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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Singularity Weblog's Nikola Danaylov recently interviewed Japanese robotisist Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, discussing the Geminoid robot project and other aspects of android robots and artificial intelligence.

Recently Singularity Weblog's Nikola Danaylov interviewed Japanese robotisist Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro on his podcast.

The conversation covers a variety of topics including: how and why he got interested in building androids and Geminoids; whether it is possible to build disembodied Artificial Intelligence; what is human; the cultural East-West divide on the perception of robots as being good or evil; the uncanny valley and the Turing Test; the importance of implementing emotions such as pleasure and pain; the differences (or lack thereof) of hardware and software; and Telenoid robots.

Hiroshi Ishiguro and Gemenoid Robot

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Ishiguro was born in Shiga in 1963. In high school and university, while growing up, Hiroshi was devoted to painting. At Dr. Hanao Mori’s laboratory in Yamanashi University, he got inspired to learn about robots and computers. Today as a scientist attracting global attention, Ishiguro is focusing his research on humanoid robots such androids, Geminoids and Telenoids.

Having graduated Yamanashi university, Ishiguro started his PhD at Osaka University in 1988. He studied the methodology of research from Dr. Saburo Tsuji and has followed the principle “Seek the fundamental problem” to this day. Dr. Ishiguro has attended Yamanashi University, Osaka University, Kyoto University, University of California and Wakayama University, where has worked on distributed sensor systems and interactive robotics.

Currently, Ishiguro is Professor of Department of Systems Innovation in the Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University (2009-). While going around universities, he has continued the research in ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute), and now he is Visiting Group Leader (2002-) of the Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories. He also participated the foundation of Vstone Co.,Ltd. , an academic-industrial venture company aiming for technical transfer. His principle is that robotics is just the philosophy. Dr. Ishiguro is author of Robot to ha nanika? (What is Robot?) and Android Science.

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