The Game-Changing xTool S1: A 40W Laser Cutter That Redefines Crafting

Introducing xTool: The Brand Democratizing Creativity

Founded in 2012, xTool is on a mission to make personal fabrication tools like laser cutters accessible for everyone. Originally focused on STEM education, they pivoted to laser machines in 2019 after recognizing their potential to unleash creativity.

With their innovative features and emphasis on safety, xTool aims to simplify laser cutting so hobbyists and businesses alike can bring their wildest ideas to life. The eagerly anticipated xTool S1, launching October 2022, represents the next evolution of their commitment to creators.

The Groundbreaking xTool S1

As the world‘s first fully enclosed 40W diode laser cutter with Class 1 certification, the S1 sets a new safety standard that eliminates the need for protective eyewear.

This innovative model also introduces never-before-seen features like Twin-Point Positioning for precise engraving and an auto-focus system for consistent results. Interchangeable laser modules, accessories like the conveyor feeder, and compatible software give users unmatched versatility.

Let‘s take an in-depth look at what makes the xTool S1 such an exciting advancement for laser cutting.

Unrivaled Safety

Safety is the foremost priority for xTool, and the S1 delivers best-in-class protection:

  • Fully enclosed design prevents laser leakage
  • Dual wavelength filtering for eye-safe viewing
  • Rapid smoke extraction system
  • Multi-point fire and collision detection
  • Emergency stop button

This reassurance empowers users to create freely without cumbersome glasses.

High-Efficiency 40W Laser

At the core of the S1 sits an ingenious 40 watt laser assembly with the power of 8 diodes condensed into one. It zips along at blistering speeds up to 600mm/s, slicing through material up to 18mm thick.

The 40W model can be swapped for a 20W module or even a 1064nm infrared laser using the quick release system, adapting to your needs.

Twin-Point Positioning

The S1 introduces groundbreaking Twin-Point Positioning that achieves superior accuracy over camera-based focusing systems. This algorithmically powered technology precisely measures engravings in real time.

By supporting curved and 3D objects with reliable reproducibility, the creative possibilities are endless.


Taking the hassle out of setup, the integrated auto-focus feature detects material thickness and dial in the perfect height every time.

Paired with the positioning system, it creates a hands-free engraving environment for expert outcomes without micromanaging settings.

Smart Accessories Boost Potential

xTool offers an ecosystem of smart accessories that connect to the S1 expanding its capabilities:

  • Air Assist – Provides optimized air flow for clean cuts
  • Automatic Conveyor Feeder – Enables engraving up to 10 feet long
  • Rotary Attachment – Wraps 360 degree designs on bottles, tumblers etc.
  • Riser/Z Axis – Accommodates objects up to 5 inches tall

This modular system lets the S1 adapt to the brave new ideas you bring its way.

Simplified Software

The xTool S1 works seamlessly with XCS control software for straightforward and intuitive operation. It makes the advanced functionality of the machine accessible even for first timers.

For those that need more complex design software, it‘s fully compatible with LightBurn for intricate CAD projects.

Between the two options, you have total flexibility over the user experience.

Who is The xTool S1 For?

With its emphasis on plug-and-play functionality, the xTool S1 suits first-time laser cutter owners that want inspiring results without complexity.

Its safety innovations also make the S1 a perfect classroom tool for STEM education. Students can benefit from hands-on learning without protective equipment hampering collaboration.

Of course, the 40W power and diverse accessories mean the S1 handles advanced use cases as well. Everything from custom jewelry to art installations and product prototypes are possible with some creative vision.

Whether you‘re purchasing for a small biz, hobby, education or just curious about lasers, the versatility of xTool‘s new flagship model means it can grow alongside your needs.

xTool S1 Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

While the S1 is hot off the press, xTool has earned outstanding reviews across the web:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 out of 5 stars across nearly 10,000 reviews on

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5 out of 5 stars from 176 reviews on TrustPilot

Here‘s what actual customers have to say about their xTool experience:

"XTool fully stood behind my attempts to troubleshoot an issue with my D1 Pro laser cutter. Responsive customer service over email with replacement parts shipped quickly."

"My M1 laser cutter is fantastic to work with. Very user-friendly with great software and easy cleaning. Gets me excited to create!"

"I‘ve been having so much fun with my D1 laser I forgot to leave a review! The engraving quality is fantastic and there‘s always more to learn. Can‘t wait to unlock the D1‘s full potential."

Based on the overwhelmingly positive reception from the creative community, the S1 is poised to be another hit. From the quality craftsmanship to best-in-class support, xTool goes the extra mile to enable your projects.

Where To Buy The xTool S1

The xTool S1 officially launches on October 18th, 2022 at 6PM Pacific Time. You can set a reminder on their website to be among the first to order the future of laser cutting.

For the full retail store experience, xTool‘s newly opened LA flagship store is now welcoming visitors. Located just minutes from LAX, it‘s the ultimate destination to explore their product lineup in person.

Can’t make it to LA? Their online store offers free shipping on all laser cutter orders over $99, delivering the S1 straight to your workspace.

As a special holiday deal, the S1 will be up to $400 off this Black Friday. Sign-up below for exclusive discount alerts.

Shop xTool S1 Direct

The Last Laser Cutter You‘ll Ever Need

With game-changing innovations that redefine creative potential, the release of xTool‘s S1 feels like a seminal moment for laser cutters. Its commitment to both safety and versatility cement its status as the new gold standard hobbyist and pro-sumer machines aim to beat.

While nothing can quite replicate holding the future of fabrication in your hands, I hope this xTool S1 review gave you a taste of what‘s possible. Of course, if any questions pop up along your creative journey, xTool‘s renowned customer support has your back.

The S1 officially drops October 18th with inventory selling out fast. Click below to join the waitlist and say goodbye to laser limits once and for all!

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