40 Stylish Arched Windows Ideas

Want to add some extra flair to your home? Check out my top 40 picks for the best arched windows ideas.

Arched windows are a remarkable way to add an impressive style in traditional and contemporary homes. They are also called radius windows, and most of the time, people have them to create a Victorian-like effect.

They can have many design types, such as half-circle, full circle, quarter-circle, ellipticals, and ovals. Each one of them looks stunning and gives an astonishing look in your house. Oh yes, and they are really practical.

So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy these 40 incredible and stylish arched windows ideas.

1. Make your Living Room Look Classy and Chic

Make your living room look classy and chic

Such an incredible arched window design that brings a lot of natural light to your living room. They are big and have classic columns in between to add more elegance.

These half-circles floor-to-ceiling arched windows are a perfect addition to the brick walls. You can easily enjoy the view of your garden plants and feel that you live in a contemporary castle.

2. Simple but Good Looking Arched-Window Design

Simple but good looking arched-window design

When it comes to simplicity, this is the one that you are looking for. It has a minimalistic design but at the same time gives such a magnificent look to your house.

The black arched frame stands out perfectly against the white wall. This type of arched window is the perfect choice if you want to add drama and style from the inside and out.

3. Bougie and Unique

Bougie and unique

Omg, that frame, so bougie, so rich, so perfect. This arched window is the “get out of your comfort zone” window. It draws a lot of attention with its design.

That floral design with the pointed arch on the outer frame and amazing turquoise doors gave the most royal feeling. The diamond pattern on the glass complements the overall design. Looks stunning with the steel Parisian balcony.

4. Pointed Gothic Arched Window Design

Pointed Gothic arched window design

If you are a gothic type of person, you would definitely be amazed by this arched window design. It is divided into three pointed arched windows, where two of them look like a rocket, and the smallest has a diamond-like shape.

In between, you can see the classical columns. This design is the perfect choice for this type of exterior wall.

5. Brick and Arched Windows

Brick and arched windows

Red bricks always give a great visual statement. Combined with a white outer frame arched half-circle windows, you get the rustic-modern look to your house.

The pattern in between the glass gives you that vintage kick and compliments the overall look. It looks attractively charming.

6. Bedroom Arched Windows

Bedroom arched windows

This classical arched window lightens up the bedroom with natural light. And who wouldn’t want to wake up looking straight into that beauty? It has a minimalistic design with white columns on the glass and white frames.

The room looks spacious and bright. So simple yet so elegant and breathtaking.

7. Modern Cave House

Modern cave house

Have you ever thought of having a cave house? Me? Never. But when I look at this arched window design door with black bars, I am intimidated.

It definitely looks different and unusual, but hey, I think there is beauty in that. That arched half-circle window door is enormous and brightens up the room perfectly. It is such an extraordinary and unique design.

8. Kitchen Windows

Kitchen Windows

White kitchen with white framed arched window and white brick walls? Definitely. This type of classic arched window with two cross-shaped design columns on the glass is the right choice for your kitchen.

It has an elegant white frame that blends in perfectly.  Cooking with style is now available.

9. Arched Window in the Bathroom

Arched window in the bathroom

If you can have a window in your bathroom, then don’t even think about that. Just have it. This beautiful arched window is placed in the shower.

It looks stunning with the black frame and columns in between. Two of the windows can be opened so the steam can get out. The glass is blurred so that it can offer you more privacy.

10. Arched Windows with Outdoor Shutters

Arched windows with outdoor shutters

Everybody loves the first ray of sunshine in the morning. But sometimes, all we want is laying and chilling in the dark. This arched window design with black outdoor shutters is the real deal.

It has a beautiful white column on the glass and black shutters on the outside that can be opened like a book and give the most appealing look.

11. Recessed Arched Windows

Recessed arched windows

We have already concluded that brick walls and arched windows are a match made in heaven. But this brown-ish brick wall and navy-blue window give such an incredible look on the outside.

It is narrow but really high with thick frame-like columns on the glass. The one thing that makes this arched window stand out is the recessing. Classy and elegant.

12. Traditional Wooden Arched Windows

Traditional wooden arched windows

Wooden windows are traditional, but somehow, they look so pleasing. This window compliments the stone walls on the outside and gives a vintage-like design.

It has decorative horizontal wooden columns and wide horizontal frames. The wooden décor under the arch is fascinating and graceful.

