Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review

The Zinus Green Tea Mattress is an efficient, effective, and extremely comfortable solution to your sleep problem.

Zinus offers the firmness of a memory foam mattress while not coming with some of the potential concerns: temperature regulation, durability, or potentially being too firm. In fact, the Green Tea Mattress answers all of those questions and passes nearly all tests with flying colors.

Let’s start by getting a handle on the background of Zinus as a company.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Overview

Brand:Zinus – https://zinus.com
Type of mattress:Foam
Thickness:6, 8, 10, or 12 inches
Cover:Knitted Jacquard
Support Core:Memory foam + High Density Foam
Comfort Core:Memory foam
Firmness:6 out of 10
Sleep Hot:No,sink is limited and sleeping hot is not an issue
Motion Transfer:Average for foam-style mattresses
Trial Period:100 nights
Warranty10 years
Price(Queen) :View on Amazon

Brand background

zinus Green Tea Memory Foam

Zinus released its first bedding products in 2004, and by 2006 had already developed a proprietary compression packing method that allowed them to efficiently ship their products, as well as their patented SmartBase (more on this later).

More patented technologies followed, including BioFoam and various gel technologies. Zinus continues to operate both domestically in the United States while in the midst of creating a 2.8 million square foot facility in China that they’ll be operating out of by 2019.

Innovation is vital to Zinus as a company; they have secured 135 patents over their 14 years of releasing products and continue to grow and make progress. Evolution is survival to Zinus, and they say that they are inspired by their customers and the idea that they can be a refreshing answer to a seemingly simple problem.

Efficiency is important, too, as the desire for ultimate efficiency has driven Zinus to provide a quality product at an impressively low price. And after all that, Zinus still refuses to sacrifice their principles in order to drive profits.


Zinus has several mattresses to choose from, but the Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress is a marvel.

The mattress itself can be purchased in a variety of thicknesses: six-inch, eight-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch, and it’s available in every conceivable size, from Narrow Twin up to California king depending on the thickness of the mattress that you select.

zinus Green Tea Memory Foam parameters

The design of the Green Tea mattress includes the perfect ratios of memory foam, comfort foam, unique airflow high-density foam, and base support foam. For instance, the 10-inch mattress includes a bottom layer that is 5.5 inches of a high-density base layer that resembles an egg crate. It allows optimal airflow to assist in keeping the bed cool.

The next layer of the mattress is two inches of Pressure Relief High Density Foam that is designed specifically to assist with airflow and temperature regulation. It is a transition layer between the more dense base layer and the softer top layer.

On top of the mattress is 2.5 inches of Zinus’ proprietary BioFoam, a memory foam that conforms to the curves in your body and provides pressure relief, as well as remain light and airy, allowing air to flow all the way through the mattress and contribute to keeping your body at its ideal sleeping temperature.

Oh, and Zinus’ memory foam is innovative beyond what you might expect. You guessed it, the Green Tea Mattress actually is actually infused with natural green tea extract in order to maintain the product’s freshness as well as contribute to a responsive sleep surface. It works to wick away moisture and discourage bacterial growth, all while providing a natural, lasting, and pleasant smell.

Again, the thickness of each individual layer is adjusted based on the overall thickness of the mattress. Be sure to check out those dimensions before making a final decision on which version of the product is right for you.


zinus Green Tea Memory construction

Comfort & Support

The mattress is designed with a focus on providing pressure relief by being pain-free and supportive. The pressure-relieving comfort foam distributes your weight evenly and eliminates pressure points on your body, thereby contributing to a more efficient night’s sleep. This uniquely designed foam assists the memory foam in allowing your body to sink into the mattress, rather than feel as if you are simply laying on top of the surface.

The proprietary foam is classified as CertiPUR, which means that it is certified in the United States for durability, performance, and overall content, including the inclusion of antioxidants such as green tea extract. It also ensures that it was produced without phthalates, flame retardants, formaldehyde, and any other harmful chemicals.

The mattress itself sleeps with a medium firmness, which is something like a 5 or a 6 on the standard 1-to-10 scale. Remember, the BioFoam is designed to allow your body to sink in just a bit, while still hugging the curves in your body and allowing you to settle in comfortably.

While most memory foam mattresses carry a risk of contributing to overheating, the focus on airflow at each of the aforementioned layers clearly go a long way to mitigate those concerns.

If you tend to sleep on your back or side, the amount of give in the Green Tea Mattress will be conducive to relieving pressure points yet still holding your spine in good alignment. If you’re concerned about the amount of pressure relief you’ll be receiving, consider looking at the 12-inch model. If you sleep on your stomach, this particular mattress may sink just a little bit too much. The eight-inch option is a bit firmer, and that could be the correct pick.

As with most memory foam-based mattresses, the Green Tea Mattress performs well when it comes to motion isolation, and you won’t be bothered all too much by your partner coming and going throughout the night as the mattress absorbs those movements relatively well.

Quality and customer service

Zinus offers a completely risk-free, 100-night trial that allows you to try out any of their products, including the Green Tea Mattress. And not only that, you’ll enjoy free shipping on the mattress when it arrives — and if you are not completely satisfied and choose to send it back, that will be free, too.

There’s also a 10-year limited warranty that covers your mattress and would allow for Zinus to replace your current model with a new one.

zinus customer service


Is the Green Tea Mattress right for you?

The Zinus Green Tea memory foam Mattress is perfect if you…

  • Are you tired of dealing with a restless bedmate? The motion isolation on the Green Tea Mattress will go a long way towards solving that issue.
  • Do you need additional pressure relief points on your mattress? This product will allow you to grab restful sleep without sinking in too deep and waking with aches and pains.
  • If you’re looking to replace an old (and potentially smelly) mattress, the Green Tea Mattress will refresh your bedroom and allow for a peaceful night’s sleep for years to come.
  • If a budget-friendly option is what’s important for you, then Green Tea is probably the right way to go.

Final Thoughts

For fans of memory foam that have been caught-up in the concerns surrounding some of the potential issues with the memory foam of yesterday, the benefits of the Green Tea Mattress may come as a shock to you.

Indeed, this particular product offers the support and comfort of a memory foam product, but the proprietary BioFoam produced by Zinus allows for the best of both worlds. Don’t worry about sleeping too hot or overall breathability; this mattress breathes at all three layers.

The bed isn’t too firm, either. It will allow you to sink the right level and take pressure off of your joints while still providing enough support to truly get an awesome night’s sleep.

And after everything we’ve talked about, you still won’t be paying top-flight memory foam prices. This is a cost-effective option that won’t bust your budget. Throw in the 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, and you’ve got yourself one of the better deals on the mattress market.

All things considered, you won’t do much better in the memory foam space than you will with the Zinus Green Tea Mattress.

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