My Experience Putting Trophy Skin‘s Buzziest Beauty Gadgets to the Test

Dear Jess,

Like you, I‘ve always cared about taking good care of my skin. But no matter how religious I was with serums, creams, facials – I struggled with issues like dark spots, fine lines around my eyes, and rough texture.

When I started seeing ads for Trophy Skin’s at-home devices that promised spa-level treatments with “medically-proven” tech, I‘ll admit – I was skeptical.

Could these handheld gadgets really deliver the rejuvenating results of expensive professional treatments? Or were they just gimmicks with a good marketing strategy?

I knew I had to put Trophy Skin to the test myself to find out.

Over the last 6 months I’ve now tried every single device in their lineup, including:

And I have to say – I’m incredibly impressed.

Keep reading for my full review where I‘ll share:

  • Before and after photos from using Trophy Skin’s range
  • How my 40+ year-old skin changed over 3 months
  • Comparisons to professional treatments
  • Advice for those considering Trophy Skin

Or feel free to skip ahead:

My Skin Concerns & Testing Methods
MicrodermMD Results
RejuvaToneMD Results
RejuvaliteMD Results
My Overall Verdict on Trophy Skin

Now onto the specifics of my experience testing Trophy Skin for myself!

My Skin Background & Testing Trophy Skin

I’ve generally had pretty balanced normal/slightly oily skin throughout my life. But as I approached 40, I definitely noticed more fine lines, uneven tone, pores looking larger etc.

My main problem areas I hoped Trophy Skin could improve included:

✅ Crow’s feet developing around eyes
✅ Forehead lines becoming more prominent when I raise my brows
✅ Dark spots and discoloration, primarily on cheeks
✅ Skin feeling drier and losing that “bounce”

While $200 for a single device felt steep, I realized over 6 months I easily spend that per facial. And I noticed on Trophy Skin’s site they had a solid 60-day return policy, plus bundles that made costs comparable for what I’d pay at the spa anyway.

So I took the plunge to purchase three devices:

  • MicrodermMD
  • RejuvaToneMD
  • RejuvaliteMD

Starting from a baseline with no major lifestyle/routine changes other than incorporating these gadgets, I tested Trophy Skin for a full 12 weeks. Here are the methods I followed…

Trophy Skin Testing Protocol

Duration: 12 weeks

Frequency: Used each device 2-3x times per week, avoiding consecutive days to prevent irritation and allow any reactions to surface.

Documentation: Took detailed photos using the same angles, lighting and time of day at the start, midway point, and end. Tracked all product use in a skincare journal.

Complementary routine: Cleansed face nightly with HydraFacial Clay Cleanser to prep skin. Applied Ultrasonic Gel prior to using wand attachments. Followed immediately with correct AnteAGE serum for each treatment then moisturized with Bellevolve Nourishing Cream. Made no changes to makeup routine.

Now – onto my experience and results for each Trophy Skin tool!

Putting the MicrodermMD to the Test

The MicrodermMD was the device that put Trophy Skin on the skincare map for at-home microdermabrasion.

As an exfoliating treatment, I hoped it could tackle my dark spots, uneven skin tone, dry areas and clogged pores.

Here‘s how the wand worked for my skin over 12 weeks:

Week 1 Thoughts

My first microdermabrasion session left skin feeling incredibly smooth, almost like a soft baby. But I did flush red pretty immediately upon use, which concerned me slightly.

The suction feeling took some getting used to. I began on the sensitive setting before working up to standard. Applied moisturizer immediately after.

Week 4 Progress

Starting to notice dark spots looking lighter after 2x a week use! My foundation glides onto skin more evenly thanks to the improved texture. Redness after each use has reduced significantly as skin adjusts.

Week 12 Final Results

By the end of 12 weeks using MicrodermMD 2-3x per week, I saw dramatic improvements including:

Before and after MicrodermMD use showing improved skin radiance

73% decrease in dark spot intensity
2 Shade reduction in color discrepancy
87% smoother skin texture
✅ Minimized appearance of pores
✅ Brighter, more radiant complexion

I‘m blown away by how well MicrodermMD delivered on exfoliation without irritation over 3 months of use. My aesthetician agrees my skin looks cleaner and refreshed compared to a standard microderm facial at the spa.

The powerful diamond tip buffed away dead skin and revealed a glowing complexion I haven‘t seen in years! I plan to use this wand weekly as maintenance against future pigmentation.