13. Thin Framed Wide and Narrow Arched Windows

Thin framed wide and narrow arched windows

This combination looks gorgeous. The lower window is a wide half-circle with thin frames and classic columns on the glass. The upper window is a vertically rectangular shape with narrower columns on the glass and thicker frames.

The design is minimalistic, and that is what makes it look so attractive. What a view, though!

14. Ginormous Floor to Ceiling Arched Window

Ginormous floor to ceiling arched window

When I look at this picture, I feel that I am looking at a modern castle. This ginormous arched half-circle window is floor to ceiling with a lot of columns and frames in between. It is also placed on the right “pool view” spot.

With this type of window, your house will be the brightest of them all. Also, the elliptical-shaped windows on the left and the vertically rectangular windows on the right give a one-of-a-kind look.

15. Beauty from Within

Beauty from within

We can all agree that a house with a view is something we all want. Of course, it would make it more perfect with this kind of arched window. The one thing that I am noticing is that you can open the window from the left and right.

That way you can always let fresh air into your house. Also, the black frame and columns give a beautiful contrast to the pinky wall.

16. White, White, and Everything is Right

White- white- and everything is right

You can never go wrong with white. It always looks breathtaking. The white arched window not only adds beauty and brightness but also looks so gentle and classy at the same time.

The upper part has a half-circle shape with a chessboard-like pattern. The lower part is vertically rectangular with the same pattern, and it opens inwards.

17. Balance Brings Harmony

Balance brings harmony

In this kitchen, everything looks on point. The recessed arched window with thin black frames and columns on the glass really compliments the stone wall.

The glass cupboard with black edges is the perfect addition, and it goes well with the window. Everything is well balanced, from color to shape.

18. Modern, Classy, and Refined

Modern- classy- and refined

This classy arched door brings a lot of refinement into the house. It opens with sliding, and the glass is blurry with an interesting atypical column design. Unlike the others, this one doesn’t have frames. It is an excellent option if you are more into minimalism.

19. Wooden Royalty

Wooden royalty

Wood will always remain classic. It represents the vintage times but with a bit of a modern kick to it.

The thin frames are perfect, and the design on the glass looks like a half sun that is rising behind the gorgeous draperies. The green plant that crawls onto the stony façade is another detail that goes really well with this arched window design.

20. A Lot of Character and Style

A lot of character and style

This classic arched window looks like it is sealed into the decorative tiles. It has a minimalistic frame and column design into the glass.

It opens upwards for a breath of fresh air. The white curtain on the inside adds a lot of character to the overall picture.

21. Wow, just Wow

Wow- just wow

Am I allowed to be speechless? Because these arched windows with their frame design speak to themselves. Such incredible carvings and spacious and wide arched windows with black column patterns.

The glass is blurred on the outer part and looks like it’s covered with raindrops. Very pleasing to watch.

22. Old but Gold

Old but gold

This is one of the most characteristic Portuguese façades with tiles and arched windows. This type of building has been in Portuguese history for six centuries and is still a significant mark in their culture.

They are colorful and interesting. The arched window is simple with dark frames and no column patterns on the glass.

23. Staircase with Style

Staircase with style

It is a very cool arched window design. The beautiful angled frame gives a lot of depth to the overall look.

The window is classic with a column pattern on the glass, and it opens sliding upwards. It goes really well with the decorative ceiling, blue walls, luxury chandelier, and colorful curtains.

24. Glass-Less Arched Window

Glass-less arched window

Have you ever thought of having window liked balcony? Here is an incredible idea on how to achieve that. It looks stunning with the decorative iron fence.

The beautiful flowers crawling on the fence are just a wonderful addition to this beauty.  It almost looks like it’s from a romantic movie scene.

25. Gothic Style Arched Window

Gothic style arched window

As people say, fashion always comes back around. It is the same with the architecture. Gothic architecture was a style that lasted from the 12th century to the 16th century in Europe.

This type of arched window screams gothic. It has a pointed arch with an interesting design that almost looks like a three-leaf clover. No glass, and it is made from stone.

26. View on Point

View on point

So Indian but so pretty. If you ever wanted to transform your home into a castle, this is what you are looking for. The effect of this beautiful curvy arch is to die for.

Imagine what it would look like at sunset. A million-dollar view, breathtaking and nerve-calming. Also, a perfect frame for photography, if you ask me.

