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Movies are a great way to get away from everyday stress and tiring responsibility. However, it’s no secret that not everyone is a fan of Hollywood movies. Instead, there are people who prefer to explore the other art of cinematography across the world.

Website Tamilrockers boasts a large library of downloadable movies from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and others. If you’re looking for similar sites like Tamilrockers to get to know other movie-making trends and techniques we prepared a list of its alternatives you can use anytime you want.

What is Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers has been around in providing a great variety of downloadable Hollywood and Indian movies with an emphasis on lesser names, but also newer movies. One of the main reasons it attracts such large audience is because its library is rich in both movies and TV shows. You can use it to search for drama, horror, sci-fi, romance, comedy, and more.

One exciting thing about Tamilrockers is that it allows users to search for movies shortly after they’ve been released in the cinema, although that has sparked a strict government block in most countries where piracy is strictly prohibited to the law. Tamilrockers have their database and are involved in various copyright infringement, so now and then the site is hard to find.

There are many features that this site offers. You can search by genre, by year, by country, and in alphabetical order. Additionally, the site has a slider that allows users to see which movies are coming up and become more informed with them. Finally, there is a special page where users can make requests on movies they like, and hopefully, the staff behind the website will bring the movies to the site.

What if Tamilrockers is inaccessible?

As mentioned above, Tamilrockers is often the target of Government-issued blocking, as well as ISP blocking. If you’re living in a country that has strict piracy-related laws, as well as strong copyright laws, it’s likely that you can’t access the site. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome this.

One of the ways is to use a VPN. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is software that is used to mask a user’s IP address and location and transfer it to a virtual IP address that belongs to a network in another country. People who use VPNs usually move away to bypass the government censorship and access sites they normally can’t or to protect their privacy on sites that are not well-encrypted.

VPN services aren’t available for free (with the exception of Opera’s free VPN add-on.) However, you can enjoy anonymity for a small subscription using sites like Express VPN or Nord VPN, which are considered the best services currently available in the industry.

If you’re not able to purchase a VPN subscription at the moment, or the site is down, don’t be spooked. There are still ways to enjoy watching movies. One of them is Tamilrockers proxies. Keep in mind that the proxy servers aren’t owned by the original Tamilrocker owners. They are run by fans and those who want to continue their legacy. Its content may differentiate compared to the original site.

If using Tamilrockers still doesn’t work for you, here’s a list of sites like Tamilrockers, which will ensure you enjoy top-notch titles from Hollywood and the rest of the world.

10 Best Websites like Tamilrockers to Watch Hindi Films

1. hiidudemv.org (Free)


Hiidudemv.org is the first choice among sites like Tamilrockers because it offers an extensive library of both Hollywood and Asia-based movies. Its dark and sleek navigation helps users find everything they are looking for and aren’t too eye-straining. There are a lot of titles, many of which you’ve already seen in the cinema, but also more independent and television-based movies.

You can choose from various genres like comedy, drama, romance, action, and others. There are also sections for dubbed, HD movies, and movies that have recently come out. The site is supported through ads, so expect a lot of irritating on-click ads, especially upon pressing the Play button. The good side is that the site is free and doesn’t require registration.


  • Large movie gallery
  • Many titles are in Full HD quality
  • There is also functionality for songs.


  • There are a lot of ads

2. Netflix ( $13.99/month)


Netflix is on the throne of a movie- and TV show streaming apps, but that quality doesn’t come for free. If you’re interested in enjoying high-quality movie streaming services without having to upgrade to cable television, Netflix is the right choice for you.

There are a lot of movies and TV shows, belonging to different genres from Hollywood-grade movies to indie and documentaries. There are also plentiful of TV shows as Netflix’s original titles. It’s worth mentioning that Netflix’s services are 100% legal, although not free, so you’ll have to spend some money to enjoy it.

There are certainly fewer ads, and Netflix’s original TV shows debut all at once, instead of forcing you to wait seven days or more for each new episode. The only drawback is that the company has a strange movie policy, now and then a popular title disappears, leaving everyone disappointed about it.


  • 100% legal service.
  • Plentiful of movies and TV shows
  • Many titles are original
  • Offers a free trial.
  • It comes with mobile apps.


  • Many movies are removed before everyone had a chance to see them.

3. YouTube (Free/Depends on a movie)

YouTubeIt’s no secret that YouTube is the site that introduced us to online video sharing and served as an inspiration to many others. It offers excellent services, starting from personal and viral videos to full-length documentaries, TV shows, and movies.

Its ad system is the best thanks to the parent company Google, although subscription per movie or to YouTube Pro can offer much more. The site offers free 30-day trial, after which it’ll start charging recurrently.

While its content is great, comes with HD quality and an ad-free experience, many other streaming sites and platforms offer the same experience for less or even free of charge.


  • Free for the vast majority of content.
  • Subscription kills the ads
  • Various Full HD content
  • 30-day free trial


  • Some cable TV shows aren’t included in the plan.

