Chinese Restaurant Uses Robot Waitters - No Tipping Required

Thursday, May 3, 2012

robot waiter in China

A restaurant in China now staffs 18 robots, including waiters and cooks.  The traditional hotpot eatery demonstrates that now nobody's job is safe.
Arestaurant in Harbin, China staffs robots; one to welcome customers as they arrive, others to cook the food, and more to deliver plates to tables.

The traditional hotpot eatery is staffed by more than a dozen automated servers, the distant and brightly colored relations of Star Wars’ golden droid C-3PO. The robots whir around the room on little bicycles carrying meat and veggies to be dipped by restaurant-goers into bubbling broth. Customers need not shout, weep or make obscene gestures to get their waiter’s attention. Every bot is equipped with motion sensors; all you have to do is get in one’s way and nab a plate of food.

The owner,Zhang Yongpei,says the robots, which cost between 200,000~300,000 yuan ($32,000~$48,000 USD), can display 10 different emotions and speak simple phrases.

The robot stops automatically if a customer gets in its way thanks to ultrasonic range sensors, and will sound an alarm if it needs to be repaired. The robots also know to return to its power source when it gets low on power (its batteries have a life of around 5 hours).

Even in China, with its famous, seemingly inexhaustible cheap labour, technological obsolescence seems to be taking hold.

SOURCE  Plastic Pals

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