7 Useful Mac Tips That Make You More Productive

Mac computers provide a great experience as Apple offers a complete package of high-performing hardware and software. The perfect combination of the top-notch operating system and responsive applications make Macs stand out in the competitive industry.

Though you might be using your Apple computer in everyday life, you might not be aware of all the potential features that Mac offers for exceptional performance. Learning new things about macOS will enable you to work efficiently and finish your tasks in time.

Here are some useful tips that you can follow to improve your workflow and increase overall productivity while working in the office or at home. You do not require any technical expertise to try these easy-to-follow Mac productivity tricks.

1. Run Windows on Mac

Run Windows on Mac

You must have heard about the virtual machines in your office. You can run Windows on Mac to enjoy the functionality of both the operating systems on a single device. You can run Windows without shutting down and restarting your macOS device.

Boot Camp is a built-in feature that Apple offers to allow users to take advantage of both Windows and macOS. You can switch between the operating systems and can even play high-end games on Windows and Mac. However, if you find any difficulty logging in to your Mac after installing Windows, try to boot mac in recovery mode.

2. Copy Text Between Devices

Copy Text Between Devices

This unique feature allows you to copy text from one Apple device and paste it to another. So, you can copy any text from your iPhone and then paste it on your MacBook without connecting via cables.

However, before you initiate the task, make sure that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. Turn on the Bluetooth and log in to the Cloud account using the same Apple ID on both devices.

Now highlight the text on your iPhone that you wish to access on another device, copy it carefully, and then paste it on your Mac computer.

3. Sign a Document Digitally

Sign a Document Digitally

When you need to put your signatures on a digital document as you need to spend a lot of time getting them printed, signed, and scanned. With Magic Trackpad, you can sign your documents digitally without having the need to get them printed.

The feature allows you to sign the documents in the same way as you would do with a pen. To add signatures to the documents on Mac, launch Preview, go to Tools, click Annotate, tap Signatures, and then select Manage signatures.

4. Combine Files in PDF

Combine Files in PDF

You can combine a bunch of files or multiple images in one single PDF using Finder on Dock. Launch the Finder window and select all the files that you want to combine in a PDF while pressing down the Command key.

Control-click or right-click to view all the options and select Quick Actions available towards the bottom in the context menu. Next, click on Create PDF to combine the selected files.

Once the process to combine PDF files completes, macOS will automatically save it with the file name of the first file that you selected. You can rename the file and save it at any desired location on the computer.

5. Remove Background in Mac

Remove Background in Mac

In macOS, you will not have to download and install an image editor app for editing or cropping the images. The popular Preview app comes with some significant image editing capabilities that make your routine photo-enhancing tasks easier.

In the Preview app, click the Show Markup Toolbar button and drag the tool over the background to make a selection. Press Delete to remove the selected area. If you want to delete the contents outside of the selection, click on Edits, tap Invert Selection, and press Delete. You may repeat these steps until you achieve the desired outcome.

6. Dictate Messages & Documents on Mac

Dictate Messages & Documents on Mac

The keyboard dictation feature allows macOS users to dictate text anywhere they can type it. To utilize this amazing feature, you will have to turn it on by navigating to the Dictation pane in Keyboard Preferences. From teachers to students to professionals, this is certainly a useful feature that everyone would enjoy working with.

You can also use Voice Control to control Mac using your voice rather than using a trackpad or a keyboard while dictating text. You cannot use keyboard dictation while the Voice Control is turned on.

7. Download Antivirus Application

Download Antivirus Application

Even if you believe that Macs are not vulnerable to virus attacks, spyware, or malware threats, you might have heard it right. But having an antivirus application will safeguard your computer against potential virus threats.

Believe it; there’s no harm in downloading one as it will provide an additional security cover to your entire data. A trustworthy antivirus program can nosedive any ransomware attempts before it enters your computer. So if you have not downloaded an antivirus app on your Mac, install it today.

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