The Power of Visuals in SEO: How Images and Videos Can Boost Your Rankings with the Help of an SEO Agency

Content reigns supreme in the area of search engine optimisation (SEO). The ranking of your website in search engines is influenced by a number of factors, though written content is one of them.

Videos and images are equally important to raising your SEO rankings. In this post, we'll examine how photos and videos can improve your website's rankings and the importance of graphics in SEO.

Why visuals are important in SEO

Why visuals are important in SEO

Your content can become more engaging and shareable with the use of visuals, which can increase user engagement and improve your search engine rating. Articles containing graphics receive 94% more views than those without, according to a recent study.

As a result, using high-quality images and videos in your content can help it rank better in search engines.

The role of visuals in user engagement

User engagement depends on visuals, which might affect your SEO position. High-quality images and videos can make your content more shareable and interest users, improving search engine rankings. An SEO agency recognises the importance of visuals in SEO and offers a wide range of services that can help optimise your website's visuals and improve your SEO ranking. So, whether you run an online store or a website with content, incorporating high-quality visuals into your content through the help of an SEO agency can help boost your SEO and improve your overall online presence.

Large blocks of text can be broken up using images to make your material more readable and consumable. A Nielsen Norman Group study found that rather than reading web information word for word, consumers often scan it. Therefore, including pictures in your material can aid visitors in swiftly comprehending its essential ideas and interacting with it more successfully.

How to optimise images for SEO

To make sure that your graphics are enhancing rather than detracting from the ranking of your website, it is essential to optimise your photos for SEO. Here are some pointers for image SEO optimisation:

  1. Select the correct file type. Your website's loading speed, a crucial element for SEO, can be impacted by the file type you select for your photographs. The most popular picture file types are JPEG and PNG. PNG files work best for graphics, while JPEG files are better for photos.
  2. Compress your images. Slow website loading times might hurt your SEO ranking. Large picture files can cause this. Therefore, before posting your photographs to your website, you must compress them. You can compress your photographs using a variety of internet tools without sacrificing their quality.
  3. Use descriptive file names. Search engines heavily weigh the file name of your image when determining how to rank your website. Thus, it's essential to select file names that appropriately describe the image's content.
  4. Add alt text. Alt text, which shows when an image cannot be viewed, is a description of your image. Additionally, it's a crucial element that search engines take into account when ranking your website. As a result, you must include informative alt text in each of your photographs.

How to optimise videos for SEO

How to optimise videos for SEO

Videos are a great technique to increase traffic and SEO ranking for your website. Here are some pointers for making videos SEO-friendly:

  1. Select the proper hosting platform. A crucial element of SEO is website loading speed, which can be impacted by the hosting platform you select for your videos. So, it's crucial to pick a hosting platform that offers quick loading times.
  2. Include transcriptions and captions. It's essential to include transcriptions and captions in your movies to improve user and search engine accessibility.


Images are crucial for SEO and significantly affect how well your website ranks. By making your photographs and videos search engine friendly, you may increase the appeal and shareability of your content. This will enhance user engagement and improve your SEO rankings.

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