What is the PPE the Healthcare Workers Need the Most Against Infectious Diseases?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is very important for healthcare workers.

The most commonly used PPE is the gown, surgical mask, goggles, etc. The essence of this equipment is to protect the person against contracting infectious diseases.

No matter the PPE, that a healthcare worker uses, the aim is always to get some level of protection against diseases. Let's take a deeper dive into why some PPE is commonly used these days.

Surgical face mask

Surgical face mask

The surgical face mask ranks among the most commonly used PPE. Its usage has increased since the outbreak of COVID. However, the surgical face mask that is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for healthcare workers is the Type II 2R.

Also, Type II 2R is preferred because of its protective qualities against infectious diseases. The outer layer of this surgical face mask is blue, while the inner part is white. It has good breathing resistance, and the liquid repellant offers a lot of protection against infectious splashes. At the peak of the pandemic, everyone had to wear the Type II surgical face mask because of its ability to protect the wearer. The bristol mask offers a lot protection too.

Google or Face shield

Sometimes, the surgical face mask and the face shield are worn at the same time to provide maximum protection against infectious splashes. The face shield protects the entire face, including the mouth, nose, and facial skin.

However, the surgical face is also recommended to be worn with the face shield because the former has a limit to its protection. For instance, the face shield has an opening beneath the jaw. Even though it may be rare, a sudden splash may hit the face from the opening. The face shield, or goggles, is worn during surgery.

Medical gowns

Medical gowns

A medical gown is one of the most commonly used PPEs in the healthcare sector. The function of the medical gown is to protect the wearer against disease-causing microorganisms. Sometimes, during medical activities, there is a possibility of a splash. The gown protects the wearer against infectious splashes or any contact with solid materials.

Most of the gowns have long sleeves with elastic cuffs. Also, they act as a barrier between the surgeon's clothes and the environment. Usually, the gowns are not worn more than once in some medical facilities. But if they must be worn again, they are sterilized and washed thoroughly.


Another PPE that is important, as others have mentioned, is gloves. The gloves protect the hands from coming into direct contact with any liquid or solid materials. The gloves are not intended to be reused and should be discarded after only one use.

If gloves are not worn during medical activities, the possibility of contracting diseases is higher.


Wearing PPE is a must for healthcare workers. It offers a lot of protection for the wearer against infectious diseases and viruses. Finally, in some medical facilities, you must wear them whether you want to see a patient or not.

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