The 13 Most Valuable Disney Pins Ever Sold (Rarest Went For $10,000!)

For Disney fans around the world, pin collecting is the ultimate way to showcase their passion. What began as simple souvenirs at Disney parks in the 1950s has grown into a global phenomenon, with rare pins now selling for thousands of dollars at auction. Whether you grew up adoring classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella or found your fandom later with Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel films, there‘s a pin out there for every type of Disney devotee.

Serious collectors know that the rarest and most valuable Disney pins share a few key traits – they tend to be older releases, have extremely low edition sizes of 100 or less, and feature unique or intricate designs. Some of the "holy grail" pins that make collectors‘ hearts race were never even released to the public, but rather given out to Disney employees or VIPs. With an estimated 70,000 – 100,000 different pins in existence, assembling a complete set is virtually impossible, but that doesn‘t stop fans from trying to track down their most wanted.

If you‘re curious to learn about some of the most elusive and expensive pins to ever trade hands, look no further. We‘ve assembled a list of the 13 most valuable Disney pins of all time, along with photos, descriptions and details on their record-breaking sale prices. From the $10,000 Animal Kingdom Jumbo Pin Tree set to the ultra-rare Dream Jeweled Mickey valued at nearly $1,300, these pins represent the apex of Disney collecting.

13. Dream Jeweled Mickey Mouse – Valued at $1,295

We kick off our list with this eye-catching limited edition Mickey Mouse pin that any collector would love to get their hands on. The Dream Jeweled Mickey Mouse pin was released at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland in the early 2000s as part of a set with "Dream Jeweled" versions of other classic characters like Minnie Mouse and Tinker Bell.

With only 3 of these limited edition pins ever produced, it‘s believed to be one of the rarest Mickey pins out there. The gold-toned pin depicts the iconic mouse in his classic red shorts and yellow shoes, embellished with genuine multicolored jewels. While no recent sales records for the Dream Jeweled Mickey could be found, experts estimate its current value at nearly $1,300, making it a true prize for any collection.

12. Alice in Wonderland Pin – Disney LE100 – Elisabete Gomes – Alice in Daisies – Sold for $1,850

Whimsical and utterly charming, this Alice in Wonderland pin from the Disney Auctions Elisabete Gomes series beautifully captures the magic of the 1951 animated classic. The oval pin shows young Alice in her signature blue dress, surrounded by colorful oversized daisies, evoking the dreamlike world she explores in Wonderland.

Portuguese artist Elisabete Gomes worked with Disney to create a line of limited edition pins in the mid-2000s featuring her distinct, stylized interpretations of beloved characters. Only 100 of the "Alice in Daisies" pins were released on the Disney Auctions website in July 2004, originally selling for $29.95 each. In 2021, one of these rare pins sold on eBay for an impressive $1,850, more than 60 times its original price!

11. Disney WDI Mickey Through the Years Sorcerer‘s Apprentice LE 300 Profile Pin – Sold for $1,899

For many Disney fans, the Sorcerer‘s Apprentice sequence from the classic 1940 film Fantasia remains the ultimate Mickey Mouse moment. This elegant pin pays homage to that iconic appearance, showing the mouse in his red robe and blue hat silhouetted against a swirling galaxy of stars and planets.

Created exclusively for Disney employees, the pin bears the stamp of Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) and was released in a limited edition of 300 as part of a series called "Mickey Through the Years." In 2018, this coveted pin sold at auction for $1,899, proving that employee exclusives are some of the most sought-after items for Disney collectors.

10. LE 100 Pin 39473 Disney Auctions – Sidekicks Mulan & Mushu – Sold for $2,000

The 1998 Disney film Mulan introduced audiences to one of the studio‘s most courageous and resourceful heroines. But she didn‘t take on the Hun army alone – Mulan got by with a little help from her ancestral guardian sidekick Mushu, a fast-talking dragon with plenty of sass.

