The Uppercut Deluxe Brand Under the Microscope: An In-Depth Review

The Humble Origins of an Australian Men‘s Grooming Icon

Uppercut Deluxe was born in 2009 out of a simple idea – creating quality hair products for men that actually work. Childhood friends and professional barbers Luke Newman and Steve Purcell were frustrated with the lack of options for guys who wanted control and flexibility without grease or stiffness.

After years building their barbershop and experimenting with formulas, their first product – the Deluxe Pomade – was an instant hit. Over the next decade, Uppercut grew from a passion project into one of Australia‘s most recognized men‘s grooming brands.

But it wasn‘t always smooth sailing. In the early days, Luke and Steve struggled to find a chemist who shared their perfectionist standards. Most wrote them off for demanding too much testing and tweaking.

They persevered and finally partnered with a like-minded chemist who helped develop their signature water-based formulas. These products took inspiration from old-school pomades but with a modern twist – strong flexible hold that washes out easily with water.

This commitment to quality and honoring barbershop traditions has remained central to the Uppercut brand over the years. They‘ve built a reputation for products that simply work – even as they‘ve expanded their line to include beard oils, shampoos, accessories and more.

While not without some imperfections (which I‘ll cover shortly), there‘s a reason Uppercut has earned such loyal followers. Luke and Steve stay grounded in that original vision of helping men look and feel their best.

The Good: Why So Many Men Swear By Uppercut

Uppercut has definitely gotten many things right – starting with quality ingredients and packaging. All their products use natural oils and butters like coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter for nourishment and flexible hold.

They skip parabens, sulfates and other harsh chemicals that can dry out hair or irritate skin. And the textures feel light despite the rich ingredients.

The tins and tubes have an undeniable old-school cool factor – I love displaying them on my bathroom shelf! And the scents are amazing – fresh and masculine without being overpowering.

But beyond the aesthetics, Uppercut clearly has the performance to back it up. Let‘s look at reviews of their 5 most popular products:

Deluxe Pomade – The Brand‘s Cornerstone

As Uppercut‘s first born, the Deluxe Pomade kicks off any review. Thicker than your average pomade but water-soluble, it earns rave reviews for its mighty hold and easy washout.

Men with all hair types praise its versatility – from slick backs to pompadours to textured messy styles. The coconut scent sums up that perfect balance of control with flexibility. No wonder it remains a top seller.

"This pomade is incredible. I can style a perfect pompadour or slick it back wet. Doesn‘t get crunchy but you still get a strong hold all day." – Lorenzo R.

Matte Pomade – A Modern Take on Matte Finishes

While most matte products sacrifice hold or leave hair feeling stiff, Uppercut‘s Matte Pomade impresses buyers with its soft pliable hold and healthy nourished feel.

It offers a more natural "loose" look great for medium or messy styles – with no grease or stickiness. The crunch-free beeswax and clay formula washes out easily with water too. Big thumbs up!

"Leaves hair feeling thick and full of body – not crunchy or stiff like some matte products." – Caleb T.

Styling Powder – Texture That Lasts

Some volumizing powders disappear shortly after application – but not Uppercut‘s. Guys love this one for lasting lift and flexible texture.

The micro-fine powder blends right in, collecting oils and coating strands for pliable grip all day. No clumps or white residue either. It brings new life to flat, greasy hair – just shake, massage in and style as usual.

"Gives great texture and volume without looking like I put anything in my hair. Love it." – Tony R.

Molding Clay – Workable Hold for Longer Styles

Ideal for slightly longer locks, Uppercut‘s Molding Clay delivers a firmer yet movable hold. Just apply to damp or dry hair and style as desired.

The olive oil-enriched formula provides control while leaving an all-day soft, natural finish. It also thickens and amplifies thinner hair. For versatile hold without hardness, it earns top marks.

"Awesome pliable hold and texture – doesn‘t dry out my hair like some clays." Alex T.

Daily Repair Shampoo – Gentle Everyday Cleanser

When it comes to hair health, Uppercut didn‘t forget the basics. Their Daily Repair Shampoo gets to the root of clean nourished hair with each wash.

Infused with peppermint, tea tree oil and aloe vera, it leaves hair and scalp fresh and healthy without stripping oils. Both men with dry hair and greasy roots love its rebalancing powers.

