The Most Valuable Charizard-GX Pokemon Card: A $420,000 Treasure

For many Pokemon fans and card collectors, Charizard reigns supreme as the most sought-after and valuable Pokemon of them all. Charizard‘s immense popularity dates back to the earliest days of the Pokemon Trading Card Game with the release of the ultra-rare Base Set Charizard in 1999. Ever since, Pokemon lovers across the globe have hunted for increasingly scarce and valuable Charizard cards from every generation and set.

The introduction of Pokemon-GX mechanics in the Sun & Moon expansion block brought Charizard back into the spotlight with a new slate of incredibly powerful and magnificently illustrated Charizard-GX cards. The most valuable of them all, a rainbow rare Charizard-GX from the Hidden Fates subset, recently sold for an astonishing $420,000, setting a record for the highest known sale price of a Pokemon card released after the vintage Wizards of the Coast era.

What makes Charizard-GX cards like this one so special to warrant such an astronomical sum? Let‘s take a look at the history, artwork, and characteristics of the most prized Charizard-GX cards and explore the factors that drive their immense value in the Pokemon card collecting market.

The Rarest and Most Valuable Charizard-GX Cards

1. Hidden Fates (Shiny Vault) – SV49/SV94 Charizard-GX

Back in September 2019, The Pokemon Company released the special Hidden Fates expansion, which included a special "Shiny Vault" subset featuring rare shiny Pokemon with alternate color schemes. The undisputed crown jewel of the set was the shiny Charizard-GX, a stunning rainbow secret rare card assigned number SV49/SV94.

What makes this particular card so coveted and valuable comes down to a perfect storm of rarity, eye-catching artwork, and popularity:

  • As a secret rare outside the normal numbered set, the pull rates for shiny Charizard-GX were incredibly low, making it one of the hardest cards to obtain from Hidden Fates packs.

  • The card features a unique "shiny" color palette for Charizard with a black body and red accents, beautifully rendered in dramatic pose breathing fire across a rainbow holo background.

  • As both a Charizard card and a full art shiny Pokemon-GX, this card sits at the apex of Pokemon TCG collecting in terms of prestige and desirability.

Recent sales data shows just how sought-after shiny Charizard-GX remains nearly 3 years after release:

  • As of July 2022, the market price for raw (ungraded) copies is $375
  • Graded copies in perfect Gem Mint 10 condition have sold for as high as $15,500 on eBay
  • In December 2021, a Gem Mint 10 first edition copy sold at auction for $420,000

Given its status as one of the defining chase cards of the Pokemon-GX era and the pinnacle of Charizard collecting, the Hidden Fates shiny Charizard-GX has cemented its place in Pokemon card history and commands the highest price of any Charizard-GX card.

2. Burning Shadows – 150/147 Rainbow Rare Charizard-GX

The next most valuable Charizard-GX also falls in the rainbow rare category. Included as a secret rare in the August 2017 Burning Shadows expansion, this hyper rare version depicts Charizard in the same dynamic pose as the set‘s regular GX but sets it over an iridescent rainbow foil background.

While not a shiny variant like Hidden Fates Charizard-GX, this rainbow rare version derives its value from being the first Charizard-GX printed and the only rainbow rare Charizard-GX released as a standard expansion secret rare:

  • Raw copies sell for $410 on average currently
  • Pristine graded Gem Mint 10 copies have sold for up to $6000 on eBay recently

The Burning Shadows rainbow rare stands tall as the second pillar among the most prized Charizard-GX cards.

3. Hidden Fates – 9/68 Charizard-GX (Full Art)

For collectors who missed out on the shiny Charizard-GX, the Hidden Fates set includes a second chance at a rare Charizard-GX. While not a shiny or rainbow rare variant, this full art version features Charizard in the same pose as Burning Shadows but over an ethereal blue background.

What makes this particular print notable is its exclusive inclusion in Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Boxes and tins, granting it a degree of rarity and prestige above a typical Charizard-GX print:

  • Current market price for raw copies is around $55
  • High grade Gem Mint 10 copies have reached up to $500 on eBay

Other Charizard-GX Cards of Note

Beyond these top three, Charizard-GX appears across several other Sun & Moon series prints with varying degrees of value:

  • SM60 Black Star Promo: $25 average raw ($1150 record sale)
  • SM211 Promo: $5 average raw ($400 record sale)
  • SM195 Detective Pikachu Promo: $19 average raw ($400 record sale)
  • Reshiram & Charizard-GX Tag Team Rainbow Rare: $154 average raw ($1009 record sale)
  • Charizard & Braixen-GX Tag Team Rainbow Rare: $102 average raw ($800 record sale)

Collectors hunt down these cards to complete master sets or assemble a comprehensive Charizard collection. While they may not boast the same prestige or value as the Hidden Fates shiny Charizard-GX, each one still holds a place of honor for Charizard fans.

What Makes a Charizard-GX Card Valuable?

As these jaw-dropping sale prices demonstrate, the value of a given Charizard-GX card depends on the intersection of several important factors:

1. Rarity: Pull rates, print run size, and exclusivity all play a major role in determining a card‘s rarity. Secret rares, promos, and special subset cards like Hidden Fates shinies are much rarer than the average GX.

2. Artwork and color: Charizard cards with especially dynamic or unique artwork tend to draw greater interest and value, especially shiny variants, rainbow rares, and full art cards without text boxes.

3. Popularity: Quite simply, Charizard tops the list as the most popular Pokemon of all time, so any rare Charizard card will command higher prices than an equivalently scarce card of a less beloved Pokemon.

4. Condition: A card‘s condition has a major impact on its value, with flawless Gem Mint 10 graded copies selling for exponentially more than raw ungraded cards or those with even minor wear and flaws.

5. Age: While Charizard-GX cards are all relatively modern compared to vintage cards, those from the earliest Sun & Moon sets released in 2017 tend to be harder to find in top condition today and can carry a premium.

How to Sell Your Valuable Charizard-GX Cards

Do you have one of these top Charizard-GX pulls in your collection? To get the most value for your card, follow these tips:

  1. Carefully assess your card‘s condition and protect it in a sleeve

  2. Consider sending it to PSA, CGC, or Beckett for professional grading if it‘s pack fresh

  3. Look up recent confirmed sales prices on eBay, TCGPlayer, and PWCC Auctions to gauge the market

  4. Sell your raw card on eBay, TCGPlayer, Mercari, or Facebook groups or sell your graded card through eBay or PWCC Auctions to reach the widest pool of potential buyers

  5. Be patient! Selling a high-value card can take time to get the best price

With some luck, savvy, and a keen eye, you just might find yourself holding one the Pokemon TCG‘s most valuable modern treasures: a record-setting Charizard-GX!

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