27. Charmingly Appealing

Charmingly appealing

If you are searching for ideas on arched windows, first, you should always find the right spot to place them. For example, look at this photo. The arched window brings a lot of brightness to the house, it has a beautiful view and looks stunning.

It is a classic half-circle arched window with a classic chess-like pattern on the glass, and it can be opened like a door.

28. Red Brick, Always Chic

Red brick- always chic

As I mentioned before, red bricks and white windows are a very likable combination. Not only does it look beautiful, but at the same time, it is practical because you can open all four windows.

The half-circle motif above the arched window looks like a garland made of bricks, making this design extra special.

29. Cuteness Overload

Cuteness overload

This is an adorable choice of combinations. If you want to add a little bit of color to the exterior of your house, here is an idea.

These two arched window designs are simple with turquoise frames. One is bigger than the other, and that looks so fascinating. The planters with the flowers? Oh yeah, they are everything in this design.

30. Reading Spot

Reading spot

I always wanted to have a reading spot to enjoy my favorite books. This is an idea that I am taking into consideration. I like the simplicity of these arched windows without and pattern in between the glass.

At the end of the day, brightness is what you need when reading. Their thick black frames give a fantastic contrast to the plain white wall.

31. Beach-House Arches

Beach-house arches

If you have a beach house or plan to build one, here is an idea for an arched window design. This is a big glass door but, on the outside, you can see a big arched wall that gives that arched window feeling.

And the view? Oh, yes, the view is magnificent.

32. Fairytale Portal

Fairytale portal

It really looks like a fairytale portal to me. But, it’s glass, don’t try to pass through. It’s only for decoration, but with a very astounding view.

It is a minimalistic half-circle arched window with a classic frame. Even though it has nothing on it, it still gets the crown for a stylish arched window.

33. Lancet Arches

Lancet arches

I don’t know if you would try this at home, but it would definitely be an interesting project. This is a church or cathedral type of arched window.

If you are into churches and love their architectural style, you would probably do this to your house. Bravo for the bravery; it’s an old and gothic arched window design with wooden frames and columns in between.

34. Wide Colored Arched Windows

Wide colored arched windows

Take a look at this café and use the inspiration to make your home bright, modern, and aesthetic. These arched windows are almost covering the wall, and that is what I really like.

It will make your space look visually bigger. You’ll have a lot to clean, but hey, it’s totally worth it.

35. Since the Dawn of Time

Since the dawn of time

Again, old but stunning. These arched windows have classic cross-shaped columns. The petals and circles add something special to the overall design.

My suggestion, though, would be to make the glass stained to add a bit of a kick and colorfulness. Draperies are a must if you plan on doing this design at home.

36. Curved Glass-Less Arches

Curved glass-less arches

Something similar we have discussed before, and as I said, this looks stunning. If you live in a warmer climate throughout the year, then an open arched glass-less window is something you would definitely consider.

The brick framing on the inside blends in with the natural tree colors. I imagine myself drinking the first coffee in the morning, sitting on the tray, and watching the sunrise.

37. Ceiling Arches

Ceiling arches

Here is an idea on how to add brightness to your ceiling. With this recessed arch window, the ceiling looks cute and pretty.

On the other hand, it is convenient since you can open the window and ventilate the space. It has the simple cross-like column pattern on the glass and a really thin frame.

38. A Little Pop of Color is Always a Good Choice

A little pop of color is always a good choice

I mean, look at this beauty. So stunning and remarkable. Those patterns in between the glass are so beautiful. And the purple color makes this staircase burst with style.

It is a classic white arched window with black columns on the glass. It’s a match made in heaven with the pinky wall underneath.

39. To Infinity and Beyond

To infinity and beyond

I am a real fan of this blurred glass that almost looks like it has raindrops on it. But look at those decorations on the pointy parts into the circles.

They look like an infinity sign and give something unique to this design. The brown columns are the piece of the puzzle that was missing.

40. Mullioned Arched Beauty

Mullioned arched beauty

This outstanding arched window is a part of Lexilip Castle in Ireland. Its unique mullioned design is something I admire a lot. The green plants crawling and picking through are giving such a great end to a beautiful story.

The shape of this recessed arched window is narrow with a half-elliptical appearance. Now I’m really into Irish design and architecture.

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