"Leaves my hair super clean but not dried out or flaky." – Ryan C.

The Not-So-Good: Where This Brand Falls Short

However, Uppercut isn‘t without some room for improvement. A few weaknesses hold the brand back from perfection:

Narrow Focus – While Uppercut nails men‘s hair care, their collection lacks skin or beard options compared to competitors. Expanding beyond hair could boost their value.

High Prices – $17+ for a 3 oz tin is fairly expensive, especially for younger guys. Their quality commands a premium but lower price points could draw more budget buyers.

Simplistic Branding – The old-school vibe fits their heritage but the branding and websites feel a bit dated. A modern polish could make them more appealing to wider audiences.

Unclear Returns Process – Descriptions of the return system are vague on their sites. A more detailed, customer-friendly policy could prevent confusion.

These limitations aside, Uppercut does deliver on their core mission – timeless grooming products packed with top-shelf ingredients. Their barbershop roots run deep and formulas that simply work.

How Uppercut Stacks Up to the Competition

Let‘s see how Uppercut compares to two brands targeting a similar customer base: Fellow Barber and Baxter of California.

Quality – All three use natural nourishing ingredients but Uppercut‘s textures feel more refined and layered. Baxter‘s formulas edge slightly ahead though in terms of skin feel.

Hold – For versatile flexible hold that reworks easily, Uppercut can‘t be beat. Their products set without rigidity or flaking. Baxter‘s tend to set harder while Fellow Barber‘s don‘t last as long.

Washability – Again Uppercut wins for easy water-based removal without any waxy buildup issues over time. Their rinse-out pomades are perfection.

Scent – Fellow Barber has the most naturally delicious aromas from essential oils. But Uppercut strikes the right balance between light and rugged.

Price – Baxter is the priciest, followed closely by Fellow Barber then Uppercut. You pay a bit less for Uppercut‘s quality.

Branding – Fellow Barber has the coolest, classiest branding – modern yet masculine. Uppercut looks more dated while Baxter of California seems generic.

For the best all-around balance of quality, hold and value – Uppercut Deluxe edges out the competition. But all three make fantastic options for guys who want premium performance without fuss.

Getting Your Hands on Uppercut: Key Details

If I’ve convinced you to give these Aussie imports a go, here are key ordering and shipping details:

Uppercut offers free US shipping on orders $25+ and free Canada shipping on orders $50+. Orders ship quickly from their US warehouses – usually within 2 business days.

Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase (save any international orders). Just email their customer service team to start the refund process.

Overseas shipping times and costs vary. But Uppercut serves a solid lineup of countries like UK, France, Germany and more with local websites.

One annoyance is that Uppercut still cannot ship to military post boxes or overseas US territories. But hopefully they‘ll expand to these audiences soon.

For promotions, make sure to sign up for emails. New subscribers score 15% off their purchase – plus you‘ll be the first to know about bundle deals, flash sales and gift ideas.

Customer Service That Cuts Through the Fluff

If questions come up after purchasing, I’m happy to report Uppercut’s customer service cuts through the nonsense.

Real barbers and haircare pros respond quickly – usually within 12 hours in my experience. They know their products inside out and give thoughtful suggestions tailored to your hair type.

Live chat, email and phone support are available. I’d definitely recommend reaching out to their team before returning any items just to make sure you’re using them properly. Nine times out of ten, they can resolve any issues.

Compared to bigger faceless corporations, it’s refreshing to chat with specialists truly invested in the products and your satisfaction.

The Verdict: A Mainstay Brand Built to Last

In the growing market of men’s grooming companies, many have come and gone as nothing more than gimmicky fads.

But I predict Uppercut will stand the test of time. Over ten years in, their commitment to quality and understanding guys‘ hair hasn’t wavered.

Are their products flawless magic potions? No – no hair brand realistically can make those claims. But Uppercut strikes an ideal balance of effectiveness, enjoyment and brand story.

Even as more millennial-focused “man brands” emerge, Uppercut feels most authentic by not straying from their craft. They don’t chase trends – they set them.

So if you want hassle-free hair care rooted in real barbershop expertise, Uppercut belongs on your shelf. Just expect to pay a premium. But for pro flexibility minus stickiness, stiffness or headaches – they deliver.

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