Keeping Your Identity Safe On Your Computer

Monday, May 15, 2017

Keeping Your Identity Safe On Your Computer

Cyber Security

It’s a scary fact that thousands of cases of identity theft happen every year. And a lot are now happening through our tech. After all, we are keeping more important information on our computers and laptops. But if this is seen by the wrong people, your personal info could end up being put in jeopardy. However, there are some ways you can avoid identity theft. In fact, here are some ways you can keep your identity safe on your computer.

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Limit information out there online

It’s so easy to put a wealth of information online nowadays. After all, we have social media accounts and websites which give a ton of information out about our lives. And if you have an online business, you could also have information through this on the net. But you need to be so careful about what you are sharing online. After all, if a thief managed to get hold of your name, address, and date of birth, they could soon start accessing things in your name. In fact, they might even be able to make a fake ID for you! Therefore, limit the information you supply online. If you have a business, you might want to use an online address instead. After all, you can then avoid putting your address out there on show on the net. And remember if you are setting up accounts online where you put personal details, ensure it’s a trustworthy site. After all, you don’t want your information to end up being passed on to the wrong people!

Always dispose of important documents properly

It’s likely that you will have plenty of important documents on your computer. After all, it’s so handy to keep them on your computer nowadays rather than printing out hard copies. But when it’s time to sell your computer, you need to make sure these are moved over properly before the hard drive is destroyed properly. After all, you don’t want important documents to end up being viewed by complete strangers. Otherwise, there’s a high chance your identity could be at risk of being stolen. Therefore, move all your documents off via a stick or external hard drive. And then you can use some form of hdd degausser which will erase the drive completely. That way, there is no way your important documents could end up being stolen by a stranger!

Use an anti-spyware software

You might be surprised to find out how easy it is to end up with a virus or malware on your computer. After all, you can just click on some spam which you are sent via email or even on a website you are visiting, and then your computer can become infected. And if you have spyware on your computer, it’s easy for it to contain viruses and other malware which could end up causing your information to be at risk. Therefore, you should go for an anti-spyware software which will inform you if it’s on your computer. And will tell you when to delete it if it poses a risk. That way, you can keep your identity safe while on your computer!

And remember to opt for strong passwords to stop cyber criminals from accessing your details via programs and websites!

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