1, 2015 Amber and AJ exchanged vows in front of 120 close friends and family at the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, San Diego. Amber wore a classic lace gown and halo braid for the romantic oceanside ceremony and reception.

Lavish Italian Honeymoon

After the wedding, the newlyweds honeymooned along Italy‘s coast. They shared photos touring Rome‘s Colosseum and sailing off the Amalfi Coast. According to Amber‘s social media posts, Italy was a trip she and AJ had always dreamed of taking together.

Settling into Married Life

Navigating Bicoastal Marriage

After their honeymoon bliss, Amber returned to L.A. to continue pursuing modeling and acting roles. Meanwhile, AJ‘s soccer career had him traveling to teams worldwide. Despite the long distance, they made their marriage work through trust in each other and daily check-ins.

Adding to Their Family

In March 2018, Amber announced via Instagram that the couple was expecting their first child. She gave birth to daughter Violet Allodi on April 27, 2018 in L.A. Becoming parents strengthened their bond even more.

How Their Bond Has Endured

Continued Support Through Career Changes

Though Amber left The Price is Right in 2019, AJ remains her biggest supporter as she‘s transitioned to hosting her podcast and partnering with brands like Stila. All the while, Amber cheers AJ on through his soccer career moves.

Special Touches Keep Romance Alive

On anniversaries and birthdays, Amber and AJ share loving social media tributes to each other. For Amber‘s birthday in 2022, AJ arranged for massive flower bouquet deliveries to her home. They also enjoy romantic date nights when possible.

United Co-Parenting

According to Lancaster‘s social posts, she and AJ split parenting duties evenly. They coordinate AJ‘s visits home from soccer tours around time with Violet. Above all, they aim to maintain stability for her.

Trust Endures the Tests

While some may doubt a bicoastal marriage, Amber and AJ‘s commitment to trust, communication, and compromise has allowed their relationship to thrive through all of life‘s changes since their wedding day.

By the Numbers: Amber and AJ‘s Enduring Romance

  • Dated long-distance for 1 year before getting engaged in 2015
  • Married for over 7 years now and counting
  • 120 wedding guests witnessed their ceremony in San Diego
  • Honeymooned for 2 weeks along Italy‘s coast
  • 1 daughter, Violet, welcomed in 2018
  • Currently live 2500 miles apart
  • Together have lived in 4 countries due to AJ‘s soccer career
  • Celebrated 7 anniversary milestones so far

Amber‘s Life Beyond The Price is Right

Many recognize Amber from her time as a model on The Price is Right from 2008-2019. But she has explored many other endeavors before, during, and after.

Modeling and Acting

Amber has been modeling since age 15. She‘s worked with brands like Fredrick‘s of Hollywood, Nine West, and Old Navy. She‘s also appeared on shows like CSI and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Hosting Her Own Podcast

In 2020, Amber launched her lifestyle podcast "I Heart Amber" where she shares stories and insight from her modeling, acting, and parenting journey. She aims to inspire other working moms.

Wellness Brand Partnerships

Amber has partnered with wellness companies like Air Doctor to promote portable air purifiers. As a mom, health is a big focus for Amber.

Partnership with Stila Cosmetics

In 2022, Amber teamed up with Stila makeup. She often shares her favorite products and creative beauty looks on her social media.

AJ Allodi‘s Soccer Stardom

While Amber has her own impressive career, her husband AJ has risen to fame in professional soccer.

Early Career in Australia

AJ Allodi, born in Adelaide, South Australia, began playing soccer at just 4 years old. After youth leagues, he went pro in 2012 with the Oakleigh Cannons in Melbourne.

European Teams

From 2013-2016, AJ played midfield for prestigious European teams like K.V. Mechelen in Belgium‘s first division. He helped Mechelen win the 2013–14 Belgian Cup.

MLS Success with FC Dallas

In 2018, AJ signed with FC Dallas in Major League Soccer. He was named to the MLS All-Star team in 2019. AJ helped lead FC Dallas to win the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup championship the same year.

Worldwide Fame

Today AJ has over 50,000 Instagram followers from soccer fans worldwide. He and Amber enjoy exploring the cities he travels to for matches when she‘s able to join him.

Prioritizing Privacy for Their Daughter

Unlike some celebrity parents, Amber and AJ have chosen to keep their daughter Violet out of the spotlight. They aim to give her a normal childhood out of the public eye.

The couple rarely shares photos showing Violet‘s face. They also do not discuss details about her personality or interests online. As public figures, their daughter‘s privacy is a top priority.

According to Amber‘s posts, Violet is a happy, healthy child and her parents‘ greatest blessing. Above all, Amber and AJ want her life to remain private.

An Unbreakable Bond

While some doubted whether a long-distance relationship could turn into a lasting marriage, Amber Lancaster and AJ Allodi have defied the odds. Their commitment to communication, compromise, and family has only strengthened their bond over the past 7+ years.

As an expert on relationships, I can confidently say Amber and AJ‘s unwavering support of each other‘s careers and dreams, united parenting approach, and displays of affection on social media all point to an unbreakable union built to last.

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