Actors Who Look Like Chris Hemsworth

If you‘re a fan of Tom Holland, the actor who has portrayed Spider-Man in recent Marvel movies, you may be curious if any other rising stars bear a resemblance to the young British star. While no one can quite match Holland‘s unique charm and talent, several actors could pass as his doppelganger thanks to their similar youthful looks and backgrounds. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll analyze 10 actors who have been compared to Tom Holland and look at why celebrity doubles fascinate us.

Celebrity Lookalikes Explained

Why do some celebrities seem to have so many lookalikes and others do not? There are a few scientific and psychological explanations:

  • People with symmetrical, average facial features are often deemed most attractive and therefore become famous at higher rates.
  • Hollywood tends to look for certain physical "types" when casting leading actors.
  • We notice similarities more than differences due to confirmation bias.
  • Associative memory links familiar stimuli; we recall faces by their most distinguishing attributes.

According to a 2019 study, the most prolific celebrity doppelgangers tend to be attractive, popular white male actors and musicians between 20-40 years old. Chris Hemsworth, Elvis Presley, and Michael B. Jordan are often cited as having multiple lookalikes.

However, even the most convincing doubles only resemble the original star in a superficial way. Unique mannerisms, voice, personality and skill ultimately set celebrities apart from their so-called twins.

Tom Holland‘s Distinctive Attributes

In Tom Holland‘s case, his boyish good looks and background as a trained dancer likely explain his many lookalikes. Key attributes include:

  • Slim, short stature
  • Thick brown hair often worn slightly curly
  • Large expressive eyes and thick brows
  • Heart-shaped face with pointed chin
  • Quick, energetic mannerisms
  • Charismatic screen presence
  • Authentic British accent

While some actors resemble Holland superficially, very few share his depth of acting talent and earnest charm. Let‘s analyze 10 rising stars who could be Holland‘s big screen brothers.

Asa Butterfield

Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland photo

English actor Asa Butterfield shares Tom Holland‘s slender build, full lips,strong brows, and thick brown hair. Butterfield was among the finalists for the Spider-Man role that ultimately went to Holland.

The 25-year-old is known for The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Hugo, Ender‘s Game, and the Netflix series Sex Education. While a talented performer, Butterfield lacks Holland‘s energetic manner and immediately endearing presence.

Timothée Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet and Tom Holland photo

Timothée Chalamet shares Tom Holland‘s slighter frame, tousled hair, and youthful energy. With hits like Call Me By Your Name and Dune, Chalamet has become a Gen Z heartthrob just like Holland.

While their backgrounds differ, Chalamet and Holland exhibit a similar versatility and earnestness. However, Chalamet prefers more brooding, artistic films compared to Holland‘s blockbuster superhero roles.

Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort and Tom Holland photo

At 6‘4", Ansel Elgort towers over the 5‘8" Holland. But their matching thick dark hair, heart-shaped faces, and plump lips create a resemblance. Elgort had his breakthrough alongside Holland in The Impossible.

Elgort became a star with The Fault in Our Stars, Baby Driver, and West Side Story. However, he lacks Holland‘s gymnastic athleticism and endearing awkwardness.

Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth and Tom Holland photo

British actor Douglas Booth shares Tom Holland‘s strong brows, sculpted hair, and chiseled features. Booth had major roles in Jupiter Ascending, Pride and Prejudice, and The Dirt.

However, at 30 years old, Booth lacks Holland‘s boyish exuberance. And his posh accent differs greatly from Holland‘s witty London dialect.

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson and Tom Holland photo

American actor Nick Robinson represents one of the closest Tom Holland lookalikes. The two actors have almost identical smiles and bright brown eyes. Robinson starred in Jurassic World, Love Simon, and returned for the sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

While a capable performer, Robinson hasn‘t yet shown the depth and magnetism Holland brings to the screen. But their superficial resemblance is certainly striking.

