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May 3, 2012

Vernor Vinge's Omni Magazine Piece

Josh Calder, of Future Atlas recently shared a scanned image of the original Verner Vinge Omni magazine article postulating the technological Singularity.
The concept of the Singularity was arguably first articulated by Vernor Vinge in Omni magazine in January 1983.

The concept has since morphed into a complicated ”theory” that for some, notably prolific inventor Ray Kurzweil, includes a posthuman after­life in which we abandon our biological selves and are uploaded into digital and possibly robotic vessels, there to spend eternity as cybernetic Methuselahs.

It is also thought by many of its followers to be inevitable, not merely one of many possible future scenarios.

 Josh Calder, of Future Atlas recently shared a scanned image of the original article at the Singularity Weblog.  The image is also now on Flickr.

"We are caterpillars, soon to be butterfles, and when we look to the stars, we take the vast silence of other races transformed."

SOURCE  Flickr

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