Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Twin XL, Review

A perfect mattress is nothing but a source of pleasure. People all around the world try to buy adjustable mattress to pass the whole night comfortably but are they really find?

Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch Green Tea Mattress is quite adjustable to almost all type of sleepers. It ensures comfort and relieves pressure for greater night’s sleep. This is truly comfortable foam, as well as Airflow High-density Base Support Foam where others mattress rarely does have this feature.

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This mattress is US certified specially for durability and high boosting performance. This one is quite safe, trustworthy and anti-oxidant mattress. Moreover Zinus is infused with its memory foam products where natural green tea extracts to ensure the freshness.

The patented compression technology allows this mattress to be effectively compressed, rolled and shipped in a box safely your home. You don’t have to think over sustainability as it offers the 10 years of gigantic warranty.

Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress Is so lovable for the side sleepers and together this one is suitable for back and stomach sleeper. The memory foam layers ensure the comfort and all the layers are infused with high density foam.

Product Specification



Item Weight

32 Pounds

Product Dimensions

80 x 39 x 8 inches


Made in China

Item model number


Shipping Weight

40.4 Pounds


The mattress is highly compatible to your body no matter what type of sleepers you are. The Zinus Memory Foam Mattress provides ultimate comfort with a Memory Foam layer and Pressure Relieving Comfort which is perfectly able to match your body shape.

Superb Durability

The mattress is highly durable rather than others available in the market. The advanced technology, high density memory foam, and infused particle together make the mattress unique. You also have 10 years of gigantic warranty to consume the mattress.

The Core Features Of The Mattress

  • This green tea memory foam mattress relieves pressure and ensures the greater night sleep.
  • The mattress is available with multi layers and Airflow High-density Base Support Foam helps enjoying total comfort.

Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch Green Tea Mattress Review

  • It is us certified just because of its high durability, better performance and antioxidants feature.
  • This is eco friendly mattress whereas your entire room would be safer to consume this one.
  • This one is memory foam products with natural green tea extract to ensure the product freshness.
  • Reasonable price and better customers review and authentic endorsement for consumption.
  • Smart shifting process and the advanced patented technology just let the product reach to your door.
  • Better procedures of warranty and it are up to 10 years from the genuine date of purchasing.

Purchase This Mattress on Amazon

Frequently Asked Question

This mattress does have genuine customers review and take a short look about what about their views about the product.

What is the density of the memory foam?

It is greatly featured by 3 Lb density foam and all the layers are infused with memory foam which leads to ultimate comfort and most importantly the foam is long lasting and highly stable.

What is the warranty on this item?

The product is featured with up to 10 years of gigantic warranty from the original date of purchasing.

Is it really durable?

Just keep in mind that cost never categorize about the product. Though Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is not so costly but the elements and advance technology as well as multi layers make the mattress majestic.


In a word, the mattress is highly fashionable, durable and Eco-friendly. You will have it through affordable price. It does have authentic consumers review, ultra advanced technology and superb long lasting memory foam. Just get the product and ensure good night’s sleep.

Purchase This Mattress on Amazon

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