What is Sneaker Copping?

Online sneaker stores these days create a whole new world. It might seem that buying a pair of branded shoes is easier done online because you can make your purchase without rising from your couch. Nevertheless, it’s way more difficult than that.

When a new edition of sneakers is put for sale, especially if only a limited amount has been manufactured, all sorts of customers suddenly come out from nowhere and grab everything they can.

The demand is huge not only because there are many regular buyers. Resellers, sneakerheads, and collectors are competing for who gets more pairs of sneakers. So it’s more like a game where you have to compete if you are not willing to let those shoes go.

That’s why it’s called sneaker copping. Simply put, it’s just successfully buying a pair of sneakers. However, since you have to compete hard to get one of these, you are lucky if you succeed. You almost have to snatch it from the hands of other customers.

Luck comes with the best strategy you can think of. Numerous methods and tools have been developed to boost your success and overcome the challenges of this competition. But what challenges are there, besides the competition itself?



  • Limits of purchases. Since there are many resellers and other customers who buy sneakers in large amounts, many stores have internal policies to limit purchases per customer either to a few pairs or to only one. If you want more, you need multiple accounts, but these most surely will be blocked. You can end up blacklisted too because you are violating the store'sTerms of Service.
  • Lack of speed. A huge demand makes everyone rush in what they are competing for. If only a few pairs are left to buy or are set for sale later as a remainder from storage, you need to work fast if you want to land it. If you linger on the site for too long, you will be left with your hands empty. And you don’t need to be extremely sluggish for that to happen. On the contrary, if you are not extremely fast and work at the pace of a regular customer, your potential success shrinks to the minimum.
  • ReCAPTCHA checkups. If you try to surpass the regular customer, you end up getting checked because looking irregular seems suspicious. Many stores use these reCAPTCHA requests to confirm that you are not a robot. So, working too fast makes you lose even more time while working too slow is not enough for beating your competitors for those sneakers.
  • Different prices in different locations. Frequently different prices are set in different countries for the same item, and even different goods appear to be for sale depending on the country. You can see only goods and prices available to your country, although you are visiting the same website like everyone else.

Let your bots beat some challenges

The aforementioned challenges make it a serious task for buying a pair of sneakers. Some of these issues can’t be solved without using bots.

If you want to add quickness to your sneaker copping process, you must use bots. There’s no way for a regular customer to beat the speed at which bots automate different tasks that others do manually. Moreover, if other customers use them, you have no chance to catch up with your competitors.

Some bots also can overcome reCAPTCHA checkups. Combined with their ability to manage your multiple accounts for breaking the limit of purchases, they are an indispensable tool for successful sneaker copping.

However, bots are not enough. Not only they can’t solve all the issues, but they bring new challenges with themselves too.

Many stores or even websites of any kind don’t want to have any business with bots. Since they are used to overcome limitations that are being set for customers, many stores use bot detection systems and block them without any hesitation the same moment bots are detected.

A lot of times, bots can’t overcome reCAPTCHA checkups since they can’t confirm that they are not robots. And when they are caught, they bring a new threat to you to be blacklisted because they leave a trace of your IP address which leads back to you.

Proxies make you almost unbeatable


A good strategy in sneaker copping should help overcome all the challenges. There’s a solution to all of it, and it’s being applied by more and more businesses and private users alike. That is intermediary servers called proxies.

A proxy server solves all the issues by making you anonymous and hiding your IP address. With proxies, you can break the limit of purchases because each request you send can come from a different IP address provided to you by a proxy server.

This way, your original IP address that is assigned to your device by your Internet Service Provider is hidden. Therefore, different requests to buy a pair of sneakers seem like they are sent from different customers with different IP addresses.

The combination of bots and proxies lets you boost your speed with bots and maintain the anonymity for each bot by proxies. That’s how bots would leave no trace that could indicate you as their original user. When each bot operates with a different IP address, they seem like different customers, and suspicions are not being raised.

The same can be said about reCAPTCHA checkups. When your requests are sent from different IP addresses, neither your manual activity nor automated activity by your bots exceeds the limit of requests that were set on the site. This way the amount of checkups is reduced to the minimum.

Finally, since proxies use different IP addresses that are indicating different locations, you can unlock the prices and goods that are set for different countries and widen your opportunities.


Sneaker copping is a successful process of purchasing sneakers. High demand makes it hard and raises challenges, such as lack of speed, the limit of purchases, and regular checkups. Using bots and proxies combined helps avoid or overcome these obstacles without risking getting blacklisted.

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