Hey friend, let‘s dig into what "Keep Application Suspended" means on PS4

I know it can be frustrating when you see that "application suspended" message on your PS4. As your go-to gaming guru, let me break down what‘s going on and how to fix it.

When your game is suspended, it‘s essentially paused and put into a standby state. This allows it to quickly resume right where you left off – pretty handy! Suspensions typically happen when:

  • You put your PS4 into Rest Mode
  • Your PS4 powers off or restarts
  • You lose internet connection
  • A system error or crash occurs

Why "application suspended" happens

The most common suspension culprit is license verification issues. Your PS4 regularly checks that you still have an active license for each application. If it can‘t reach PSN to verify, the app will be suspended as a precaution.

Network problems are another big reason apps get suspended. For any online features, your PS4 needs a stable internet connection. If you lose connectivity, your game can‘t phone home to PSN and may be suspended as a result.

Hardware issues like overheating, corrupted data, or a full storage drive can also force app suspensions. The PS4 suspends apps to prevent crashes or damage.

But don‘t worry, suspensions are usually temporary! Let‘s talk about how to get your game back up and running again.

Quick tips to get rid of "application suspended"

Here are a few handy troubleshooting steps to try next time you see the dreaded suspension message:

1. Restore Licenses

Head to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Restore Licenses. This refreshes your licenses and resolves many suspension issues. It‘s super quick and easy!

2. Check your internet connection

Make sure you have an active, stable internet connection. Try disconnecting and reconnecting to refresh your network access.

3. Close and restart the application

Completely close out of the suspended app, then launch it again fresh. This often clears up temporary glitches.

4. Rebuild the PS4 database

Rebuild your PS4 database to clear up system errors that may be causing suspensions. Just boot into Safe Mode and select "Rebuild Database."

5. Delete and reinstall the application

As a last resort, deleting and reinstalling the application can fix persistent suspension problems. Your saved data will remain intact.

These tips should get you back in the game and enjoying uninterrupted play time. But let‘s go a bit deeper into the technical side of PS4 suspensions next.

The difference between suspensions, bans, and license issues

It helps to understand suspensions in the context of other PS4 account restrictions:

  • Suspensions – Temporary block of privileges, usually lasting 1-7 days. You can still access any offline content.

  • Bans – Permanent termination of your PSN account and access. No offline play.

  • License issues – Loss of licenses prevents access to content. Restoring or renewing licenses fixes this.

So suspensions are intended to be a short-term slap on the wrist to curb bad behavior. But bans are the ultimate penalty, reserved for serious or repeat violations.

Now let‘s look at some suspension stats:

Suspension Length Typical Causes
1-7 days Minor offenses like inappropriate messages
Up to 30 days More serious violations like cheating

And remember – restoring licenses does NOT delete or reinstall any games! It simply fixes broken license links to restore access.

Avoid the nuclear option – initializing your PS4

I‘ll be real with you – initializing your PS4 is like pressing the red nuke button. It completely resets your system to factory settings and permanently deletes all user data.

Initialization should only ever be a last ditch effort if no other troubleshooting works. Rebuilding the database is a much safer option that fixes many issues without destroying your data.

The only reason to initialize is if you‘re selling your PS4 or have some totally unrecoverable problem. So be cautious before going this route!

Pro tips to minimize suspensions in the first place

Let‘s wrap up with some best practices to avoid suspensions altogether:

  • Ventilation is key – Overheating can force app suspensions. Give your PS4 room to breathe.

  • Rebuild database regularly – Keep your PS4 running smooth by rebuilding the database every few months.

  • Close apps fully – Don‘t just switch to another app. Hit the PS button and close games fully to prevent issues.

  • Avoid shady stuff – Steer clear of hacks, cheats, offensive chat, and sketchy downloads. Play nice!

Hopefully these insider tips will keep your PS4 apps running smoothly for years to come. Let me know if you have any other tech questions! Game on.

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