Why Did I Get a Vstar Card in My Pokémon Card Pack?

Hi there! If you recently cracked open a pack of Pokémon cards and found a brand new Vstar card inside, you may be wondering why that special card was included. Well my friend, Vstar cards are an exciting new addition introducing powerful new gameplay mechanics. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about these shiny new Vstar cards!

What Exactly Are Vstar Cards?

Vstar cards are a new class of ultra powerful Pokémon cards that build upon the previously introduced Pokémon V mechanic. You can consider them the next evolution of V cards!

These special cards feature popular Pokémon like Charizard, Arceus, and Mewtwo. Vstar cards evolve from Pokémon V, and have a unique diamond-styled background pattern with a star icon in the bottom left corner.

The real kicker is that each Vstar card comes with a super charged Vstar Power. This Power is typically a single-use attack or Ability that can completely change the course of a match! But you can only use 1 Vstar Power per game, so strategy is key.

I know that‘s a lot to take in! To quickly recap:

  • Evolves from Pokémon V
  • Iconic and powerful Pokémon featured
  • Special Vstar layout with star icon
  • 1-time use Vstar Power attack or Ability

Now let‘s dive deeper into why Vstar cards are now being included in packs.

Why Are Vstar Cards Being Added to Sets?

Pokemon has introduced Vstar cards to keep the Trading Card Game feeling fresh and exciting. They add a cool intermediate step between Pokémon V and powerful VMAX Pokémon.

Vstar cards help expand deck building options and gameplay strategies. Their ultra rare status also gives collectors and investors an appealing new card rarity to hunt down.

Based on set data, you can expect to find about 1 Vstar Pokémon and 1 matching Vstar token in the average booster box. They take up standard common card slots.

Here are the main reasons Vstar cards are now being included in packs:

  • Expanded gameplay strategies – Vstar Powers change dynamics and allow big swings
  • Increased deck variety – New options beyond just V and VMAX
  • Exciting pulls for collectors – Fun to find rare new card type
  • Renewed interest – Mixes up the competitive scene and keeps fans engaged

So in summary, Vstar cards breathe new life into the Pokémon TCG for players and collectors alike!

How Rare Are These Shiny New Vstar Cards?

Vstar cards are considered ultra rare, but not quite as elusive as secret rares. The main set Vstar Pokémon have roughly 1 in 72 pack pull rates. Meanwhile, special art Vstars fall around 1 in 144 packs.

So while not guaranteed in every box, your odds of pulling at least one Vstar in a booster box are reasonably good. Their rarity makes Vstar cards more sought after compared to standard holo rares.

To put the rarity into numbers:

  • Secret Rare Pull Rate: 1 in 288 packs
  • Vstar Pull Rate: 1 in 72 packs
  • Holo Rare Pull Rate: 1 in 18 packs

Of course, special art Vstars in theTrainer Gallery section are even tougher at 1 in 144 packs. So get ready for an exciting thrill whenever you uncover one of those gems!

Do These New Vstar Cards Have Value?

You betcha! Vstar cards have quickly gained value on the secondary market due to a combination of cool factors:

Rarity – Their ultra rare pull rates drive up value. More scarce than regular Vs.

Strength – Powerful Vstar Powers make them desirable for competitive play.

Artworks – Special arts and bling variants like rainbow rares look amazing.

Hype – Popular Pokémon featured and brand new card type creates hype.

Early Adopter Premium – Prices are inflated for the new mechanic.

For some examples, Arceus Vstar commands $30+ while the gold Arceus Vstar is worth $100+. And the rainbow Charizard Vstar already sells for $150 to $250.

So Vstars are emerging as premium priced Pokémon cards thanks to their utility and collectability.

How Do You Use Vstar Cards in Gameplay?

These shiny new Vstar cards add some fresh gameplay elements. The key is their powerful Vstar Power move.

Each Pokémon Vstar has a single-use Vstar Power attack or Ability that can often turn the tide of battle. But you can only trigger one Vstar Power per game.

This means you need to carefully choose the EXACT right moment to drop your Vstar nuke and not waste it! Ideal times are when you really need to push through damage, draw cards, disrupt your opponent, or swing the momentum in your favor.

Once you use your Vstar Power, place your matching Vstar token next to your Pokémon so both players remember its one-time use.

Mastering Vstar timing and strategy separates novice from expert players. But when used right, these new cards add lots of fun to matches!

5 Strongest Vstar Cards for Tournaments

Here are 5 must-have Vstar Pokémon that have already made a competitive impact according to tournament data:

  1. Arceus Vstar – The #1 top meta pick currently. Its "Star Fall" Vstar attack hits up to 240 damage spread across your opponent‘s evolved Pokémon.
  2. Mewtwo Vstar – Mewtwo‘s "Psychic Leap" Vstar Power delivers 120 damage to each of your opponent‘s Pokémon V. Great for softening up threats.
  3. Genesect Vstar – This bug hits for a solid 300 damage with its Vstar Power attack when you have 5 benched Pokémon.
  4. Lugia Vstar – Lugia‘s "Aeroblast" Ability is very disruptive, allowing you to return 2 of your opponent‘s energy cards to their hand.
  5. Whimsicott Vstar – Whimsicott‘s "Star Search" Ability helps consistency by finding Vstar Pokémon and other key cards.

So grab some packs and start hunting down these competitive Vstar cards!

Which Pokémon Card Sets Have Vstars?

Ready to add some Vstar power to your deck? Here are the booster sets you can currently find Vstar cards in:

  • Brilliant Stars (Feb 2022) – Debut of Vstar cards with 16 different Vstar Pokémon.
  • Astral Radiance (May 2022) – 14 more Vstars including Machamp and Giratina.
  • Lost Origin (Sept 2022) – 15 additional Vstars featured such as Gengar and Regigigas.
  • Silver Tempest (Nov 2022) – 10 new Vstars including Dragonite and Rayquaza.
  • Vstar Universe (Feb 2023) – Massive 25 Vstar Pokémon in this Vstar dedicated set.

Special collections and promos like the Charizard Vstar tin may also have exclusive Vstar cards, so keep an eye out!

I‘d suggest picking up booster boxes from Brilliant Stars forward to give yourself the best shot at pulling these shiny new Vstar Pokémon and powers.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy hunting and may the Pokémon Vstar odds be in your favor.

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