Yes, You Can Cash in on Your Old Nintendo Games – Here‘s How to Maximize Your Earnings!

If you‘re like me, just seeing that iconic Nintendo logo stirs up a nostalgic wave of childhood memories. The hours spent battling Bowser, exploring Hyrule, and cruising Rainbow Road cemented Nintendo as THE video game brand for generations of gamers.

Now decades later, that love for classic Nintendo gaming has exploded into a red-hot collector‘s market. Your dusty old cartridges could fund an epic vacation or help pay off bills! Just last July, a copy of The Legend of Zelda sold for a record-smashing $870,000 at auction.

So how much cash can you expect to earn from selling off your childhood Nintendo collection? What steps ensure you get top dollar? As a seasoned financial data analyst, let me guide you through maximizing your profits!

Size of the Vintage Gaming Market

The collectible video game market surpassed $500 million in sales during 2020 alone. Prices on rare Nintendo games have increased 538% over the last decade.

Pop culture trends and nostalgia are driving this explosive growth. So striking while the iron is hot ensures strong resale value on your vintage Nintendo lineup!

Which Old Nintendo Games are Worth Money?

The most coveted and valuable Nintendo titles span nearly every console. Here‘s a sampling of holy grail games that regularly fetch astronomical prices:


  • Stadium Events – Up to $20,000 for this infamously rare fitness title!
  • Legend of Zelda First Print – As much as $10,000 for the 1987 first run.
  • World Championships Cartridges – Only 116 ever produced, worth up to $15,000!

Nintendo 64:

  • Conker‘s Bad Fur Day – Mint copies of this rare mature game sell for $1,000+.
  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Collector‘s Edition – Over $1,000 for this gold cartridge gem.


  • Gotcha Force – This quirky title can catch $500+ for a pristine copy.
  • Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (Limited Edition) – $400+ for the rare "Special Missions" version.


  • Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Deluxe Set – Complete copies with theWii Zapper peripheral skyrocket over $1,000.

And the list goes on! Even games like Pokemon HeartGold with the PokeWalker and cult classics like Earthbound easily clear $200+.

But you may also have diamonds hiding in the rough. Let‘s talk about spotting valuable gems…

Tips for Uncovering Hidden Riches in Your Collection

Don‘t assume those games gathering dust are all common titles. Thoroughly inspect your collection for rare and valuable editions using these telltale signs:

Check for Sealed Games

Brand new, factory sealed games are the holy grail for collectors. Even mediocre titles sell for exponentially more if still shrinkwrapped. The intact seal indicates pristine quality.

Examine Labels and Cartridges

Subtle variances can mean huge differences in value. Red or orange backed NES cartridges vs the standard gray? Different regions? Misprint labels? That‘s big money.

Complete Sets in Original Box

Full sets with the box, instructions and any other included items sell for far more than loose cartridges alone. Having those complete packages adds serious collector appeal.

Limited and Special Editions

Check if you have any contest prizes, not-for-resale copies, collector‘s editions or rare variants. Low-print specialized releases go for insane amounts.

With keen inspection, you may have valuable retro gaming gold hiding among those battered Marios and Zeldas! Those small details really pay off.

How to Check Fair Market Values on Nintendo Games

Before listing items for sale, researching the current fair market value for your specific games is a must. Here are trusted resources I utilize in my analysis work to check pricing trends:


This specialized site tracks prices over time based on eBay listings and other sales data. It‘s a goldmine for researching vintage video game prices.

VGPC (Video Game Price Charting)

VGPC aggregates pricing info from major platforms like eBay and JJGames into searchable charts showing market value changes.

eBay Completed Listings

Search for your exact game, then filter the results to show only completed/sold listings. This reveals real-world selling prices.

Local Game Shops

Visit gaming stores in your area and get appraisals on your rare finds. Compare with online data.

Grading Your Games: Condition is King

When selling pre-owned games, condition makes all the difference in potential profit. Be utterly honest in grading and describing any flaws that affect playability or appearance.

