Top 10 Tools to Help in Writing APA Research Papers

Need help with your academic papers? You should use these top tools to help you in writing APA academic papers, quickly and easily.

When it comes to academic papers, many universities and colleges ask the students to work using the APA (American Psychological Association). Did your professor assign you a research paper and you don’t know how to use the APA style formatting?

You should visit the website to learn more about the writing style. However, if you don’t have enough time to go through all the instructions, you don’t have to worry. We live in a digital world, where everything is accessible to you at one click of your mouse.

There are many helpful sources that can help you get APA format citation as well as help write in APA formatting style in your university work. From websites and applications to browser extensions and writing services, we have put together a list of a few helpful tools for APA or MLA academic work.

There are various websites that will help you with APA format as well as in other formatting styles such as MLA, Chicago, etc. Before using any option, test it once to ensure that it is working properly before you use it for your thesis and assignments. This will help you a lot in case a resource doesn’t work properly.

1. KnightCite


This APA citation maker helps you create a basic citation tool for any book in the format APA. Simply choose the style from the menu on the left and complete the required fields. You will receive the citation in the correct format within seconds!

2. Zotero


Are you looking for a free, easy to use option that will help you collect and organize information, cite it and then share your research? You should take a look at Zotero. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can use this web browser add-on to keep track of your resources as well. It is an open-source tool, and you can use it for a variety of academic-oriented purposes.

There is a feature in this option that creates bibliographies and references for any text editor. Moreover, it creates the bibliographies directly inside various options including Google Docs, LibreOffice, and MS Word.

3. PapersOwl


Need help with your academic psychology work and want an expert to take a look at your work? You can visit PapersOwl and get an expert APA paper writer to help you out with your work. You can use various options such as plagiarism checker, citation generators, thesis generator, conclusion generator, title page maker, essay title generator, paraphrasing option, and a lot more.

4. APA Format Wizards

APA Format Wizards

If you want a handy option to create references quickly and easily for journal articles, books, web pages, etc. you should check out APA citation wizards. Just remember to select the correct form of the APA when you are generating the citation.

5. Academic Writer

Academic Writer

This option is developed by an Academic Writer and many institutions provide access to this option. You can create an account on this site and format your paper, manage your references, and cite your paper using an Academic Writer.

There are various tutorials and videos as well which help you learn more about APA style.

6. Scribbr


This is another easy-to-use citation generator that uses the 6th edition style of formatting. You don’t have to pay anything to use this generator. Moreover, you can check the grammar, spellings, and plagiarism in your text as well.

7. Mendeley


If you are searching for an all-inclusive option for your research, you should take a look at Mendeley. It is basically a research aid and a document organizer, which is highly helpful when you are researching a lot of articles for your thesis and dissertation.

8. Citation Generator – Google Play Store

Citation Generator

With the advent of technology, we don’t only work on browsers, but on our mobile devices as well. Therefore, apart from websites, there are mobile citation apps as well available at Google Play Store, Apple Play Store, etc.

This mobile application is available in both full and lite versions and helps you with your citations in a no-nonsense way. With its free version, you can cite a book, software, website, newspaper, and Twitter sources.

The paid version allows you to have 25 in-text citations as well.

9. Citationsy – Google Play Store & Apple

Citation Generator

This application works for both Android and Apple devices. It is a very handy tool that allows you to generate citations by simply scanning the barcodes present on the reference books. Apart from this, you can cite scientific work, podcasts, etc. from the search engines as well.

10. Author – Apple


This is a paid application that is only available for Apple mobile devices. It gives the users a tailor-made experience. You get a word processor for your tasks that will automatically save your tasks.

It works well with other Apple applications such as the iReader. You can copy PDF from the application reader and the application will generate the citations automatically. There are various other beneficial features of this application as well.

Final Word

You can use these as well as other resources online to help you with your academic work. However, you need to go through the publication manual yourself and get acquainted with the guidelines and instructions yourself as nothing will compare to that.

You can use these resources to help you write APA research work and then you can double-check the work using the knowledge you yourself have.

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