The Rational Future Interview With Michael Anissimov

Friday, April 13, 2012

Michael Anissimov is Media Director for the Singularity Institute and Co-Organizer of the Singularity Summit, an annual conference that focuses on emerging technologies like nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.

The Singularity Summit has received coverage from Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, award-winning science writer Carl Zimmer, the San Francisco Chronicle, and many other media outlets. Anissimov also writes the popular futurist blog Accelerating Future, which has been featured on G4.TV and on the front page of social news sites Digg and Reddit.

Embedded below is an interview conducted by The Rational Future.  Topics covered included:
  • -What is the Singularity?
  • -Is there a substantial chance we will significantly enhance human intelligence by 2050?
  • -Is there a substantial chance we will create human-level AI before 2050?
  • -If human-level AI is created, is there a good chance vastly superhuman AI will follow via an "intelligence explosion"?
  • -Is acceleration of technological trends required for a Singularity?
  • - Moore's Law (hardware trajectories), AI research progressing faster?
  • -What convergent outcomes in the future do you think will increase the likelihood of a Singularity?  (i.e. emergence of markets.. evolution of eyes??)
  • -Does AI need to be conscious or have human like "intentionality" in order to achieve a Singularity?
  • -What are the potential benefits and risks of the Singularity?

In his work with the Singularity Institute, Anissimov emphasizes the need for increased research into AI goal systems to develop "Friendly AI" that values human life as it approaches and eventually surpasses human intelligence. He appears in print, on podcasts, in documentaries, public speaking at conferences, and other media to spread the Institute's message.

The Rational Future

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