SEO on Airbnb: How Does It Affects Your Business

Learn how to improve your search rankings with Airbnb SEO techniques! Understand the SEO factors that go into ranking your property, then optimize to rise.

Search engine optimization is one of the necessary conditions for your site to rank high in search results. Relevance of a resource is evaluated by a variety of parameters in order to offer the user the most useful information.

Airbnb search works the same way. The system selects the most attractive options that match the parameters specified by the user and offers them in the first place. The only difference is that Airbnb searches don't show deals that aren't currently available. Search engines like Google do not have this limitation.

Increasing the efficiency and position in search results is a task that requires continuous work, control and analysis. However, it should be understood that SEO optimization does not bring instant results: the first changes will come in about 20-30 days.

Namely, you are waiting for such improvements:

  1. Improved position compared to competitors in search results.
  2. Increase the number of views. The higher the position, the more willingly potential customers view your offer.
  3. The number of transitions from external sites will increase: sites, social networks, etc.
  4. Improve behavioral metrics and interactions with your ad.

So, if you are looking for gradual, stable development of your business, SEO optimization is a must-have for you.

Factors Affecting Airbnb Listing Rank

What does it take to rank high in search algorithms and be first in Airbnb searches?

A bit of black magic) This is a joke, but only in part: some of the factors that affect the assessment are in the public domain, but some are known only to the owners and administrators of the resource. In addition, these rules and algorithms are changed and updated from time to time.

Well, we'll try to look behind the curtain. But first, let's talk about the most important points.

Internal Factors 

Internal Factors 

On-page optimization reflects the value of your listing to users. Here are some tips for Airbnb internal optimization:

  • Update information in your profile. Remember to complete all sections of your listings, and update the information if it changes.
  • Analyze your closest competitors. What words and phrases do they use in titles and descriptions of their ads? What photos are used? What headings and calls to action do they use for their listings? Calculate your offer's performance metrics with dedicated tools for pro-hosts.
  • Respond promptly to questions from potential customers. The auto-responder function will help you with this, where you can enter information on the most popular questions from users. The Airbnb platform offers additional perks for responsive hosts, so look out for that. The most popular questions include: the possibility of late check-out, check-in with animals, the availability of parking and places for smoking, discounts on accommodation for children, etc.
  • Lots of good reviews from guests. Rates hosts highly with 5-star reviews, so be sure to invite your guests to leave feedback on their bookings. And leave them a good review in return. This feature can also be automated: many services (like this) offer an auto-review.The text for them is compiled dynamically, to create the appearance of natural writing. The review itself is sent some time after your guests check out for added credibility.
  • Update your calendar regularly. Airbnb encourages you to be active, so keeping your calendar up to date will improve your SEO performance. In addition, regular updates will allow you not to miss customers, but at the same time prevent double bookings (this sometimes happens during short term bookings). Vacation rental software will help you save time for these tasks.
  • Let guests book your property instantly. People like it when you can book accommodation in one click – use it. It is ads with instant bookings that are usually at the top of the rankings. Time is money, both for you and your clients.
  • Make it easy to navigate your own listings with a guide. Share interesting places near your property with clients: tourist sites, cafes, parks, etc. This is guaranteed to improve the quality of your offer.
  • Use high resolution photos in your listings. A beautiful picture is one of the main factors of choice for your client. The most beautiful interior will look unpresentable on low-quality, blurry photos with bad angles. Make a great visual and get a great result!
  • Attractive price. In addition to the emotional reaction, the choice of the client largely depends on pragmatic factors. And, in particular, from the price. Analyze competitors' listings to calculate a competitive cost for your own listing.
  • Strive for superhost status – this is also taken into account when calculating the position of the object.

You will significantly improve your position in the rankings by optimizing these indicators. But there is another big and important category of SEO factors. Let's talk about them below.

External Factors 

External Factors 

Optimization is not only the presentation of your listing, but also on other pages and resources. The main external factors of SEO optimization include:

  • Present your property on social networks. Today, social networks and platforms are a powerful tool for user communication. Therefore, if you have accounts in popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, etc) your SEO indicators will grow.
  • Post a thumbnail or link to an Airbnb ad on your site. This will help drive additional traffic to your listing.
  • Ask your customers to post their feedback on review sites. Users' trust in independent resources is high enough that reviews on them will improve your reputation.

Ranking algorithms are constantly updated, so you should regularly optimize your ads. Only in this way will you be able to achieve maximum results and take top positions in the Airbnb rankings. You can use this article as a checklist – it will save time for other management tasks. Good luck!

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