What Is Amazon Mx In 2023? (Shipping, Price + Other FAQs)

Amazon is the largest ecommerce company in the world, but did you know they also have a dedicated marketplace for Mexico? Amazon Mx (also written as Amazon.mx) offers many of the same Prime benefits, selection of products, and more that has made Amazon so popular in the US.

If you live in Mexico or plan to have products shipped there, Amazon Mx is an essential marketplace to understand. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Amazon Mx in 2024, including:

What Is Amazon Mx? Can You Have Items Shipped To Mexico?
Benefits of Amazon Mx Sellers Shipping to Mexico
Prime Membership Amazon Warehouses in Mexico
Product Selection When Did Amazon Launch in Mexico?
Pricing FAQs

What Is Amazon Mx?

Amazon Mx, also written as Amazon.mx, is the Mexico version of the Amazon online marketplace. It offers a localized shopping experience for customers in Mexico.

Amazon Mx provides:

  • Access to millions of products that ship to Mexico
  • Option for Prime membership subscriptions
  • Prices in Mexican Pesos (MXN)
  • Website and app in Spanish
  • Localized delivery options and customer support

Essentially, Amazon Mx gives shoppers based in Mexico the full Amazon shopping experience. It has become one of the most popular online retailers in Mexico.

Amazon Mx operates as a separate entity from Amazon.com in the US or other Amazon marketplaces internationally. However, Amazon account credentials and login details work interchangeably between Amazon.com and Amazon Mx.

Benefits of Shopping on Amazon Mx

There are several advantages to using Amazon Mx compared to other Mexico-based online retailers:

Wide Product Selection – Amazon Mx provides access to over 50 million products across dozens of categories. From electronics to groceries and clothing to automotive parts, Amazon Mx‘s selection rivals major physical retailers in Mexico.

Prime Membership – Amazon Mx allows shoppers to join Amazon Prime Mexico. Prime membership costs 499 MXN per year and includes benefits like:

  • Free 1-day shipping on eligible items
  • Access to Prime Video streaming
  • Prime Gaming (free games/content)
  • Prime Reading (free Kindle books)
  • Early access to deals

Trusted Brand – Amazon is one of the most well-known and trusted online retailers worldwide. Shopping on Amazon Mx provides buyer protection and a sense of trust in the brand.

Options for Payment – Amazon Mx allows shoppers to pay with credit/debit cards, gift cards, and cash on delivery. This provides multiple secure payment methods.

Seamless Mobile App – The Amazon shopping app for Mexico offers a smooth browsing and buying experience. Shoppers can easily search, compare prices, read reviews and complete purchases from their smartphone.

Overall, the key benefits of Amazon Mx are selection, Prime perks, brand trust, payment options and mobile optimization. For shoppers in Mexico, it provides a leading online shopping destination.

Prime Membership on Amazon Mx

As mentioned above, Amazon Prime is available as a membership program on Amazon Mx. Prime costs 499 MXN per year, with discounts for students.

Amazon Prime Mexico includes:

  • Free 1-day shipping – Get free next-day delivery on over a million eligible products. Available in select areas only.

  • Prime Video – Unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, and Amazon Originals like Jack Ryan and The Boys.

  • Prime Music – Listen to 2 million ad-free songs on demand. Download for offline playback.

  • Prime Reading – Access a rotating selection of free Kindle ebooks, comics, magazines and more.

  • Prime Gaming – Get free games, in-game loot, a free Twitch channel subscription each month, and more.

  • Early access deals – Get 30 minute early access to Lightning Deals and new product releases.

  • Photo storage – Unlimited full-resolution photo storage with Prime Photos.

Prime allows quicker, cheaper shipping options for members in Mexico. It also unlocks Amazon entertainment benefits. Prime helps offset the costs of shopping on Amazon Mx for frequent buyers.

Product Selection on Amazon Mx

One of the main reasons shoppers use Amazon Mx is the enormous catalog of products available. Here are some key details about Amazon Mx‘s product selection:

  • 50+ million products across all major categories including electronics, home goods, toys, clothing, pantry items, books, automotive, pet supplies and more

  • Over 1 million products eligible for Prime 1-day shipping

  • Millions of imported items from the US and countries worldwide

  • A growing assortment of locally made Mexican goods

  • Major brands like Sony, Lego, Apple, Samsung, Bose, HP, Neutrogena, and hundreds more

  • Products ships from sellers in Mexico, the US and abroad

  • Certain product restrictions – some items cannot be shipped to Mexico

Amazon Mx has items available across all the main ecommerce categories. Top-selling categories include electronics, home appliances, clothing, shoes, toys, automotive parts, power tools, and imports not available locally in Mexico.

Both multinational brands and Mexican brands use Amazon Mx to reach consumers nationally. The marketplace has a wide range of affordable, imported essentials up to high-end electronics and specialty goods.

Pricing on Amazon Mx

Product pricing on Amazon Mx is displayed in Mexican pesos (MXN) by default. However, pricing can vary based on:

  • Import fees – Additional taxes added for items shipped from abroad, especially the US. This increases the costs for imported goods from foreign Amazon marketplaces.

  • Shipping costs – Whether an item qualifies for Prime free shipping or cheaper delivery options can impact price.

  • Third-party sellers – Independent sellers on Amazon Mx set their own prices, which may be higher or lower than Amazon‘s price for the same item.

  • Currency exchange rates – Daily exchange rates between USD and MXN impact prices for imported goods.

  • Location – Prices can vary based on the buyer‘s delivery location within Mexico.

As a general rule of thumb, prices for imported goods on Amazon Mx are 5-15% higher compared to US pricing on Amazon.com. This accounts for import fees, shipping costs and currency differences.