This charming pin showing Mulan and Mushu was released in a limited edition of only 100 on the Disney Auctions site in 2005 to coincide with the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland. The two pals are pictured in front of a blue and purple fireworks design, evoking the film‘s thrilling "I‘ll Make a Man Out of You" montage sequence. One of these rare sidekicks pins fetched $2,000 at auction in 2021, an impressive 100 times markup from its original $20 sale price.

9. Disney WDI MOG Heroines Princess Profile Little Mermaid Ariel LE 250 Pin – Sold for $2,000

The Disney Princess franchise has inspired some of the most beautiful and valuable pins over the years. This stunning profile pin of Ariel from The Little Mermaid was created by Walt Disney Imagineering exclusively for their employees and never sold to the public. Against an underwater scene of bubbles and seaweed, Ariel gazes longingly off to the side, perhaps dreaming of exploring the world above the waves.

Only 250 of the Imagineering Ariel pins were produced as part of the "Heroines" series in 2018. While the original price is unknown, one of these rare pins sold secondhand in 2020 for $2,000, making it one of the most expensive modern Little Mermaid collectibles out there.

8. Disney WDI – SCAR "Lion King" Villain Profile Pin – Sold for $1,999

For every beloved Disney hero, there‘s an equally memorable villain. Scar, the power-hungry lion who betrays his own family in 1994‘s The Lion King, is undoubtedly one of the most iconic. With his sleek dark mane, piercing green eyes and velvety voice (memorably provided by Jeremy Irons), Scar has long been a favorite with Disney pin collectors.

This striking profile pin from Walt Disney Imagineering shows the shadowy lion dramatically lit by green flames against a night sky. Like the Ariel pin, the Scar "Villain" profile was an employee exclusive with only 250 made, driving up the price on the collector‘s market. In 2020, one of these coveted pins sold for $1,999, proving that even Disney‘s most dastardly characters have their share of fans.

7. Disney Auction Elisabete Gomes Lilo & Scrump LE 100 Pin – Sold for $2,500

Disney‘s 2002 animated hit Lilo & Stitch follows the adorable adventures of a young Hawaiian girl and her mischievous alien "dog." The film was praised for its gorgeous watercolor backgrounds and heartfelt story extolling the importance of family, or "ohana."

Artist Elisabete Gomes perfectly captures the bittersweet beauty of the film in this limited edition pin showing Lilo on the beach holding her handmade doll Scrump. Only 100 of these dreamy pins were released on the Disney Auctions site in 2006, originally selling for $32 each. In 2020, one of the Lilo & Scrump pins sold for an astronomical $2,500, making it one of the most expensive pieces in Gomes‘ popular Disney collaborations.

6. Sleeping Beauty Elisabete Gomes Disney Auctions Limited Edition 100 Pin – Sold for $3,499

Another stunner from Elisabete Gomes‘ Disney Auctions series makes our list with this ethereal pin depicting Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. The dreamy design shows the snoozing beauty illuminated by moonlight filtering into her tower bedroom as she awaits true love‘s kiss.

The Sleeping Beauty pin was released in 2005 as part of a set that also included Snow White and Cinderella designs. With only 100 produced and an original sale price of $45, the pins became an instant hit with collectors. In 2021, a Sleeping Beauty pin from Gomes‘ Disney series sold for $3,499, once again proving the enduring value of her enchanting artwork.

5. Disney pin le 100 Mickey Sorcerer Vs Dragon – Sold for $3,985

The Sorcerer‘s Apprentice may be Mickey Mouse‘s most famous role, but this dramatic pin pits the magical mouse against an even more formidable foe. The detailed design shows Mickey in his red robe and wizard hat, unleashing all his powers against a ferocious purple and blue dragon.