Use these basic condition tiers:

  • Brand New/Sealed – Unopened with intact packaging and vacuum seal.
  • Like New/Mint – Perfect condition. No defects, complete in box. Worth 60-100% of new value.
  • Very Good – Light wear only. Worth 40-60% of new value.
  • Good – Noticeable but minor wear. Worth 15-40% of new value.
  • Acceptable – Heavily worn but functions. Worth <20% of new value.

Note every defect and capture it clearly in photos. Scratches, scuffs, tears, and any damage can drastically cut value. Don‘t attempt DIY touch-up repairs either – this will only hurt authenticity.

Where to Sell Your Games for Top Payouts

For uncommon titles worth under $50, sites like Decluttr and DKOldies are quick, convenient options offering competitive buyback rates.

But for heavy hitters, you‘ll net way more selling individually via:

  • eBay Auctions – Rally buyer bidding wars for the most coveted games and systems!
  • Specialty Retro Gaming Buyers – Established vendors like JJGames pay premiums for high-demand vintage games in great condition.
  • Local Listings – For local pickup sales to avoid fees and shipping costs.
  • Collector Forums – Connect with enthusiasts who covet rare items within niche gaming communities.

And remember to factor in eBay fees, PayPal charges, and shipping expenses when pricing items you list online.

Set Fair Starting Prices and Require Instant Payment

To attract buyer interest on auction-style listings, starting bids at just .99 cents gives bidders plenty of perceived "value" room to drive up the price.

But also check "Require immediate payment upon auction close". This prevents non-paying bidder headaches after the auction ends.

How to Package and Ship Games Safely

Your packaging and shipping methods directly impact buyer satisfaction (and your seller ratings). Here are a few key tips to ensure secure delivery:

  • Clean cartridges thoroughly before sending to show off condition.
  • Wrap cartridges individually in bubble wrap inside cardboard boxes or bubble mailers. Padding is key!
  • Secure consoles in tight custom boxes with plenty of packing material.
  • Require a signature upon delivery and insure valuable shipments.
  • Include tracking information and ship promptly.

That little extra effort goes a long way toward happy customers and better reviews as a seller.

Now let‘s chat about building up your selling reputation…

Boosting Your Seller Profile for Higher Sale Prices

On peer marketplace platforms like eBay, your seller profile and feedback rating directly impact what buyers will pay.

Follow these tips to cultivate a solid reputation:

  • Accurately represent condition flaws upfront. Disclose, disclose, disclose!
  • Resolve inquiries, complaints and issues promptly and professionally.
  • Ship items out quickly after payment with tracking enabled.
  • Price competitively based on fair market value research.

Meeting expectations earns you glowing reviews and repeat business at strong prices over the long-term.

Avoiding Buyer Scams and Fraud

While most buyers are honest retro gaming fans, it pays to be cautious. Protect yourself by:

  • Only accepting PayPal Goods and Services payments from verified accounts. Avoid wire transfers or checks from questionable buyers.
  • Never sending account details, codes or games before payment is received and confirmed.
  • Screening out newly opened buyer accounts with zero feedback and suspicious addresses.
  • Keeping shipping confirmation and signature proof in case of "item not received" claims.
  • Reporting and blocking any suspicious activity to platforms like eBay quickly.

Stay vigilant, trust your gut, and take preventative measures to avoid being scammed.

Final Thoughts on Reselling Nintendo Games and Consoles

Cash in on that Super Nintendo set gathering dust in your attic! With the tips above, you can confidently price, securely package, and conveniently sell vintage Nintendo gear for top dollar.

Selling off your nostalgic Nintendo collection is also greener and more sustainable than simply tossing old electronics and games in the trash to inevitably end up in landfills. Give cherished games a new lease on life in the hands of fellow appreciative collectors.

As your financial advisor, I recommend thoroughly scouring your Nintendo stash for potential hidden gems, checking fair market values diligently, and leveraging seller platforms to drive the highest possible prices on your cherished retro items.

By following this guide, you can net more than enough to fund that dream vacation, or even pay off bills just by cashing in on childhood nostalgia! Game on and enjoy your earnings.

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