Why People Buy Cars in the UAE and How To Do It

There are many car resale markets in the UAE, but the most popular is the Al Avir car market, which is located near Dubai. In this market, you can find cars from the lowest and most ridiculous prices to incredibly high ones.

Before buying a car, it is best to rent it. The car rental market in Dubai is also one of the largest in the world. But the most popular option is luxury car rental. You can rent rolls royce in dubai if you want. Renting a car suits every budget.

Market specifics

market specifics

Al Avir is a car market with an area of ​​several kilometers. For this reason, when planning to visit the Al Avir market, keep in mind that the trip will take a whole day, or even two or three.

In addition, having come to the market, your eyes will start to widen and you simply will not have time to go around everything and finally decide on the choice of your car in one day. Another interesting point is that you can see exactly the same cars, but their prices will differ significantly from each other. This difference in price is due to the fact that the cost is assigned by the former owner.

If you make your choice, inspect the car well, and decide that this is what you need, you will be given a free test drive. In the future, if the car is not new, you have every right to bargain, and you may be able to bring down the price. In addition, you can not only reduce the price but also get a guarantee.

WThe Al Avir market gives out insurance, even for used cars. Please note that some financial coverage and expenses will be borne by you. Important! When choosing a car, pay attention to mileage and wear in general, as the car could have been in a taxi before being sent to Al Avir. As a rule, cars that were in the service of a taxi have a very high mileage, total wear of the chassis, and other damage and malfunctions.

Surprisingly, after a year of even very careful use, the car in the United Arab Emirates begins to be considered supported. It is because of this that a huge car market has formed, attracting foreign buyers.


Tourists and buyers from Europe and Asia will be especially pleased with the price indicator, since an excellent car can be purchased cheaper than in your homeland. No matter what you choose – luxury or budget cars (people still argue what are the differences between them and if expensive cars are really better).

You should not immediately cling to the first car of the brand and model you need and start knocking down the price. It is best to go and see, and then the seller himself will begin to offer you favorable conditions. In addition to used cars, it is also profitable to buy new cars in the Al Avir market. The low price is explained by the low value-added tax.

In addition, the geographical location also plays an important role, it is very profitable and delivery to other countries is cheaper. Sometimes there are even non-road vehicles, such as ambulances, fire trucks, bulldozers, and all-terrain vehicles. That is why absolutely every buyer will be satisfied in the Al Avir market. In addition, there are instances of retro cars that may appeal to collectors.

How to buy a car in the UAE

How to buy a car in the UAE

Every person has every right to buy a car in the United Arab Emirates. To purchase, you must do the following:

  • take a test drive and inspect the car
  • pay for the purchased car
  • go through paperwork when buying a new car or re-register a used car
  • pay for the guarantee
  • arrange delivery to your city or country
  • get a container with a car in your country or city

And of course when you drive your new car never forget tips for drivers in UAE. There are certain rules that you should follow if you are in another country.

Interestingly, even after all the costs of the flight and transportation, the cost of the goods in many cases turns out to be cheaper than purchasing in your own country. We do not recommend driving a purchased car on your own from the UAE to your homeland. Parts will come into heavy wear, there will be high fuel consumption, and as a result, you will spend more than for delivery in a container.

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