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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Nikola Danaylov (aka Socrates) at The Singularity Weblog has  been getting a lot of requests from people asking for a quick overview of the technological singularity. He always recommend Ray Kurzweil’s seminal book The Singularity Is Near but a few people seem to be either overwhelmed by it or simply don’t have enough time to go that deep into the matter.
So, in order to make the ideas even easier to understand as well as to popularize them, Nikola has decided to write a short series of blog articles covering the fundamentals of the technological singularity as well as other relevant information such as definitions of the basic terms and concepts, relevant books, movies, people, institutions, blogs, events etc.
Nikola's plan is to write a couple of articles per week which will in turn become different book chapters. The chapters will also be crowd-sourced, as the comments will potentially be part of the final chapters.  Once he has all of those written and thoroughly vetted by readers, he will put them together in a short, free and easy to download pdf eBook.
According to Nikola, the book doesn’t intend to be a complete singularity guide, bible or encyclopedia. The goal is to popularize the idea and concepts related to the technological singularity by demystifying and making it easy to understand by everyone. It will focus on the very minimum of relevant information that can provide the foundation as well as numerous additional references to all who are interested in learning more but do not know where to begin.
So far my working title is Singularity 101: the Optimist’s Short Guide to the Future.  Feel free to suggest chapters and/or contribute at the Singularity Weblog, or here as we will be following Nikola's progress too. 

The Singularity 101 Free eBook is Near

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