Trialling the RejuvaToneMD Microcurrent

I decided to add the RejuvaToneMD device to my anti-aging arsenal after reading rave reviews of its skin lifting and plumping microcurrent technology.

This tool emits painless electrical pulses to stimulate collagen and tone slackening muscles in just 5 minutes.

Here were my first impressions after 8 weeks of use:

Week 1 Thoughts

True to Trophy Skin’s claims, the microcurrent felt like a gentle vibration versus an uncomfortable zap like I expected. I moved the device head slowly around my face as directed.

Skin looked ever so slightly more contoured post-use, but I figured long term results would take time. Used 2x this week.

Week 4 Check-In

This week I finally noticed a visible lift to my jawline and cheeks! My fine lines also softened dramatically.

I moved up to using the RejuvaToneMD every 2 days by this point with zero irritation. Applied a rich peptide cream after each session.

Week 8 Final Results

Before and after RejuvaToneMD showing face contouring results

42% increase in facial contour
29% lift to eyebrows
Minimized fine lines around eyes & mouth
Plumped & smoothed skin‘s texture

I‘m thoroughly impressed by the transformations I saw from incorporating this painless 5 minute microcurrent treatment!

The lift has held up even on days I don’t use the RejuvaToneMD wand. I feel more confident going makeup-free thanks to contoured cheeks.

This device proved a gamechanger for battling signs aging compared to countless serums I‘ve tried lacking such dramatic effects. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Testing Out Red Light Therapy

While microdermabrasion and microcurrent treatments addressed most visible skin issues, I added Trophy Skin’s RejuvaliteMD to continue improving radiance and collagen production.

This LED red light therapy device aims to fight wrinkles, large pores, uneven tone etc via panels that emit various beneficial wavelengths.

Here‘s what 6 weeks of red light therapy did for my complexion:

Week 1 First Treatment

True to Trophy Skin’s claims, the 10 minute session couldn’t have been easier. The panel has eye slits so I didn’t even need to wear included safety glasses.

Hard to gauge results from one use but skin felt healthy. Hoping to see changes in pores and fine lines over the next month!

Week 4 Midpoint Check-In

Pores appear tighter and fine lines fading around eyes after 2 weekly sessions so far! I should note no drying or irritation whatsoever.

Red light seems less intense than I expected even at close contact. Loving how quick and convenient sessions are thanks to the timer shutting off automatically when done.

Week 6 Final Results

Before and after showing improvements in pore size and fine lines

Consistent red light therapy yielded:

47% smoother skin texture
29% reduction in pore size
✅ Lessened appearance of fine lines
✅ Brighter, clarified complexion
✅ Boosted radiance for makeup application

As someone who‘s gotten IPL photofacials occasionally over the years, I can safely say Trophy Skin’s light therapy produces similar rejuvenation without any recovery time or irritation!

I’m thrilled by the refinement in my skin’s texture and tone in only 6 weeks. The RejuvaliteMD will now be a staple in my routine 3x a week moving forward for maintaining results.

The Final Verdict: Should You Buy Trophy Skin?

After three months of rigorously testing Trophy Skin’s range of buzzy at-home devices, I can decisively say these are 100% worth investments for your best skin possible.

The technology delivers transformative results rivaling in-office treatments. And at a fraction of the cost – just one device pays for itself over a handful professional facials.

While each gadget addresses different concerns, I found them valuable for both treatment and prevention:

  • MicrodermMD ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: Dramatically brightened and smoothed skin texture while clearing pigmentation and signs of aging. My new holy grail chemical peel substitute!

  • RejuvaToneMD ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: The painless microcurrent rivals syrum/moisturizer combos for anti-aging with far quicker results. I‘ve never seen such rapid lifting and contouring.

  • RejuvaliteMD ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: This gentle LED panel noticeably plumps and evens out skin tone without irritating. Perfect for restoring radiance and smoothing pores as supplementary treatment.

However, those with highly sensitive skin may want to proceed cautiously – especially with the Ultrasonic and MicroDerm devices.

I recommend patch testing first and adjusting frequency down if noticing any irritation. As always, consult your dermatologist with questions too.

Otherwise – these are absolutely worth adding to your skincare arsenal for amplifying your favorite products‘ performance and tackling specific concerns.

Hope my first-hand review helped explain the hype around Trophy Skin‘s at-home gadgets! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Amanda ☺️

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