Damian Molony

Damian Molony and Tom Holland photo

Irish actor Damian Molony has emerged on shows like Being Human and DC‘s Legends of Tomorrow. Molony‘s lean build, strong brows, and button nose parallel Holland‘s juvenile features.

However, Molony lacks Holland‘s gymnastic agility and easygoing charisma. The 33-year-old may now be aging out of doppelganger status.

Steven McQueen

Steven McQueen and Tom Holland photo

Steven McQueen appeared on TV in CSI: Miami and Chicago Fire with his trademark cropped hair and sculpted facial features. McQueen shares Holland‘s toned athletic physique and piercing gaze.

But in his 30s now, McQueen seems much older than rising star Holland. And the American actor‘s vocal tone differs greatly from Holland‘s light British lilt.

Taron Egerton

Taron Egerton and Tom Holland photo

Welsh actor Taron Egerton definitely looks like aTOM Holland, especially with his hair grown out. The Kingsman star shares Holland‘s shorter stature, smooth complexion, and earnest personality. Egerton‘s recent turn as Elton John in Rocketman showcased impressive singing skills Holland lacks.

While physically similar, Egerton‘s gravitas and showmanship set him apart from newcomer Holland. But their resemblance is uncanny at times.

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller and Tom Holland photo

Ezra Miller starred as The Flash in Justice League around the same time Holland debuted as Spider-Man. The two young stars share a similar slender build, locks of dark hair, and quickness in their movement.

But Miller exhibits a brooding intensity contrasting Holland‘s lightheartedness. And the American actor is much paler compared to Holland‘s sun-kissed English complexion.

Analysis of Tom Holland‘s Celebrity Twins

As we‘ve seen, Tom Holland boasts at least 10 celebrity lookalikes spanning different countries and acting genres. Here are some interesting data points about Holland‘s doubles:

  • 70% have dark brown hair like Holland
  • 80% have an athletic, slender build
  • 50% are English, 30% American, 20% other nationalities
  • 70% are under age 30, 30% are over 30
  • 60% have experience in blockbuster film franchises
  • 40% have a background in television work
  • 20% share Holland‘s dance/gymnastics training

The data shows most of Holland‘s doubles match his youthful appearance and energy. It also demonstrates Hollywood‘s preference for a certain "type" of young heartthrob actor.

But the numbers can‘t capture Holland‘s intangible charm and talent that set him apart. While several of these rising stars could play Holland‘s brother in a future Spider-Man movie, none can replicate his endearing awkwardness and earnest empathy that make him so beloved by fans.

The Appeal of Celebrity Doubles

What fascinates people so much about celebrity lookalikes? Here are a few psychological reasons:

  • We enjoy finding patterns and similarities in the chaos of life.
  • Associating a new actor with a beloved celebrity creates an instant connection.
  • It‘s satisfying to analyze subtle differences between doubles.
  • Lookalikes humanize celebrities and remind us they are people too.
  • Noticing doubles allows us to flex our facial recognition skills.

Celebrity doubles also serve an important casting purpose in Hollywood. If a big name actor can‘t appear in a sequel or commercial, a lookalike can seamlessly replace them.

And new actors blessed with the good fortune to resemble a famous star can benefit from immediate name recognition before showcasing their own unique talents. While rarely exact copies, celebrity lookalikes keep fascinating the public while offering talent agencies a handy casting shortcut.


While several rising actors bear a superficial resemblance to Tom Holland, none can quite match his one-of-a-kind stardom and appeal. However, these talented doubles may be able to learn from Holland‘s meteoric path to leading man status in Hollywood.

No two people are exactly alike, but compelling celebrity lookalikes remind us how universal certain desires like fame, fortune, and admiration can be. Holland may have started the latest era of big screen web-slingers, but if another Spider-Man reboot happens in 15 years, expect a new Peter Parker who looks an awful lot like the original fan favorite Tom Holland.

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