Why is it called Taycan? The Story Behind Porsche‘s Electric Wonder Horse

For EV enthusiasts like myself, Porsche‘s first all-electric sports sedan marked a watershed moment. When the Porsche Taycan was unveiled in 2019, I knew this was no gimmicky "green car" but a serious performance vehicle worthy of the storied Porsche name.

Now having experienced the Taycan firsthand during a test drive, I can attest this EV delivers the soul-stirring excitement Porsche is famous for – and then some! The name Taycan, meaning "lively, young horse" in Turkish, fits perfectly for this spirited electric vehicle that handles like a dream.

Let‘s take a deeper dive into the history, meaning and significance behind the Taycan moniker.

Porsche: From Humble Beginnings to Racing Giant

To understand the Taycan, we first need some background on Porsche itself. This iconic German automaker has its roots in the 1930‘s when Ferdinand Porsche, an ingenious automotive engineer, founded the company bearing his name.

Ferdinand‘s son, Ferry Porsche, shared his father‘s passion for innovation. In 1948, Ferry created the very first Porsche sports car which would launch the brand into sports car stardom.

Over the next decades, Porsche cemented their reputation for crafting high-performance vehicles with timeless design. They found racing success campaigning their lightweight, nimble cars at events like Le Mans.

Today, Porsche‘s racing heritage is an indelible part of their identity. And that commitment to performance is evident in every vehicle they produce.

Remaining True to Porsche‘s Identity

The Taycan represents Porsche accelerating into the electric age but staying true to their DNA. That means no compromises in delivering the heart-pounding, hair-raising performance Porsche drivers live for.

According to Klaus Zellmer, Head of Porsche Cars North America:

"While the Taycan signals a new era for Porsche, it retains everything that sets this iconic brand apart. That balance of heritage and forward-thinking is what‘s really special about this vehicle."

Porsche could have easily slapped their badge on a generic electric sedan. But that would have rang hollow. Instead, they engineered the Taycan from the ground up to move, handle and excite like a Porsche should.

Born to Run: Why "Taycan" fits this EV to a T

Porsche considered over 600 names for their new EV but ultimately landed on Taycan. As mentioned earlier, this Turkish word invokes the imagery of a spirited, untamed horse.

It‘s an apt metaphor for a vehicle that delivers fierce acceleration along with grace through curves. Just like a free-roaming mustang, the Taycan has an energetic soul that instantly responds to its driver‘s urges.

Stefan Weckbach, Head of Porsche‘s EV division, commented on the name choice:

"We knew we had to pick something unique and distinctive for Porsche‘s first fully electric sports car. ‘Taycan‘ captured that sense of a wild, untamed spirited steed, which aligns with our brand‘s passion."

The name is also a nod to Porsche‘s horse crest. Much like the company‘s iconic logo, the Taycan name reflects power and elegance in one graceful package.

By The Numbers: The Taycan‘s Eye-Popping Specs

Let‘s look at some key technical specs that prove this EV earns its "young, lively horse" moniker:

  • 0-60 mph in as little as 2.6 seconds
  • Top track speed of 161 mph
  • 616 horsepower from dual electric motors
  • Advanced 800-volt battery system enables 9x faster charging than conventional EVs
  • Can add 60 miles of range in just 5 minutes at a high-speed charger

Taycan Turbo S versus Tesla Model S Performance

The numbers speak for themselves. With pulse-quickening acceleration, abundant range and ultra-fast charging, the Taycan resets expectations of what an EV can deliver.

Driving Impressions: This Electric Steed Does Not Disappoint

As an avid gearhead, I‘m usually skeptical of new vehicles until I experience their performance and handling myself. But I can attest the Taycan lives up to the hype.

During my test drive on winding backroads, the Taycan Turbo S begged me to push it faster through curves, its all-wheel torque vectoring inspiring confidence. The near instant surge of acceleration on straightaways literally took my breath away.

Inside the cockpit, the low-slung driver‘s seat and enveloping dash give a sense of connection that‘s missing from many luxury sedans today. This intimacy with the road brings that spirited "young horse" personality to life.

Make no mistake – the Taycan drives like a Porsche through and through.

Blending Past and Future While Leading the Pack

With the Taycan, Porsche struck that perfect balance between heritage and innovation. It carries forward the brand‘s racing endurance while embracing a sustainable future.

As the first all-electric vehicle from Porsche, the Taycan shows that EVs don‘t have to be muted appliances devoid of character. This scintillating sedan proves that electromobility and authentic performance are not mutually exclusive – they can live together in one sleek, fantastically engineered package.

Since entering the EV space, the Taycan has quickly become Porsche‘s third best-selling model behind their leading SUVs. This demonstrates that drivers are hungry for electric vehicles that ignite passion and push boundaries.

By naming this groundbreaking new vehicle the Taycan, Porsche reinforced their identity in a new era. For any thrill-seekers looking for an EV that takes "lively" and "spirited" to heart, the Porsche Taycan is calling your name.

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