The Ultimate Guide to Getting Every Legendary Pet in Adopt Me

Want to catch ‘em all when it comes to the rarest, most coveted legendary pets in Adopt Me? The key is understanding the different methods for obtaining legends and leveraging the right strategies to trade up to your dream pet. This comprehensive 2500 word guide will break it all down for you!

Here are the four main ways you can get legendary pets:

  1. Hatch eggs and get lucky – Legendaries have ~1% hatch rate from rare eggs
  2. Purchase with Robux – Some legends like dragon, griffin available directly
  3. Trade with other players – Most reliable way to get retired/out-of-game
  4. Participate in limited-time events – Holiday/promo pets

Out of these, trading is how most legendary collectors build their inventory of rare and retired pets. But how exactly do you get great trade deals as a new player? Don‘t worry, I‘ve got you covered.

As an experienced Adopt Me analyst, I‘ll share expert tips on trading strategies, pet progression tactics, and evaluating deal economics – everything you need to know to trade up from common pets to your very own giraffe or shadow dragon!

Legendary Pet Rarity Breakdown

The key to trading up is understanding pet rarity classifications. Adopt Me classifies pets as:

  • Common – 50% hatch rate
  • Uncommon – 30% hatch rate
  • Rare – 15% hatch rate
  • Ultra-Rare – 3% hatch rate
  • Legendary – 1% hatch rate

So legendaries are incredibly rare hatches. But not all eggs are created equal…

Retired Eggs Have the Most Valuable Legendaries

Eggs that are no longer available like Jungle, Farm, and Safari have legendaries that are very highly desired by collectors. For example:

Egg Legendary Pet Estimated Value
Safari Egg Giraffe Shadow Dragon
Jungle Egg Parrot Frost Dragon
Farm Egg Crow, Evil Unicorn Multiple Mid-High Tier Legs

These legendaries from old eggs are worth correspondingly high-demand items like Frost Dragons, Shadow Dragons, and Giraffes. For example, a Mega Giraffe traded recently for a staggering 56 billion bucks in exclusive items!

Why are these retired egg pets so valuable? Simple supply and demand economics. With a finite and declining supply as players quit over time, and demand increasing as more new players join wanting these OG pets, their value appreciates exponentially.

Newer Pets Depreciate

On the other hand, pets from eggs still in game like Wyvern, Goldhorn, Phoenix steadily decrease in value over time as more and more are hatched.

So the trading strategy becomes clear – trade away newer pets for good deals on older retired legends before they depreciate!

Let‘s look at some key tactics to trade up successfully.

Trading Tactics for Getting Legendaries

Trading up requires patience and the right tactics:

  1. Find trading servers to network for legendary trades
  2. Make neons and level up pets to maximize value
  3. Strategically overpay with adds and bundled pets
  4. Trade new pets quick for retired legends before value drops
  5. Learn and use pet value indexes like Traderie to evaluate deals

Let‘s explore some of these in more detail:

1. Use Trading Servers to Network

Dedicated Adopt Me trading servers on Roblox are must-join communities for legendary pet owners. Network with fellow collectors and stay on top of latest trends and values.

I recommend servers like "Adopt Me Trades" with over 400K members. Check the server descriptions as some require application or disclosure of your inventory to join.

2. Progress Your Pets to Increase Value

Making neon, mega, and increasing pet age/level requires time but boosts value substantially.

For example, compare value based on progression:

Pet Form Dragon Value
Newborn (Unevolved) 2 low-tier legs
Full Grown (Max Level) 2-3 mid-tier legs
Neon (4 Fully Grown) Frost Dragon
Mega Neon (4 Neon) Giraffe/Shadow + good adds

So take the time to age and evolve pets before trading them away. Your returns will be much better.

3. Offer Strategic Overpays

When negotiating, offering slight overpays is an effective tactic for convincing owners of retired legends to trade with you.

For example, if a Parrot is worth a Frost Dragon, offer a Frost + 2 additional mid-tier legs or other compelling adds. Most players will accept overpays even if slight.

You can afford to overpay using more common pets since those are easier to replenish. So get creative with your adds!

Bundling multiple pets also signals you‘re serious about trading up. Whales with inventory are more likely to accept your bundle for a rare legend.

4. Learn to Evaluate Deals

Don‘t get ripped off! Use value and demand indexes like Traderie and community polls to objectively evaluate offers.

For example, Traderie suggests a Frost Dragon‘s value as 2.7 Giraffes today. This changes over time based on supply and demand.

So using tools like this, always gauge the worth of the deal before hitting accept!

Full List of Legendary Pets

To recap, here is the full list of available legendary pets and how to obtain them currently:

Pet Egg/Method
Dragon Cracked and Pet Egg
Golden Ladybug Star Rewards
Diamond Egg Login Rewards

And many more! Refer to the Adopt Me Wiki for details on all 60+ legends.

In Closing

That covers all my pro tips and trade economics insights on acquiring every legendary pet currently available in the game!

With the right rituals – trading up using overpays and adds, leveling your pets, monitoring values, networking in servers – you‘ll be well on your way to legendary greatness.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to share more insights.

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