4. Vudu (Free)


If you’re looking for a free, legal, movie-watching experience similar to the sites like Tamilrockers, try Vudu. This is the best free movie-watching service which can offer great watching experience if you’re ready to put up with a few ads. Given it’s a free service, newer titles take longer to come or appear in Full HD quality. Most movies are free, but some are being sold or rented.

It has easy navigation and sleek searching interface and boasts a very intuitive filtering system that helps you sort movies in alphabetical order, search by year, country and more. There are also many movies ranging from action, horror, comedy and more.

The only drawback is ads, although they’re less prominent as opposed to many other streaming-sites that are currently available on the market.


  • Sleek, dark interface
  • 100% legal
  • Easy to register


  • Ads can get irritating.
  • New titles aren’t uploaded as fast.
  • Not all content is free

5. OnlineMovieWatch (Free)


OnlineMovieWatch is one of the sites like Tamilrockers that offers free streaming services for movies from Hollywood, as well as Bollywood, Tamil, and more. There are a plethora of genres and categories to choose from, including action, horror, romance, drama, comedy and much more.

Aside from classics and older movies, this site also boasts popular and recently added movies. You can easily sort them alphabetically, by year, by country, and further. There are a lot of ads which is the only drawback. Other than that, it’s an amazing Tamilrockers alternative.


  • Dark and intuitive navigation
  • Easy to use
  • A lot of Full HD movies


  • Pop-up ads.

6. GoFilms4U (Free)


GoFilms4U has an innovative way of displaying movies and TV shows, which makes it one of the best sites like Tamilrockers. There are a lot of genres and countries to choose from, just like the sites mentioned above. The sidebar allows users to choose from different genres and years set up like tags.

You can find various Hindu movies that are all about action, accompanied by honest reviews, all free of charge or registration process. You can also sort movies by quality, suck as BRip, DVD, Full HD, 4K, and more. You can also visit recently-added movies in case you don’t know what to watch. Being free, the site supports both on-site and click-on ads, which often display inappropriate content, so try to avoid them.


  • Many countries and regions to choose from.
  • All qualities are supported.
  • A lot of filtering options.


  • Inappropriate ads.

7. Putlocker Mix (Free)


If you’re looking for the most diverse genres and categories, Putlocker Mix is the right site for you. It boasts a large streaming library of movies from around the world, starting from the most popular and grossing Hollywood movies, to lesser-known movies from the South of Asia.

Aside from movies, you can enjoy action TV shows like Arrow, as well as other TV shows that didn’t make their name popular. All the content is free, and most of it is available in Full HD resolution. Additionally, you can scroll to find recently added and most popular titles at the moment of searching. There are two major drawbacks; there are a lot of ads that are not properly positioned, resulting in ruining UI and making it hardly-accessible. Moreover, there are a lot of pop-up ads, triggered no matter where you click.


  • Diverse movie library
  • Full HD resolution
  • Nice filtering options


  • Poorly-designed UI
  • Too many ads.

8. TodaypkMovies (Free)

If you’re looking for a large library of Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi-dubbed, Tamil, and other movies, this is a great site to enjoy them all. On top screen navigation, you can pick which country and language you want to watch from, while the main UI boasts featured titles.

Many of the movies have decent quality and are easily accessible. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ads, and the site isn’t always reliably online. Fortunately, if you use VPN service or look among other proxies, you can easily find it. It has overwhelmingly bright UI, so it may discourage some users from opening it.


  • Full HD movies and TV shows
  • Easily accessible


  • A lot of ads
  • Too bright and vibrant UI

9. TopWatcHD (Free)


TopWatcHD boasts a lot of Full HD movies for their lovers. There are movies from all over the world, equipped even with Hindu dubs in case you prefer watching them. Its spacious services offer search by different genres, different year, country, and IMDB rating.

The site sports a lot of ads, which make the watching experience uncomfortable, but the IMDB rating makes searching more comfortable and easier.


  • Allows search by IMDB rating
  • Movies from all countries
  • No registration required


  • A lot of ads
  • Hard to access

10. BollyToTolly (Free)


The last from our list of sites like Tamilrockers is BollyToTolly, which offers a large library of vibrant movie titles and countries from around the world. Aside from movies, this site offers TV shows free of registration and payment.

The movie quality is respectable, there are hundreds of titles, and navigation through the website is intuitive and straightforward. Each title has a description, summary, and reviews that help you decide whether it’s worth trying.


  • Intuitive UI
  • A lot of titles
  • Summary and reviews


  • A lot of ads
  • Bright UI


Keep in mind that the sharing, distribution, and downloading of illegal or pirated movies and TV shows is strictly prohibited in many countries.

This article doesn’t promote piracy but serves for informational purposes. Which sites like Tamilrockers do you use to stream movies and TV shows? Let us know in the comments!

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