The 2015 Guide To Electric Cars


In the market for an electric vehicle?  This new infographic may help.

Genetic Link Found Between Intelligence and Longevity


For the first time, research has pointed to a genetic link between intelligence and longevity. The finding have important implications for public health, and for those interested in the genetics of intelligence, lifespan or inequalities in health outcomes including lifespan.

How To Drive Around The Moon


Want to fly a spacecraft around the Moon? Take this video for a spin to see how NASA operates the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

The Neural Efficiency Hypothesis Confirmed


Intelligence researchers have struggled with just how differences in intelligence are reflected in the human brain for many years. Now they have succeeded in studying further details relating to suspected functional differences in the brains of intelligent people.

Sign an Open Letter to Prevent the Devlopment of Autonomous Weapons

AI Weapons


Based on the success of their open letter promoting the development of safe artificial intelligence, members of the Future of Life Institute have started a new initiative to prevent the development of autonomous offensive weapons systems.

How Genetic Science is Moving to the Mainstream


Genetic testing and other advances have made it possible for patients to plan for a better quality of life, with health information that was previously unavailable.

Computational Neuroscience Used to Understand Autism


Using an artificial neural network, researchers may have helped uncover some of the underlying causes of autism. They propose that alterations in nonlinear, canonical computations occurring throughout the brain may underlie the behavioral characteristics of the condition.


The US agency behind accelerating self-driving cars, robotic prosthetics and humanoid robotics will be holding a new conference later this year to examine future technology.  The Wait, What forum will feature speakers from various fields, from medicine to astronomy.

Brain Enhancement Pills That Work


With advances that have been made in science and technology, there are now many different types of supplements in stores and online that specifically target helping you to have a stronger memory and greater concentration and focus.


It has been another eventful week in technology.

Softer Materials Could Lead to More Human Robots


Robots made entirely out of soft materials could be real game-changers. They could integrate more easily with human activities ranging from the ordinary to the exceptional. A group of engineers at Carnegie Mellon University is working to make such soft robots a hard reality.


Did This Little NAO Robot Just Become Self-Aware?

Artificial Intelligence

Researchers have run a test of artificial intelligence self-awareness by putting a trio of NAO robots through the classic 'wise men puzzle' test of self-awareness - and one of them passed.

Aging Found To Be A Quick Start Process As Sexual Maturity Reached, Not A Slow Process


Researchers have discovered that adult cells abruptly begin their downhill slide when an animal reaches reproductive maturity. They believe this genetic switch provides a target for future study.

Tune In for NASA's Major Announcement About Kepler Space Telescope Discovery


NASA is set to announce a major discovery by the Kepler Space Telescope at Noon EDT, and you can watch it live here.