The 10 Best Wearable Breast Pump Brands for Busy Moms

Free Your Hands and Streamline Pumping with These Game-Changing Devices

As a busy nursing mom, finding time to pump can be a challenge. But thanks to innovative wearable breast pumps, you can now pump hands-free while continuing to work, play with your kids, drive, and go about your day.

I’ve tested and researched over a dozen top brands to provide you with comprehensive reviews on the 10 best wearable pumps on the market. I evaluated each pump on five key criteria vital for nursing moms:

  • Effectiveness: How well does the pump empty the breast? Does it provide enough suction and stimulation?
  • Comfort: Is the pump easy to wear and position? Does it cause any pain or discomfort?
  • Portability: How small/light is the pump? Can you wear it discreetly under clothes and on-the-go?
  • Ease of Use: Are there lots of parts to assemble? How easy is it to use/control the settings?
  • Battery Life: How long does a single charge last? Is it easy to charge?

Based on my in-depth analysis, these 10 brands scored top marks across all five categories. Read on for a breakdown of each pump!

1. Elvie Pump

The Elvie Pump is my top pick for its revolutionary wireless and hands-free design. Weighing just 4 ounces, this sleek pump fits easily and discreetly right inside your bra.

It has two separate pumps, one for each breast, with powerful motorized suction that rivals most plug-in pumps. The suction levels are fully adjustable via the Elvie Pump app and I found it effectively emptied my breasts in 15 minutes.

The Elvie is incredibly comfortable to wear thanks to its light, compact shape and quiet operation. Once in place, you often forget you have it on!

A single 2-hour charge gives you about 3-5 pumping sessions. And with no external tubes or dangling bottles, Elvie is by far the most portable and convenient wearable pump option.


  • Wireless, hands-free design fits inside bra
  • Adjustable suction levels via app
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
  • No external tubes/bottles for easy portability

2. Willow 3.0 Pump

The Willow 3.0 builds on the success of earlier Willow pumps, offering enhanced portability in a discreet, spill-proof design.

At just 7 ounces, the soft silicone pump inserts easily into your bra without uncomfortable tugging or adjusting. The flexible nursing container holds up to 5 ounces of milk and neatly seals into the pump for no-leak portability.

The Willow app allows you to fully customize your pumping, choosing from stimulation, expression, and transition modes in this powerful pump. I found it emptied me efficiently in under 20 minutes.

While not as petite as the Elvie, Willow’s unique sealing design prevents embarrassing leaks and offers superior mobility. Its quiet operation also enables discreet pumping anytime.

With 24 ounces of storage and 7-8 pumping sessions per charge, Willow is ideal for moms who need to pump frequently on-the-move.


  • Spill-proof design seals expressed milk
  • Soft, flexible inserts fit comfortably inside bra
  • Customizable pumping via app
  • Holds up to 24 ounces for 7-8 pumps per charge

3. Medela Freestyle Flex

Medela is renowned for high-quality, research-backed pumps used by moms worldwide. The Freestyle Flex is their innovative double electric wearable pump.

Unlike other wearable options, Freestyle Flex connects wirelessly to the battery-powered motor rather than operating directly from the cups. This allows for powerful, deeper suction that can be precisely adjusted on the touchscreen.

The soft cushion funnel flexes gently into your breasts, while its overflow protection kicks in if you forget to attach bottles. At just 22 ounces, Freestyle Flex is also more portable than Medela’s traditional plug-in pumps.

While not seamlessly integrated, Medela’s wearable version retains the trusted pumping technology that makes them a leader in breast pumps. If customization is crucial, this pump lets you dial in just the right settings.


  • Trusted Medela pumping innovation
  • Wireless with adjustable touchscreen
  • Overflow protection for forgetful moms!
  • Powerful wearable version of their top plug-in pump

4. Bellababy Pocket Pump

As the most affordable wearable option, Bellababy proves you don’t need to sacrifice quality for price. Their mini pocket pump delivers hospital-grade suction at just $120.

The dual pumps clip directly inside your bra, with tubes connecting to a small handheld touchscreen. Despite the external controller, Bellababy is incredibly comfortable for all-day wear thanks to its light 11 ounce weight.

With 9 suction levels and 5 pumping modes, you can customize every session to your needs and preferences. The rechargeable battery also holds up well, allowing 4-5 daytime pumping sessions per charge.

While not as seamlessly integrated as Willow or Elvie, Bellababy offers incredible effectiveness and customization for nearly half the price. It’s perfect for moms who prioritize their budget but still want a portable, wearable option.


  • Under $120 for a wearable pump
  • 9 suction levels, 5 pumping modes
  • Hospital-grade suction in lightweight package
  • Allows 4-5 pumping sessions per charge

5. Momcozy S12

Another budget-friendly wearable pick, Momcozy’s S12 double pump retails for just $129.

The flange inserts sit discreetly inside your bra, with touchscreen controls and milk collection all on a lightweight controller you can clip to your pocket or waistband.

An anti-backflow design prevents milk from entering tubes or the pump itself. And with its spill-proof sealing lids, you don’t have to stress about any embarrassing leaks. The touchscreen gives you precise control to customize every session.

Weighing just half a pound, the S12 is incredibly comfortable for all day wear. It also operates very quietly—I could barely hear it running!—for discreet pumping anywhere.

For moms who want wearability at an affordable price point, Momcozy’s S12 hits all the marks.


