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December 19, 2011

Write for Us

Thank you for your interest in writing for 33rd Square.

33rd Square publishes original news content, opinion pieces, trending topics and breaking stories in the area of technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, gadgets, science, medicine, and other issues relating to the technological Singularity. Articles must be written in English, published first on 33rd Square, and reviewed by our editorial team. All articles used on 33rd Square will be credited to the author and be provided with back links.

The advantages of writing for 33rd Square include:
  • -Writing for a well-respected, well-known and resourceful website 
  • -Increased exposure 
  • -Gain visibility of your personal brand and writing, 
  • -Developing oneself into an expert in your own field and helping you further establish your online brand 
  • -Receiving interesting and timely story ideas 
  • -Receive access for interview opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in writing with 33rd Square and we look forward to hearing from you!

The 33rd Square Editorial Team

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The Story of the Chessboard

The classic parable of how the inventor of the game of chess used his knowledge of exponential growth to trick an emperor is commonly used to explain the staggering and accelerating growth of technology. The 33rd square on the chessboards represents the first step into the second half of the chessboard, where exponential growth takes off.

33rd Square explores technological progress in AI, robotics, genomics, neuroscience, nanotechnology, art, design and the future as humanity encroaches on The Singularity.

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