4 Spiritual Meanings Of Bird Knocking On Window

A bird just flown into your window and you are left wondering what that means? Is the bird’s collision with your window an omen? Is it a message from above? The phenomena of a bird hitting a window is a common one. Read on: this post discusses all the spiritual meaning of bird knocking on window.

What are the Superstitions of a Bird Hitting a Window?

This study found out that approximately over 100 million birds die each year by accidentally flying into windows on buildings or homes.  Birds can hit windows of all sizes at any height, day or night. Most birds travel at high speeds that a window collision almost always proves tragic.

Bird Hitting a Window

Why do birds hit windows? There are a number of possible explanations to this. Firstly, birds do not see glass as a barrier. They often strike glass windows that reflect the sky. Secondly, most birds migrate at night. They use stars to navigate and are often drawn to city lights in urban areas along their migratory routes. Lastly, light pollution on stormy nights usually confuses birds. On such nights, the outline of the city and the source of light are less visible.

Human beings have a habit of scrutinizing and interpreting every occurrence, whether mundane or unusual. We are quick to assign a subtext to events as we try to make sense of any happening that appears frighteningly unpredictable. Special attention is usually given to unusual events as they are believed to foretell the biggest shifts in fortune.

Bird Hitting a Window myths and omen

Throughout history, birds have been associated with myths and omens. Some ancient civilizations held birds in high regard as they considered them as messengers of the gods or the gods themselves.

In modern times, most cultures across the globe have superstitions centered around birds. Some of the superstitions are worldwide while others are regional. What cannot be agreed upon is whether birds are a sign of good or bad luck.

Spiritual Meanings of Bird Knocking on Window

Across different cultures, opinion has always been divided on what exactly a birding hitting a window means to the homeowner. They are those who believe it is a sign of impending danger while others hold on to the belief that the bird carries a goodwill message.

Before you decide which on which line of thought to go with, we recommend that you read this article carefully.

A message from someone dear to you in heaven

Most people believe that because of their flight power, birds roam the earth and heaven. It is believed that when a bird hits your window, it carries a message your departed dear in heaven that it seeks to convey.

message from someone dear

In order to decipher the message, you will must pay close attention. Birds serve as God’s messengers as is stated in the book of Genesis in the bible.

Death is looming

In the olden days, when a bird flew into a house, it was interpreted to mean that death was knocking. In some cultures, it signified a fleeting life. To them, a bird was supposed to fly outside in the open air.

The belief of a bird flying into a house meant death was more so with the Blackbird. The Blackbird meant that the cruel hands of death had come to take a relative.

You worry too much about finances

worry too much about finances

Birds can act as messengers both in dreams and in reality. When a bird flies into your house it may mean that you are thinking a lot about finances. This can happen both in dreams and in reality. In spiritual terms, this serves as a reminder to God’s final power to cater for all your needs.

Impending transition

Impending transition

A bird hitting your window is a sign that things are about to change in your life. When a bird repeatedly flies into your home, it signifies that a great transition is about to happen in your life.  This could also mean that the problems you are facing are not over yet. Viewed differently, it could mean that the problems you are facing are slowly coming to an end and you need to be patient.

Different types of birds have different meanings when they hit your window

Different types of birds have different meanings

  • Doves – in the bible the dove is a symbol of peace. It represents purity and good energy. It was the bird that was sent out by Noah to scout for land. In most cultures it is associated with good news.
  • Owl – opinion on what an owl represents is divided right in the middle. In some cultures, it is perceived to represent knowledge and wisdom while in others it thought to represent ill-health.
  • Bluebird – blue is a joyful color with a soothing effect. The same translates to the message that this bird represents. When a bluebird hits your window, expect joyful news.
  • Sparrow – a sparrow is a sign that you are waiting for important things. This mostly relates to career progression and personal life. It is a sign that things are going to change drastically and for the better.
  • Candor – this bird is associated with an evil omen. Death usually follows its collision with your window.
  • Swallow – it brings good news. Chances are high that a close friend or a relative miss you and you should make an effort to meet them up. Meeting them soon will bring good news.

How to Prevent Birds from Flowing into Windows

This study found out that in the United States alone, approximately between 365 and 988 million birds die each year as a result of collisions with windows.

Before thinking about the possible ways of preventing birds from hitting your window, first you have to note the time that this mostly happens. You will also have to take note of the window that is mostly hit by birds. Go outside and look at the window that is mostly hit by birds. What do you see? How can you reduce the reflection in your windows?

The tips below will helpful as you grapple with the menace and perpetual fear that comes with birds knocking on your window:

  • Observe

Bird collisions with your windows usually follow a certain pattern. It happens at a certain time and on a particular window. if you have been a victim of birds knocking on your window, you may have noticed that there are injured or dead birds beneath the same window at certain times of the day. This pattern is almost predictable.

observation while bird hitting a window

To break this pattern, you have to find out what birds see in the refection. Stand directly in front of the window at different times of the day under different light conditions. Observe feeders to make a judgement on whether birds collide with windows as they fly from those directions. If yes, researchers agree that the feeder should be moved closer to the window. if the feeder is close to the window, the birds will not get up enough speed to injure themselves.

  • Provide an impact absorbing barrier

A normal window screen can be a good barrier for preventing window strikes. First, it breaks up the reflection. It also provides a springy shock-absorbing cushion for collision-bound birds.

A screen that affixes to the glass using hooks can be a good addition. It reduces the reflection and prevents territorial birds from attacking their own reflection in the glass.

  • Stickers and decals

Stickers and decals to stop bird hitting a window

Stickers or decals at least 6 inches in diameter can be used to warn birds that they are in an unsafe flying zone. Place several stickers or decals on the outside of the window, one foot apart, horizontally and vertically.

  • Window blinds

Window blinds to stop birds hitting a windowInterior vertical and light-colored blinds can also help prevent window strikes by birds. Like other barriers, they break up the reflection.

  • Horizontal or vertical markings on the outside of your window

This is the common way to reduce window reflection as seen by birds.  For best results, apply the markings about 2-4 inches apart in each direction.

  • Outdoor string curtains

They are also option when it comes to preventing window strikes by birds. There are commercially-available outdoor string curtains but you can also make them at home.

  • Help an injured bird

Help an injured birdAccidents do happen. It may happen that you still find an injured bird beneath your window even though you have taken all the steps to prevent such a strike. If the bird is not yet dead, place it in an enclosed box to keep it safe from cats or other predators. Do not be quick to give it food or water. Observe it till it regains its consciousness and release it. If it does not show signs of recovery, call in an expert to help.

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