For domestically sourced items that qualify for Prime shipping, pricing is generally on par with major Mexico online and offline retailers. Subscription services like Prime have localized MXN pricing as well.

Can You Have Items Shipped to Mexico?

If you have an address in Mexico, yes, you can have items shipped to you. Here‘s how to set up Amazon orders to Mexico:

  • Sign into your Amazon account, go to Your Account » Ordering and shopping preferences » Your Addresses

  • Click Add a new address and input your address details in Mexico

  • Be sure to select Mexico from the country dropdown menu

  • Input your phone number with Mexico‘s country code (+52)

  • Set this new Mexican address as your Default shipping address

Once your Mexican address is added to your Amazon account, items you order will automatically ship there.

Make sure third-party sellers ship internationally – check product listings before you buy. Some US-based sellers may not.

You can add multiple shipping addresses (US, Mexico, etc) and toggle the default anytime. This allows easy shipping to addresses in different countries.

Amazon Mx for Sellers Shipping to Mexico

Sellers based in the US, Mexico or elsewhere can list products on Amazon Mx. Here‘s what sellers need to know:

  • Enrollment – To sell in Mexico, enroll in the North America Unified Account program in Seller Central. This links your US and Mexican selling accounts.

  • Language – Product listings and communications must be in Spanish to sell on Amazon Mx. Hire a translator or use translation software if needed.

  • Import fees – For items shipped from outside Mexico, you‘ll need to properly calculate import taxes and duties using your HS Tariff code and invoice price.

  • Warehouses – Using Amazon FBA warehouses in Mexico for storage and shipping can make deliveries faster and cheaper.

  • Customer support – Mexican buyers may need support in Spanish for returns, issues, etc. Have Spanish-speaking staff available.

  • Mexican bank account – To receive payouts from Amazon Mx, you need a bank account with a CLABE number, based in Mexico.

Though selling in Mexico comes with added complexity, the sizable market makes it worthwhile for many sellers and brands. Use Amazon‘s resources for international selling to expand into Mexico effectively.

Amazon Warehouses and Logistics in Mexico

To support its growing Mexico marketplace, Amazon operates a network of large fulfillment centers and warehouses within Mexico:

  • 5 Amazon fulfillment and sortation centers in Mexico as of 2023

  • Main warehouses located near Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey

  • ~3 million sq ft of warehouse space across Mexico

  • Thousands of full-time Amazon employees at Mexican fulfillment centers

  • Advanced shipping automation and supply chain technology

Amazon stores its high-volume products like electronics, home goods, and consumables inside Mexico. This allows Amazon Mx to offer faster and cheaper domestic shipping.

Storing items locally helps Amazon provide Prime 1-day delivery in metro areas. It also reduces complications related to cross-border shipping for sellers.

As Amazon Mx continues to grow, expect further investment in warehouses and logistics infrastructure across Mexico.

When Did Amazon Launch in Mexico?

Here is a brief timeline of Amazon‘s expansion into Mexico:

  • 1997 – Amazon.com launches in the US as an online bookseller

  • 2013 – Amazon prepares to enter Mexico, recruiting country manager Gerardo Ybáñez

  • August 2013 – Amazon posts its first job listings for Mexico-based roles

  • September 2013 – Spanish-language website Amazon.com.mx is launched in beta for Mexico

  • October 2013 – Amazon formally announces plans to enter the Mexican ecommerce market

  • March 2015 – Amazon.com.mx ends beta testing and fully launches to the public

  • November 2015 – Amazon opens its first fulfillment center near Mexico City

  • March 2016 – Amazon Prime launches in Mexico at an initial price of 399 MXN per year

  • 2017 onward – Additional fulfillment centers opened in Guadalajara, Monterrey and other regions

It took Amazon 18 years after launching in the US to begin serving Mexico directly. But after entering Mexico in 2015, Amazon quickly gained market share against competitors like MercadoLibre. Amazon Mx is now one of the top online retailers in Mexico.

As Amazon expands its warehouses, product selection and Prime benefits in Mexico, it‘s expected to continue growing in the coming years.

FAQs About Amazon Mx

Does Amazon Mexico ship to the US?

Typically no – items ordered on Amazon Mx only ship within Mexico. Some third-party sellers may offer international shipping to the US, but most Mexican listings do not.

Is Amazon Mexico legit?

Yes, Amazon Mx is an authorized and legitimate Amazon subsidiary. It is a safe, trusted site to order from, like Amazon.com.

Can I use my Amazon.com login on Amazon Mexico?

Yes, your existing Amazon username and password work interchangeably between Amazon.com and Amazon Mx. Account details carry over seamlessly.

Does Amazon Mexico accept PayPal?

No, Amazon Mx does not currently accept PayPal. Supported payment methods include credit/debit card, gift cards, and cash on delivery.

Is Amazon Prime Mexico worth it?

For frequent Amazon Mx shoppers, Prime is likely worthwhile. The fast, free shipping and other Prime perks can offset the 499 MXN annual fee. Try Prime for a month first to evaluate.

The Bottom Line

Amazon Mx brings the full suite of Amazon online shopping into Mexico. It offers an enormous catalog of quality products that ship quickly and reliably within Mexico.

For Mexicans, Amazon Mx provides competitive pricing, trustworthy service and significant convenience compared to traditional commerce.

Sellers worldwide can also leverage Amazon Mx to access the lucrative Mexican market. With proper preparation, Amazon makes cross-border ecommerce smooth.

Now that you understand the Amazon Mexico marketplace, you can start enjoying the benefits for buyers and sellers alike. ¡Bienvenidos a Amazon Mx!

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