The epic battle scene is bordered by a filmstrip pattern, emphasizing the silver screen magic of Fantasia. When the limited edition pin was released at Disneyland and Walt Disney World in 2006, collectors quickly snatched up all 100 for the original price of $55. Fifteen years later, a Mickey vs Dragon pin sold for nearly $4,000 on eBay, making it one of the most expensive Fantasia pins ever.

4. 50 Years‘ Service Award Pin – Listed for $4,295

Some of the rarest Disney pins are those created to honor the company‘s own employees. Perhaps the most elusive are the service award pins given to mark anniversary milestones for Cast Members‘ careers. The gold-toned pins feature a classic Mickey shape with the number of years of service, and are presented to employees in a special ceremony.

The 50 year service pin is the rarest of them all, since so few Cast Members reach that incredible milestone with the company. Rumors have circulated among collectors about 50th anniversary pins given to loyal employees over the decades, but with so few known to exist, they almost never appear for public sale. Currently, a single 50 Years‘ Service Award Pin is listed on eBay for $4,295, making it the ultimate prize for any serious Disney pin enthusiast.

3. Disney Pin Sorcerer Mickey broom stick dancing Pin Trader‘s Delight – Listed for $4,999

It‘s no surprise that Mickey‘s appearance in Fantasia has spawned some of the most popular and sought-after pins. One of the rarest is this "Pin Trader‘s Delight" design depicting the magical mouse and his brigade of bewitched brooms from the classic Sorcerer‘s Apprentice sequence.

The unusual pin shows Mickey in his red robe directing the march of the brooms, who carry buckets of water in each "hand" as the setting changes from blue to purple behind them. The intricate scene is bordered by a film strip, adding to the old Hollywood charm. While the pin‘s origin and edition size are unknown, it‘s currently listed on eBay for nearly $5,000, putting it in the highest echelon of valuable Disney pins.

2. Disney DLR Girls Reveal/Conceal Mystery Rapunzel Chaser – Sold for $7,999

From the moment she first let down her hair in 2010‘s Tangled, Princess Rapunzel captured the hearts of Disney fans around the world. Her popularity with pin collectors is evident in this incredibly rare "chaser" pin from a mystery set sold at Disneyland Resort.

The beautiful Rapunzel design was the secret special pin in the "Girls Reveal/Conceal" mystery set which featured flippable pins showing the Disney princesses in masquerade masks. Lucky buyers had a one in 25 chance of getting the gorgeous Rapunzel chaser pin, making it an instant collector‘s item. In 2021, one of these rare pins sold on eBay for an astonishing $7,999, an astronomical increase from the original $14.95 price for the mystery set.

1. Disney 2015 Jumbo Pin Tree Animal Kingdom LE500 – Sold for $10,000

For the ultimate Disney pin collector, no price is too high for an extraordinary set. That‘s why our number one spot goes to the incredible Animal Kingdom Jumbo Pin Tree, released in a limited edition of 500 at Walt Disney World in 2015.

The set actually consists of three oversize pins inspired by the park‘s famous Tree of Life, an artificial tree nearly 150 feet tall covered in sculpted animals. The center jumbo pin is a miniature replica of the iconic tree, flanked by two pins shaped like film strips featuring Animal Kingdom‘s wildlife residents. The Jumbo Pin Tree set never made it to public sale, but rather was awarded to Disney employees who received a special "Dream Reward."

In 2021, one of these spectacular pin sets sold through the Theme Park Connection, a private Disney collectibles dealer, for $10,000. That jaw-dropping price makes the Animal Kingdom Jumbo Pin Tree the most expensive Disney pin ever sold, and the crown jewel of pin collecting.

So there you have it – the 13 most valuable and desirable pins to ever emerge from the wonderful world of Disney collecting. But remember, while it‘s amazing to dream of owning a five-figure fantasia, the joy of pin trading is in gathering the characters and stories that mean the most to you. Whether you‘re just starting out or have been collecting for decades, the most important thing is to embrace your Disney passion. Because when it comes to pin trading, that‘s the real happily ever after.

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