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August 28, 2014

IBM Unleases the Watson Discovery Advisor

 Artificial Intelligence
IBM has announced IBM Watson Discovery Advisor, an integrated package of artificial intelligence technologies that will be delivered as a cloud service. Discovery Advisor is a unique Watson product aimed at accelerating the discovery process, helping people become better experts.

August 27, 2014

Intelligent System Creates Descriptive Sentences Directly From Videos

 Artificial Intelligence
Summarizing what is going on in a video is another task that may soon be done automatically thanks to work done through the Video In Sentences Out study. Using artificial intelligence deep learning methodology, a team has already been able to achieve accurate results in almost half of the videos the system has examined.

Cancer-Hunting Nanorobots Used to Seek and Destroy Tumors

cancer-hunting ‘nano-robots’ to seek and destroy tumours

New research has opened up the possibility of an army of robots travelling around a human body, hunting down and destroying malignant tumors.

Researchers Create a Semiconductor Only Three Atoms Thick

Researchers Create a Semiconductor Only Three Atoms Thick

Scientists have developed what they believe is the thinnest-possible semiconductor, a new class of nanoscale materials made in sheets only three atoms thick.

August 26, 2014

Researchers Develop Tools To Rejuvenate Aging Cells

Researchers Develop Tools To Rejuvenate Aging Cells

Scientists have demonstrated how an interplay between nutrition, metabolism and immunity is involved in the process of ageing. The two new studies could help to enhance our immunity to disease through dietary intervention and help make existing immune system therapies more effective. 

August 25, 2014

Robo Brain is Learning from the Internet

Robo Brain

 Artificial Intelligence
Robo Brain is now at work examining images and concepts available on the Internet so that it can teach robots how to recognize, grasp and manipulate objects and predict human behavior in the environment.

Medical Navigation Technology: How These Developments Are Helping Doctors in Surgery

Medical Navigation Technology

In the medical industry, surgeons now have access to better imaging, and more advanced surgical tools to help them “navigate” the human body. If you have upcoming surgery, your doctor may be using this technology.

Brain Augmentation May Yield An Exponential Scientific Revolution

Brain Augmentation May Yield An Exponential Scientific Revolution

As Ted Chu, and others have argued, our human brains are currently a major impediment to scientific and technical progress.  Will augmenting our biological intelligence yield a new scientific revolution?

August 23, 2014

BabyX Learns Her First Words

 Artificial Intelligence
BabyX is an experimental computer generated psychobiological simulation of an infant which learns and interacts in real time. The software integrates realistic facial simulation with computational neuroscience models of neural systems involved in interactive behavior and learning.

August 22, 2014

Fully 3D Printed Car Close to Being Completed

Fully 3D Printed Car Close to Being Completed

 3D Printing
Local Motors is preparing to make the first 3D printed car, called the "Strati".  This project was only initiated in April, and the design was selected in June. The team will print the Strati live at IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show in September.

Children with Autism Found to Have Extra Synapses in Brain

Children with Autism Found to Have Extra Synapses in Brain

A new study suggests that in children with autism, something in the process goes awry, leaving an oversupply of synapses in at least some parts of the brain. The study is an important step forward in understanding what’s happening in the brains of people with autism.

What Industry Experts Expect for the Future of Robotics

What is the future of robotics? Here are some very smart people saying some interesting things about it, for only four minutes, at Automatica 2014.

Frank Boehm Looks At the Future of Nanomedicine

Cover art by Dr. Angelika Domschke, (Angelika Domschke Consulting, LLC)

Frank J. Boehm's recently released book, Nanomedical Device and Systems Design looks at the challenges, possibilities and future vision of nanomedical devices and systems design. The book is an attempt to explore a significant range of conceptual nanomedical components, devices and systems.

Researchers Discover How Lizards Regenerate Their Tails

 Biological Regeneration
Researchers discovered that green anole lizards turn on at least 326 genes in specific regions of a regenerating tail, including genes involved in embryonic development, response to hormonal signals and wound healing.
The Story of the Chessboard

The classic parable of how the inventor of the game of chess used his knowledge of exponential growth to trick an emperor is commonly used to explain the staggering and accelerating growth of technology. The 33rd square on the chessboards represents the first step into the second half of the chessboard, where exponential growth takes off.

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