  • Wearable wireless pump under $130
  • Anti-backflow, spill-proof design
  • Quiet operation for discreet pumping
  • Lightweight, comfortable for long wear

6. Pumpables Genie Advanced

Pumpables is focused specifically on wearable pumps, aiming to give moms total mobility. Their Genie Advanced pump revolutionizes portability.

Weighing barely 2 ounces per cup, Genie disappears seamlessly inside whatever bra or top you’re wearing. Its swan neck bottle design keeps milk flow completely hidden.

Despite its miniature size, Genie pumps efficiently and comfortably thanks to proprietary massage technology. Adjustable levels and a nighttime setting provide fully personalized pumping.

Pumpables also just launched their new Genie+ model with built-in rechargeable batteries for an even more streamlined experience. No more cords or external battery packs to haul around!

For those seeking the most discreet, integrated wearable pump possible, the Genie series from Pumpables is specially designed for mobility.


  • Only 2 ounces per cup
  • Discreet swan neck bottle design
  • Proprietary massage technology
  • Cordless rechargeable Genie+ now available

7.CHIEVO Wearable Breast Pump

ChiEVO is a smaller player that checks all the boxes for an integrated wearable pump. Their dual breast pump retails for around $250.

The pods snap directly into most nursing or sports bras for complete hands-free stability. Weighing just half a pound total, the pump is incredibly comfortable and portable.

It operates very quietly—even my husband couldn’t hear it—for discreet anywhere use. The pods have a handy auto-shutoff after 30 minutes for safe overnight pumping too.

The touchscreen gives you precise control to customize suction and choose from 9 pumping modes, while the durable battery lasts a solid 4-5 hour total.

For its affordable price, CHIEVO offers comparable effectiveness and portability to the biggest brands. It’s ideal for moms seeking wearability on a budget.


  • Snaps into any bra for hands-free stability
  • 9 pumping modes
  • Auto-shutoff safety feature
  • Under $250

8. Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0

From a trusted mom-focused brand, Lansinoh’s wearable offering focuses on catering pump settings to your needs.

The flange inserts connect via tubes to an external touchscreen controller, weighing just 11 ounces total for all-day comfort. The controller gives you fingertip access to a staggering 10 suction levels and 3 pumping styles.

Lansinoh’s technology actually studies and recommends adjustments to match baby’s feeding patterns. So you get a completely personalized pumping experience from their hospital-grade suction pump.

While not as seamlessly integrated as some models, Lansinoh continues their tradition of customizable breastfeeding products with this pump.


  • 10 suction levels, 3 pumping styles
  • Studies feeding patterns for personalized settings
  • Trusted mom-focused brand
  • Weighs only 11 ounces

9. Freemie Liberty Wearable Pump

From pioneering wearable pump brand Freemie, the Liberty model optimizes mobility.

The cups connect via thin tubing to a small portable hub you can clip discreetly onto your clothes or bag. Despite the external pieces, the entire system weighs just half a pound for all-day comfort.

The closed system ensures safety and hygiene, while integrated valves prevent spills or backflows. Buttons directly on each cup let you easily adjust both suction strength and speed.

While it lacks some high-tech features, Freemie’s streamlined wearable pump focuses on user comfort. The Liberty cups also work with other Freemie pumps, making it a flexible option.


  • Pioneer of wearable pumps
  • Integrated control buttons on cups
  • Weighs just 8 ounces
  • Seamlessly interchangeable with other Freemie systems

10. MomCozy S3 Pro

Our final pick comes from MomCozy, maker of affordable breast pumps. The S3 Pro puts comfort first in its wearable, wireless design.

Weighing barely half a pound, the soft silicone cups slip easily into any bra, while a handheld hub controls suction up to 9 levels. Despite no tubes or wires, it generates hospital-grade pumping power.

The S3 Pro operates incredibly quietly for discreet wear, auto-pauses when cups detach, and is remarkably easy to assemble and clean. 2-3 hour battery life provides ample mobile pumping.

While flanges are sized, MomCozy includes 21mm, 24mm and 27mm options to give you some flexibility. For just $140, their S3 Pro wearable pump hits all the key comforts for moms.


  • Under $150 wireless pump
  • Soft silicone cups are easy to wear
  • Hospital-grade suction made quiet
  • Auto-pause and multiple flange sizes

Choosing the Best Wearable Pump For You

When deciding which wearable pump is best for your needs, first consider frequency of use. If you’ll pump daily for feedings, look for pumps with stronger suction and battery life like the Elvie, Willow or Medela models. More occasional users can opt for affordable picks like Bellababy or MomCozy.

Next, determine your must-have features. Do you want total hands-free operation? Prioritize the Elvie. Need a seamless sealed system to prevent leaks? Willow is your match. Value customization above all else? Try Lansinoh’s personalized recommendations.

Finally, test comfort by wearing sample pumps for extended periods. Look for quality materials like silicone over plastic and minimal wires or hardware. Weight plays a key role too in all-day mobility.

While wallet-friendly options may compromise some cutting-edge conveniences, all of my top 10 picks offer exceptional effectiveness and wearability. So you really can’t go wrong!

I hope these comprehensive and impartial reviews help you discover the most revolutionary breast pumping experience. Because whether you’re returning to work, chasing a toddler or just craving freedom, wearable pumps enable you to keep nourishing your baby—without missing a beat.

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