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February 28, 2013

The Daze After Tomorrow

Peeking Into The Future

In a creative infographic, Clear High Speed Internet looks at the future, from social media to nanotechnology.  Thank you to Arthur Murray for sharing this infographic with us.  
T he future. We all think about it, practically lust for it. That's why we have to have the latest technology, the fastest network, the most high-definition screen. Even our forefathers, back in the day before there were wired phones, much less wireless ones, or world travel, much less travel to other worlds (or moons), dreamed of what was to come.

Technology is essential to our futures. Check out some visions of what's to come, including ours (which are subject to change with that time travel thing that's coming).

SOURCE  Clear High Speed Internet

By Arthur MurraySubscribe to 33rd Square

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The Story of the Chessboard

The classic parable of how the inventor of the game of chess used his knowledge of exponential growth to trick an emperor is commonly used to explain the staggering and accelerating growth of technology. The 33rd square on the chessboards represents the first step into the second half of the chessboard, where exponential growth takes off.

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