Double-Decker Monorail System Looks To Greener Future

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IAT Maglev Stacked monorail
German company, Innovative Access Team -IAT Maglev hopes to make transportation economical and environmental in the future with its two-tiered monorail system.  The company is currently seeking investment for the invention, and has even offered 100 million Euros to the first project that will construct the system.  
M onorail systems have been the subject of future-looking visions for many years.  Monorail systems do have a major drawback though, the trains can only run on the rail in one direction at a time, effectively meaning the construction and maintenance efforts for implementation take twice the cost and space.

Now, a German company, Innovative Access Team -IAT Maglev has added a new dynamic to the configuration that hopes to make the transportation system even more economical and  greener.

The two-tiered, or stacked monorail system proposed by IAT Maglev even has one of the patent owners investing 100 million Euros to the first project that will tackle the construction of the system in the next two years - regardless of the country.

The company is now looking for partners and/or shareholders to make their revolutionary new traffic system a reality.  Possibly even  Elon Musk might like the idea as part of his Hyperloop concept.

The two-tiered, single-beam monorail design runs with integrated implementation and locking solutions, and is intended for personal and freight vehicle traffic.

Electronically controlled levitation magnets allow the railway to be suspended - without wheels, axles or overhead lines. The friction-less  electro-magnetic system facilitates speeds that go beyond 300 km/h - with maximum travel comfort.

The "two-tiered monorail", however, has huge advantages compared to the conventional monorail or  Transrapid system including: CO2 reduction, reduced sound emission (as there is no engine or friction noise).  IAT Maglev is also proposing that the double magnetic system could be installed with solar panels in each 100 km track length to enables us to make the maglev environmentally friendly and cost-effectively.

The developers also claim that improved safety will result due to their automatically-run system-security vehicles that travel ahead of every personal monorail, and connected to the control mechanisms too shut the system down in case of failure.

Along with personal transport, IAT Maglev is also actively promoting their solution for the freight and logistics industry.
 IAT Maglev concept

For corporations and governments, the implementation of the magnetic monorail that investment in structural and operating costs will be markedly reduced suggests the company.  This would be accomplished via the use of a beam in a two-tiered upper/lower carriageway system instead of the previous one-tiered system.  IAT Maglev also claims that expensive tunnel and junction solutions would be minimized with their solution. Moreover, they say thier double-decker monorails will substantially relieve freeways and roads, taking the strain off that area of infrastructure.

A film presentation and further information on the maglev monorail system can be found on The included video below features a more traditional monorail maglev system.


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